My product stopped working right after I installed it. Does that mean it is a manufacturer defect?


    When you install a product, we can’t control how your system will interact with it.

    Errors in wiring or initial settings can break equipment quickly – sometimes in just seconds. This makes it seem like a product is “dead on arrival”.

    Products that never worked should be replaced for free, right? Unfortunately your replacement is likely to also break if you don’t change anything.

    Also, if you feel entitled to a free replacement, you’re going to feel cheated by anything less. We see it happen all the time.

    To figure out whether you get a free replacement, we first troubleshoot your system based on the tech support form. If nothing seems to fix the problem, you’ll need to return it for inspection.

    Our technicians know what they’re looking at, so it’s pretty easy to figure out the cause. We’ll either send you that warranty replacement or a quote for repairs. You can also ask us to ship it back, but that’ll be on your dime.

    Check out the knowledge base for info to help prevent setup problems.