If you’ve held off on installing an underglow kit because you don’t want to drill into your vehicles frame, your time has come. These exterior LED car kits require NO DRILLING for installation and instead of requiring power tools, drills and drillbits, Glowe Industries Kits come with all the adhesive you need to get a snug and secure fit that will last for years to come!

These are premium LED kits with 60 LEDs per foot and an external IC every three LEDs, for bright colors and precise control over each pixel. 

Premium water resistant and super durable ip67 LEDs with a waterproof housing, can be submerged for 5-10 minutes without damage. Utilize these in your truck bed, wheel wells, and running bed to add personality, visibility, and functionality to your vehicle after dark.

Utilize the 180° beam angle to illuminate everything under your vehicle, exposing rocky terrain or maybe just making it easier to get to that hose/wire/part.

Use these kits to indicate your presence during low-visibility conditions while off-road (or in a state which legally permits the use of underglow lighting on the road)

You’ll notice how much brighter these are than other kits on the market- That is because Glowe Industries LED Kits operate at a full 12 volts, as opposed to the voltage step down units that other kits require. This means bright and uniform power to your lights, no voltage drop, and no dimming- Unless you utilize the dimming function!