About Glowe Industries Interior and Exterior LED Lighting Kits


GLOWE LED kits utilize the newest technologies available. With two different controller options (Wi-fi, Bluetooth) you have the ability to decide which better suits your needs instead of only having one option. We have you covered whether it be interior or exterior use. Perhaps the best and most unique feature of the Glowe Industries kit is there is no drilling required to install the lighting onto your vehicle. Simply utilize the adhesives we provide with the kit and enjoy the splendor of a technicolor sun inside or underneath your vehicle.

Whether you’re interested in Interior Car Lighting or Undercarriage Lighting, wireless control via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, these kits have it!

Bluetooth Kits

With the built in microphone (or 3.5mm splitter) you see music brought to life and visualized through your vehicle with multiple settings to respond to the beat. You can also use one of the 180 preset chasing patterns and multiple other settings within the app, controlled through your phone. Phone control means no remote to lose and no hunting for batteries during car shows!

Wi-Fi Kits

The Wi-Fi unit is controlled through your phone. Being controlled through your phone means no remote to lose or fight with batteries in a remote when they go out. The benefit of the Wi-fi controller is the additional range of control. This controller can also scroll your own images that you have created. It however is not able to respond to the music such as the Bluetooth controller. You can use one of the 180 preset chasing patterns and multiple other settings within the app controlled through your phone in addition to scrolling an image you have created or the preloaded selections. Some of our favorite programs include pristine and precise LED stacking, realistic speed controllable LED breathing, strobing as fast or as slow as you desire, and many more!