Calculating Port Size

The box port can be calculated with a simple formula. Box volume in cubic feet X 16 (the amount of port area in square inches per cubic feet of box volume). For example, 3.4 cuft X 16 sqin= 54.5 square inches of port area. Try to stay within 10% of...

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Calculating Box Volume

How To Figure Box Volume Cubic feet is measured by multiplying the height X width X depth of the inside dimensions of the box, and dividing that total by the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot (a cubic foot is 12 X 12 X 12= 1728). For example,...

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High Performance Enclosure

We don’t believe in the tiny sub box theory. If you are looking for tiny sound, get a tiny sub and put it in a tiny box. Be happy. If you are looking for real bass, you need to have a real box. In order to get true high performance, you have to make...

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