Side view photo of the HDS3 next to the HDS3.1 for comparison.

HDS3.1 vs. HDS3

To show you what’s different about the HDS3.1 from the previous version of the series, we ran a test and crunched the numbers. Read on to see how the two compare in terms of output, impedance, and power handling. HDS3.1 Test Setup For...

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Closeup photo of the dust cap and green stitching on a HDS2.1 series subwoofer.

HDS2.1 and HDS3.1 Release

The HDS2.1 and HDS3.1 incorporate innovative upgrades from previous versions of the HDS line of subwoofers. The new HDS2.1 woofers feature a green double stitched surround, and a larger spider (199 mm from 181 mm). The HDS2.1 now showcases a conical...

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