Calculating Port Size

Using a simple formula makes calculating the port size for your enclosure a cinch. The Formula for Port Area Port area in in2 = volume in cubic ft3 x 16 For example, 3.4 ft3 x 16 in2 = 54.5 in2 of port area. A 16 in. port length tunes...

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Calculating Box Volume

Calculating box volume requires simple math and knowing generally what you want from your system. You’ll need a tape measure, a pencil and paper, and a calculator. If you’re designing a box for a specific space, you can keep changing dimensions...

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The Killerado features a kerfed, ported high performance enclosure with two 15" HDC4 subwoofers.

High Performance Enclosure

Tiny subs in tiny boxes give you a sound that’s…well, tiny. If you are looking for real bass, you need a real box. In this post, you’ll learn about how to create a high performance enclosure. Airspace In order to get true high...

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