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Frequently Asked Questions

If we know about your system, then we can help you solve the problem.

No one likes a puzzle that’s missing pieces. Include all the info you can (even if it’s embarrassing). Mistakes are how we get better.

We usually respond to tickets in 1-2 business days* after you’ve completed the form.

*We aren’t available to respond to tickets or phone calls on weekends and evenings. If you submit your info after 5 p.m. on Friday, we’ll respond no later than the following Tuesday.

Defects are problems caused by the way a product was put together during manufacturing. These can show up even when a product is only ever used properly at reasonable volume levels.

Spotting a defect is pretty easy for us, so include photos when you fill out the technical support form.

Don’t return a product without getting an RMA number. Your product could get lost without the number written clearly on the box.

If you filled out a form and it’s been 2-3 business days, feel free to call (405) 600-1936 Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

The disruptions over the past couple of years have changed how and when we can get products into our warehouse. We don’t always have an exact ETA. The best way to stay informed is to join our email list. We will send updates when products are expected back in stock there first.

Fill out the Repair Parts Form. It gathers all the info we’ll need to help you with recone kits. We verify that we have the necessary parts, then contact you with pricing and turnaround time.

The stock alternator and battery meet the electrical needs of your car’s stock features, and that’s about it.

The draw from a big* audio amplifier – combined with regular vehicle features – runs your battery down faster than the alternator can charge it. This causes the voltage to drop.

Voltage drops damage amps.

Your car needs enough power for stock features, AND your big new amp. To get the extra current you have to upgrade the alternator, add a AGM or lithium battery, and beef up wiring under the hood.

Think of it in terms of paying rent. You need $1000 per month for rent. Your bank account (batteries) has a certain amount of money you can use to pay rent to your landlord (amp). You also have regular expenses (lights, stereo, AC).

To keep money in your bank account, you need a job that pays enough money (current) to keep money in the bank. If your job doesn’t pay enough, your bank account is going to run out eventually. You either need a cheaper place (smaller amp), a better job (higher output alternator), or a big bank account (more/better battery capacity).

*A “big” amp is anything over 1000 W RMS. Smaller amps are often able to run on a stock electrical system, but upgraded charging never hurts!

We can’t control the correctness of any build. Skill and work quality aren’t the same for every professional. Even a good installer could miss a detail when installing unfamiliar gear.

Since we didn’t choose your installer, you are responsible for the quality you accept from a professional you’ve paid to do a job. Hopefully they have a service warranty!

We aim to help installers of all skill level with our ever-growing Knowledge Base.

Maybe. We need to get as much information as possible using the tech support form. If we can’t help you correct the issue, we’ll take steps so you can return the product to have it inspected for any defects.

Because we have to inspect and handle returned products before they can be sold again, there are restocking fees for most returns.

Also, take a minute or two to read what is and is not covered under our warranty policy.

Burned or open coils are not covered under the manufacturer defect warranty. It takes power well beyond the subwoofer’s power rating to create enough heat to burn voice coils. It may be an honest mistake, but since the subwoofer wasn’t used correctly we can’t replace it under warranty.

Any time you buy subwoofers, match the RMS power rating of an amp to the RMS power rating of a speaker at your wiring impedance load.

Many amps have different “protection” circuits. These circuits have different triggers that will hopefully stop the amp from catastrophic damage.

Your protect light indicates that you might have an electrical issue in your setup that triggered the protection circuitry. This could be a short circuit due to a worn wire, a fusing issue, voltage fluctuations, among other things.

We can help troubleshoot if you’ll fill out the technical support form.

First we inspect the product. If it’s a manufacturer defect, we can send a warranty replacement. If we can put it back in stock to sell, you’ll just be out a restocking fee.

If there is damage, we can tell you how much the repair will cost. You also have the option to have it sent back to you (on your dime).

For the fancier version, check out the warranty policy.

When you install a product, we can’t control how your system will interact with it.

Errors in wiring or initial settings can break equipment quickly – sometimes in just seconds. This makes it seem like a product is “dead on arrival”.

Products that never worked should be replaced for free, right? Unfortunately your replacement is likely to also break if you don’t change anything.

Also, if you feel entitled to a free replacement, you’re going to feel cheated by anything less. We see it happen all the time.

To figure out whether you get a free replacement, we first troubleshoot your system based on the tech support form. If nothing seems to fix the problem, you’ll need to return it for inspection.

Our technicians know what they’re looking at, so it’s pretty easy to figure out the cause. We’ll either send you that warranty replacement or a quote for repairs. You can also ask us to ship it back, but that’ll be on your dime.

Check out the knowledge base for info to help prevent setup problems.

Shipping back to SoundQubed is your responsibility because we don’t have any control over how the product is packed, the size of the box (which affects shipping charges), or when you’ll get around to dropping it off with the carrier.

If we assume responsibility for your shipment back to us, we get hit with extra fees if the label information doesn’t match up exactly with the physical package you drop off.

We also don’t own the product you’re sending to us, so we can’t insure the shipment. You have the opportunity to insure your package in case it is damaged on its way to us.

Nope. If you’ve modified a product, you have literally made it your own. We can’t do anything with it (especially if it didn’t work well enough for you to keep it).

Installed equipment interacts with the rest of your system right away. As you may know, damage can happen very quickly. We can’t accept returned items that may have damage. We will be happy to quote you for repairs to restore the product to working order.

We sold you both products, so there is a very, very small chance you received more than one of the same product with the same defect.

The other thing they have in common is being installed in your system. You’ll need to fill out the technical support form so we can help you fix what’s causing the problem. Be sure to include clear pictures when you fill out the form.

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