1500 Watts RMS | 4500 Watts Peak Power

HDX subwoofers build upon the design of the HDC line in response to recent shifts in source material and the mainstream frequency tuning of our customers' vehicles. Our team scrutinized all aspects of the HDC subs to improve performance at lower frequencies. The resulting HDX line is more efficient, plays lower, and sounds better setting a new bar for performance and value.

Increased excursion

The new cast basket accommodates larger diameter spiders, providing more room for cone and spider travel. Heat dissipates more quickly with the greater movement and more open airflow path.

New spiders with more, higher rolls take advantage of the increased suspension travel. This extra material in the spiders increases the freedom of movement, lowering the Fs, while maintaining durability over time.

The subwoofer's surround profile is higher, reducing material stress while increasing excursion. Cone area and moving mass remain virtually the same, as opposed to inner-tube surrounds popping up here and there.

Increased strength and durability

A fiberglass-reinforced pulp cone meets the strength demands of the increased excursion. A non-press cone formation process increases the cross section area of the cone walls for more rigidity without adding extra mass.

The voice coils feature high quality, American-made wire and adhesives increasing the thermal working range of the coil. Additionally, thicker, black-anodized aluminum formers increase thermal transfer from the coil wire.

The HDX line makes it easier to tune low-frequency pressure into a system without sacrificing impact. HDX subs allow you to explore design choices with high efficiency, making the most of amplifier power and electrical resources.

NOTE – Rated power handling is after the subwoofer's break-in period.

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HDX3 Series Features Include:

HDX3 Series
RMS Power1500W
Peak Power4500W
Magnet Weight300oz
Coil Diameter3"
Coil Length50mm
Usable Throw68mm
Woofer Size12"15"18"
F(s)26.92 Hz26 Hz27.59 Hz
ImpedanceD1 / D2D1 / D2D1 / D2
Z(max)70.16 Ohm63.8 Ohm55.47 Ohm
V(as)28.59 Liters78.08 Liters168.6 Liters
M(ms)440.9 grams472.8 grams410.9 grams
Sensitivity 1W/1m84.03dB 1W/1m
87.41dB 1W/1m
90.64dB 1W/1m
Sd0.051 m20.082 m2.121 m2
Mounting Depth8 7/8"
9 1/2"
Circle Cutout11 3/8"
13 3/4"
16 9/16"

Disclaimer: All SoundQubed subwoofers undergo a one-hour age test after final assembly. New subwoofers require at least 24 hours playing time to "break in" the subwoofer. Breaking in the subwoofer reduces the risk of damage, and ensures high performance throughout the life of the woofer. Read this post about subwoofer break in to learn more.

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