Amp Setup Instructions

Amplifier basic gain and crossover setting instructions: 1. Set LPF to 100-125 2. Set Subsonic to 30-35 3. Set master/slave switch to Master 4. Set the gain on the amp to min(all the way to the left) 5. Install the remote gain and turn 1/2 way up (the...

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Subwoofer Displacements

Use this guide to help you calculate your box volume. ModelDisplacement (CuFt) HDS2.1080.06 HDS2.1100.06 HDS2.1120.07 HDS2.1150.11 HDS3.1100.07 HDS3.1120.09 HDS3.1150.16 HDC3.1100.11 HDC3.1120.13 HDC3.1150.17 HDC3.1180.23 HDC4120.19 HDC4150.25 HDC4180.33 Need...

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Box Sizes and Tuning

Each sub series is designed to work in the SQ box system. Each size sub in the series is designed for the same airspace and same response. Each series shares the same motor, spiders, suspension throw and power handling. The 10 inch woofer will play...

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