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QP-MR8 Pro Mid

QP-MR8 (Sold as Pair)

Our QP line is growing, literally! We now offer an 8″ mid-range driver the QP-MR8 which will work perfectly in any system big or small. Paired with our QP-TH25s on one of our Q4-90 multi-channel amplifiers you’ll have as close as you can get to pure fidelity. The QP-MR8 offers up a bit more midwoofer and midrange than that of it’s little brother the QP-MR6.5 so if you’re really looking to push your system to its limits this will get the job done. Some applications we suggest using these in; Stock builds, diy home audio builds and pro audio applications along with those heavy hitting bass head systems to help fill those mids that are usually lost in the chaos.

The 8″ comes in with a whopping 1.5″ diameter voice coil coupled with a 16oz motor to allow for long playing periods high volumes. With their Single 4 ohm coil you can run two of them wired in parallel to a 2 ohm load on your Q4-90 or if you’re more into extreme builds throw these in line-arrays until your hearts desire. The options really are endless!

Are you ready for the price? We know you’re expecting some crazy awful amount $1,000 or maybe even $2,000 but you’d be way off.

These bad boys are only $59.00 SHIPPED in the contiguous United States.

ModelQP-MR8 Midwoofer
Impedence4 Ω
Freq Response80Hz-22kHz
Sensitivity 1W/1m93
Magnet Weight18oz
Coil Diameter1.5"
Useable Throw16mm
Continuous Power100W
Music Peak Power200W
Overall Diameter8.25"
Mounting Depth3.18"
Mounting Diameter7.18"
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SQ-VM-1 Voltage Gauge

The SQVM-1 is a mean, green, reading machine… er, device to make sure you get the fastest and most accurate data to keep your gear safe. Using it’s easy 3-wire install the VM-1 reads DC (Direct Current) voltage from your battery or amplifier to give you real time peace of mind. With it’s 12 bit analog-to-digital (ADC) converter it reads more accurately and precisely than those that use an 8 bit ADC rate of those already on the market, the VM-1 is capable of giving you the most accurate reading keeping you up to date at all times.

The 2nd fail safe feature we added was the High/Low flash warning which notifies you with a rapid flash to warn you of voltage issues. The low function warning kicks on at 10V while the high voltage flashes at 17.5V. These warnings are essential and key to pay attention to for those running amplifier(s) or multiple batteries to protect you from potential damage due to under voltage or voltage spikes. These features will allow you to make quick decisions that may save your expensive equipment.

Some of you may be asking, “But why not a new design SQ?” Simple answer. We left the design the same to allow for an easy swap out of those older model unmentionables. This makes for an inexpensive upgrade with no extra work involved other than pulling out the old one and replacing it with the new VM-1! This gauge is guaranteed to save you time and money and offers multiple mounting options.


  • 12 bit ADC (2x faster than others like it on the market)
  • 24 readings every .4 seconds
  • “Lo” voltage warning flash at 10.0V
  • “High” voltage warning at 17.5V
  • Green back lit LED
  • Direct replacement of others in the market
  • 3 wire hook-up for fast, easy installs


  • Car, boat, atv, and camper battery health
  • See amplifier and accessory voltage
  • Small alien space craft
  • Power Wheels
  • R/C Cars, airplanes and boats
  • Virtually anything that runs off DC!

Read article on how to Install the VM-1 



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New HDS3.1 VS Old HDS3

HDS3 vs HDS3.1

Box – 5^ft NET tuned at 30hz.
Amp: 2200W @1 Ohm
The HDS3.1 160oz motor Gauss’s out 1000(G) or 1 Tesla (T) more than the 145oz HDS3 motor.
Giving it better power handling and more efficiency.

Below is a general overview of the data: Stamped uses an average of 5.9% less power below 40 hz to be .13 dB louder Cast tends to be louder above 40hz Cast uses an average of 1.7% MORE power above 40hz to be .02 dB quieter It’s literally MORE BANG for your BUCK




**20hz and below were outliers and removed from the data set.

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