The Builder

Eric Goodman got hooked on car audio in the late ’90s. 

His first system had four Depth Charge Single Voice Coil 12 inch subwoofers in a pine box on a pair of Boss Rage 500 watt amplifiers. He built that enclosure in his driveway with no design or build knowledge. 

He got lucky. Even though the power wire was run through the door jamb, it SLAMMED.

The Build

Eric’s learned much about car audio and enclosure design since then. He’s been working on his current build for more than 10 months now and his years of experience show through every panel of his enclosure. The total cost for his build was $3500.

His skills have vastly improved in the past 23 years and his current build is unique, innovative, and eye-catching!

The Subwoofers and Enclosure 

Eric is still making his own enclosures.

His (2) HDX312-D1 box is a standard ported, triple thick baffle enclosure made from Veneer Birch. Eric uses his enclosure panels as a canvas and his medium is Unicorn Spit wood stain, spread with oil-based Polyurethane. 

The enclosure is eye-catching and it’s more than meets the eye. 

The Challenge

Eric wanted a good bandwidth for listening to music as well as strong SPL. Since he didn’t know how to design a 4th or 6th order enclosure yet, he found a way to achieve his goals in a unique, DIY way. 

To accomplish both of these two goals, Eric built two ports. One port is tuned to 58Hz for SPL BURPS and the second port is tuned around 26Hz for low bass and hair tricks. 

One concern he had was that the larger port would displace too much airspace for the smaller port to work effectively. He modeled the enclosure on a WINisd design to make sure the air space and port area would be sufficient with either port installed and successfully accounted for the differences in airspace between the two ports.

Another concern Eric had to keep in mind was having one of his subwoofers in the wrong location in relation to the inner port opening. If he changed the port out, he didn’t want his subwoofer to have unloading issues. 

To address this issue, Eric routed three subwoofer mounting holes in the triple baffle. Because of this extra hole, he can move his subwoofers to account for his port length and prevent one of his HDX3 Series Subwoofers from unloading close to the port opening.

Mids and Highs

In the doors and dash, Eric has four American Bass SQ 65CB-X 6.5 inch component speakers and four DS-18 Z-345 3.5 inch full range speakers to balance his high levels of bass and SPL.

The Amplifiers

Eric’s unorthodox enclosure is powered by two CAB-22 amplifiers, strapped at one ohm. 

For mids and highs, he’s using an Orion Cobalt CB2000.4 but he’s considering a larger four channel for improved sound quality. 

The Charging System

To supply sufficient power to this build, Eric has an Autotek 320 ah alternator, which sell-regulates at 14.8-15 volts, bypassing the PCM control. There are two Super Start 75 ah AGM batteries and one XS Power 35 ah AGM in the truck, but Eric is considering a Lithium upgrade in the near future.

Eric has upgraded his Big 4 with 1/0 welding cable and has 6 spot battery distribution terminals from Ill Customs on all three batteries. All of his power and ground wires were terminated using Tinned OFC ring terminals, crimped with a 6-ton hydraulic connector crimping tool.

He has dual 1/0 welding cable runs between his batteries, with dual power and ground runs to both amplifiers. Eric’s good friend, Dennis Armentrout, fabricated custom amp input terminals for his installation.

See more of Eric’s build below!

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