The Builder

Marcus got into car audio about 25 years ago. It started with adding 15″ house speakers to a buddy’s 95 Integra. Over the years, he has built everything from walls to small. Over the past10 years or so, Marcus has used just about every piece of SQ equipment in one build or another.

On top of audio, Marcus likes to focus on the details to take his projects up a notch including fiberglass fabrication, suede doors, hand laid carbon fiber, and integrated touch screens. A close friend and mentor encouraged Marcus to focus on the details to take his vehicle work to a higher level.

“I’ve gotten better at it over the years,” Marcus explains, “Now I’m at the point I’m fixing things that 4 years ago I didn’t know how to do.”

After 15 years in the Army, customizing vehicles became an outlet for his creative energy. He does projects through his vehicle customization business, Jovan Customs, mainly for friends and referrals.

According to Marcus, having a community group of friends make this kind of work way easier and more fun. Gaining knowledge and strength through learning are what make community, brotherhood, and solidarity so important to Marcus.

The Vehicle

Marcus bought this 2017 Hyundai Veloster new in August 2017 with only 6 miles. By 600 miles, the Veloster had its first wall. At one point the sub stage included 2 HDX318 woofers. Marcus later switched to eight HDS3.210 10″ subs for more motor force and cone area.

The Veloster is the whole package with a clean look and a next-level audio system. He’s added details like carbon fiber steering wheel, touchscreen interface, and LED uderglow kit wired to the fog light switch. And he’s not done yet!

Marcus Jones' 2017 Hyundai Veloster
It started life painted yellow, and has been several colors before its current shade of purple.

Fitting everything inside such a small car was the biggest challenge with this build. Getting everything functioning and dialed in is a big part of any build. Marcus even added a fan and ducted PVC to cool off the amps.

He’s just four QP-MR6.5s and four QP-MR8 midrange woofers away from an all SoundQubed build! You’ll see Marcus this season competing in the lanes at just about any show in his part of the country.


Singer 320-amp Alternator

45 Ah and Cyber 6k Limitless Batteries

Subs & Enclosure

1:1 6th Order Bandpass

20 feet3 net volume; 24 Hz rear, 48 Hz front port

8 HDS3.210-D4 10″ subs in a wall configuration

Mids & Highs

8 PRV Audio Neodymium 8-inch Midrange Woofers

2 SoundQubed QS-SD25 Silk Dome Tweeters and 2 QP-TH25 Super Tweeters


Subs: SoundQubed two Q1-6000 amps, strapped

Mids: SoundQubed U1-3000 full-range amp

Highs: SoundQubed S4-100 multi-channel amp