Amp Setup Instructions

Amplifier basic gain and crossover setting instructions:

1. Set LPF to 100-125

2. Set Subsonic to 30-35

3. Set master/slave switch to Master

4. Set the gain on the amp to min(all the way to the left)

5. Install the remote gain and turn 1/2 way up (the midpoint on the dial)

6. All EQ settings and bass controls on the HU to O (Alpine HU’s subwoofer up on some models needs to be turned up)

7. Turn HU volume to 3/4 and insert CD (perferbably a recorded CD and not an mp3  At this time you will have no output because the gain on the amp is turned down)

8. Slowly turn the gain on the amp until the clipping indicator on the remote starts to flicker as the frequencies in the music change. Do not allow the the clipping indicator to glow solid or flicker continuously on constant music or stay red on transients. This will lead to a burning coil.

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