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Loaded Enclosures


We’ve made it as simple as it gets, it’s literally plug and play! With our new Loaded Enclosures there’s no more hassle searching for the perfect enclosure or risking a hole through the woofer installing it. These enclosures are built to our specifications and are guaranteed to liven up any dull system. This is the perfect DIY subwoofer install.

Enclosures are offered loaded with our HDS2 and HDS3 models wired down to a 1 ohm load to pair with your SoundQubed Amplifier. Our enclosures range from a single 8″ that are the perfect fit for any compact car or SUV all the way up to Dual 15″ enclosures (Not Pictured). They are also great for adding a sub line in your ATV or boat.

See the sizing chart below for specifications and dimensions of the loaded enclosures that will be offered.


Single/DualSuggested Power Dimensions
Single LHDS208 600W RMS-1200W PEAKLength 16.25″ Width 12.25″ Height 17″
Single LHDS210 600W RMS-1200W PEAKLength 27″ Width 12.75″ Height 15″
Single LHDS212600W RMS-1200W PEAKLength 30″ Width 14.75″ Height 14.75″
Single LHDS215600W RMS-1200W PEAK Length 32″ Width 18″ Height 19″
Dual DLEHDS2101200W RMS-2400W PEAKLength 30.25″ Width 13.75″ Height 19″
Dual DLEHDS212 1200W RMS-2400W PEAK Length 36″ Width 15.75″ Height 17.25″
Dual DLEHDS2151200W RMS-2400W PEAKLength 48″ Width 18″ Height 24″
Single LHDS3151200W RMS-2400W PEAKLength 27″ Width 12.75″ Height 15″
Single LHDS312 1200W RMS-2400W PEAK Length 30″ Width 14.75″ Height 14.75″
Single LHDS3151200W RMS-2400W PEAKLength 32″ Width 18″ Height 19″
Dual DLEHDS3102400W RMS-4800W PEAKLength 30.25″ Width 13.75″ Height 19″
Dual DLEHDS3122400W RMS-4800W PEAKLength 36″ Width 15.75″ Height 17.25″
It’s never been this easy to have BASS! Just plug and play! With the saved time and effort you can enjoy your bass faster and easier than ever before.

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Cone Updates Part 1



As we transition to the upgraded HDS2.1 and HDS3.1 models we will also transition to green stitching on the HDC3 and HDC4 cones. We will start by rolling out the recones for the HDC3 15″ and 18″ cones. Once inventory for the 10″ and 12″ cones cycle through we will replenish with green stitched cones. This goes for every series including HDS2’s, HDS3’s and HDC4’s. In the coming months there will be more changes to the Heavy Duty Competition Series 18″ cones to improve stability. We will address these changes in Part 2.

As far as woofers, we will start updating the stitching on them as well. Currently the only woofer that will have green stitching within the next month is the HDC3.115-D1 so if you are needing silver stitching we urge you to purchase the woofers you need sooner than later if you are wanting to match them. We definitely understand change is hard and this transition may effect some of the bigger builds so please contact us with any concerns you may have. This change is to make SoundQubed a more uniform brand and comes at the recommendations of Qubers like yourself.


SoundQubed Staff.

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Q1-7K – Our Biggest, Baddest Amp Yet!

Pre-Release sale for the NEW Q1-7000.
$1300 (pre-sale)
$1500 (after arrival)
ETA 9/01/2016.

It’s been many years since the AQ20k was retired. We have decided to release another large contender for our competitors and those who just want to bang. Our venture into the 7k has been a long time coming and it’s due to be here any day now! This amp is great for those who are looking to run two-four HDC4’s, five-six HDC3’s, or a whole tunnel of HDS2’s or HDS3’s. With a length of only 30.7″ you are bound to save space while still harnessing mass amounts of power. The 7k is suitable for daily 14v applications or 18v competitors in USACi, MECA, MWSPL or the likes.

Can you handle it? Pre-order today: 7k Amplifier


    • SQ series amplifiers are fully stable down to one ohm.
    • Daisy Chain connection of two amplifiers stable down to 2 ohms
    • Four way protection circuits: Speaker shorts, DC offset, High/Low voltage, Thermal protection
    • Double sided boards with high current MOSFET switching devices
    • 24db/oct slope crossovers, Fully adjustable Low Pass Filter and Subsonic Filter
    • Remote Gain Knob Included
Model Q1-7000
Frequency Response20Hz—250Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio 100db
Bass Boost0 ~ 6db
Crossover24db / Oct
Low Pass Crossover Range20Hz—200Hz
Subsonic Crossover Range10Hz—50Hz
Input Sensitivity 0.15V—5V
Hand Wound Power SupplyYes
Power and Ground Terminals2x 0 gauge
Output Master / Input Slave ConnectionYes
Working Voltage8.5V—18V
Efficiency @ 4 ohm 84%
Damping Factor Less than 400
Signal To Noise Ratio 85db<
Fuse Rating2x 300amp
4ohm Power @ 14V2398W
2ohm Power @ 14V4362W
1ohm Power @ 12V4970W
1ohm Power @ 14V7000W
1ohm Power @ 16V8853W
1ohm Power @ 18V 9960W
Dimensions Dimensions: 30.7in ( 9.50in W x 2.6in H )
Metric Dimensions: 780mm ( 241mm W x 65mm H )