The Builder

Darin Zunski has always loved the interplay of audio and visual elements.

He got his start working in show production, installing and operating audio and video equipment.

Loudspeakers and audio held his passion.

The Story

Living in Florida, Darin was exposed to and inspired by a thriving mobile audio community.

The interest in mobile audio led to Darin’s ventures into enclosure design and construction for local bassheads.

He found a passion for building enclosures and is continuing to design and construct out of central New Jersey.

The Gear

Darin built an enclosure for a SoundQubed HDS3.110.

This enclosure has 1.3 cubic feet of net volume, with 12 square inches of port area, tuning it to 35 Hertz.

It was constructed from ¾” sanded birch plywood and finished with an ebony stain and a polyurethane clear coat. Darin’s HDS3.1 enclosure is powered by a Kicker 1200.1 2Ω.

The Challenge

Darin was limited in terms of the dimensions and space that this enclosure could occupy.

It was challenging to design a box around the woofers parameters to allow the sub to perform in an optimal airspace while still not taking up all of the available space in the owner’s vehicle.

He worked around these constraints by using a compact enclosure.

The Cost

Darin’s cost was less than $100 in build materials. He spent $54 on ¾” sanded birch plywood, $40 on satin and polyurethane, and $10 on hardware and bolt terminals.

This enclosure took 2 days of labor to construct and finish.

The Owner

The proud owner of this enclosure, Aaron Aguirre, has it installed in his 2015 Dodge Charger!

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