The Builder

Like many bassheads, AJ Abalos has been hooked on car audio for as long as he can remember.

You might even say it’s in his blood. His father, uncle, and family friends are committed car audio enthusiasts.

His dad had (3) JL W6’s squeezed into a 1987 Mustang. The feeling of that deep bass stuck with him and motivated him.

The Story

AJ’s first build, a single RE SXXV 12” and an MTX 1501D, was installed by his uncle’s shop.

Several years later, the same uncle introduced him to SoundQubed, via an HDS212.

Inspired by his uncle, AJ then ordered his own SoundQubed HDS312. He jammed on it for a few years before deciding that it was time to level up.

When he was ready for his next upgrade, an HDC312 powered by a Q1-2200.2, he got hands-on.

AJ built a 2.5 cubic foot enclosure, tuned to 30Hz, and upgraded his electrical charging system with a high output alternator and a second battery.

AJ’s third build used Polk Audio for his mids and highs, powered by a Precision Audio Black Ice multiple channel amplifier.

AJ’s current and fourth build is in a 2007 Acura TSX.

This build took him about a month to construct and cost $2,000 after all was said and done.

The Gear

His Acura has (2) HDX312-D1’s in a 4 cubic foot enclosure, tuned to 32 Hertz.

The enclosure was homemade, using Medium Density Fiberboard with wooden dowels for bracing.

His box has a triple front baffle with a threaded insert and machine screws to mount his HDX3’s.

To tune this enclosure, AJ is using an 8-inch Big Ass Port with 27 inches in length.

In the front doors, there are Polk mm6501 components with custom tweeter pods in the sail panels.

In the rear doors, AJ installed Rockford Fosgate 8 inch mids.

For amplification, Aj is running 1 Sundown SFB5K at 1Ω for the substage and a Sundown SFB200.4 for the mids and highs.

The small footprint of these amps attracted his attention and made it easy to get the volume and tone he wanted out of his small sedan.

The Charging System

To supply sufficient current for his loud system, AJ is using a JS Alts 240 Amp Alternator with a Duracell Platinum group 34/78 up front and a Northstar SMS220 in the rear.

For wiring, he installed 0/1 AWG Knukonceptz Kolssus and Sky High wire.

A Steve Mead Designs fuse holder under the hood and SMD octo fuse holder in the trunk keep everything running clean.

For his next step, AJ is considering Lithium, though his voltage does not drop below 13.8 while driving.

The Challenge

Having been through the process a few times before, AJ has learned some good lessons.

To AJ, the hardest part of every build is planning it all out before taking action.

With a a good plan, the build comes together more smoothly. And sounds better!