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What is a subwoofer?

Subwoofers give life and energy to all frequencies and make music more enjoyable and life-like. Low bass frequencies can contain vital ambient...

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Why Subwoofer Break-In Matters

During break in, woven fibers that comprise the spider begin to stretch out while the surround becomes more pliant. After they’re broken in, you’ll be able to play lower, with a greater dynamic range, and with better efficiency than before break-in.

Do you need a Second Battery for Car Audio?

Your stock electrical charging system was designed and built for the stock features of your car. Whether you need a second battery for car audio is determined by your application and by how much power your amplifiers are using.

Why do you need a High Output Alternator?

Relying on a stock electrical system for the massive amperage that car audio amplifiers require, while still supplying your vehicle with the current it needs will result in low voltage and other problems. High Output Alternators increase the amperage of your system.