Jordan Hall

Close up view of Jordan's HDC3.112 Subwoofers

Jordan Hall was drawn to car audio after experiencing a co-worker’s SoundQubed system.

The waves of bass continued to permeate his consciousness until he got his own Soundqubed system, which he currently has in a 2006 Jeep Cherokee SRT8.

Jordan’s Build

Jordan has (3) HDC3.112 D-2’s in a 10 cubic foot enclosure, tuned to 36 Hz.

His enclosure was designed by D4S and, in addition to having a built in battery holder, it is constructed with double layered 3/4″ panels on all sides except for the base.

This build is powered by a Q1-4500.1 monoblock amplifier, wired around 1.3 Ohm.

Trunk view of Jordan's HDC Jeep build!

Jordan’s mids and highs consist of (4) DS-18 6.5″ component speakers, (4) Skar Neo 1″ tweeters, and (2) Kicker 3.5″ coaxial speakers.

To supply power to this build, Jordan has a Mechman 240 Amp alternator with dual runs of power and ground.

The total cost for this build was around $4,000 and it took him approximately 10 hours over 2 days to build and install.

Jordan’s greatest challenge with this build was constructing his enclosure.

Brett Kaiser

Brett's S1-2250 and subwoofer enclosure.

Like many bassheads, Brett Kaiser had a car audio system before he had a license to drive.

Brett was 12 when an older teen in his neighborhood gave him a demo in a vehicle with (2) Kicker CVR’s.

The bass big bit Brett hard that day- It was the best sensation he’d ever felt!

A few years later, Brett had his own CVR build with (4) subwoofers.

Brett’s Build

Brett's subwoofer enclosure, complete with battery holder and plexiglass window in his vehicle.

Brett’s current build has a SoundQubed S1-2250.1 powering (1) Skar VFX 12 D-2 wired to 1 Ohm with 1/0 AWG.

His VFX is in a 2.5 cubit foot enclosure tuned to 32 Hz with a 4″ Aeroport and a plexiglass window.

For the mids and highs, he has Kicker 6X9’s in the front door panels, Kicker 6.5″‘s in the rear doors and Memphis 2 3/4″ in his dash.

Brett has spent $1100 on this build, which took 5-8 hours to complete.

His biggest challenge was sacrificing space for the system while still doing a budget car audio system build.

Brett is pulling all this off with a stock electrical charging system!