Hot Wheels Birthday Party


Isaac asked his foster Mom for a Hot Wheels birthday. He was turning 7 and a traditional birthday was not possible because of COVID.

His Mom reached out to some of the OKC Metro Car and Cruise Night groups and asked if there were any automotive enthusiasts willing to parade their real-life Hot Wheels in front of their house on the Saturday after his birthday.

They were more than willing. Many drove from Lawton and some even drove from out of state to make a seven year old boy’s birthday special.

A boy none of them had ever met or heard of before.

The hour arrived. Isaac sat between his Mom and Grandmother on the front lawn while his Dad stood nearby, keeping an anxious eye on the road while his siblings played. He knew something was up but had no way of knowing what was about to happen.

His Dad spotted a hint of red in the distance. Moments later, the familiar sound of a firetruck’s horn sounded. Faintly at first but louder with each blast.

Isaac stood up, curious.

All of a sudden, there was a chorus of fire engine horns! ANOTHER firetruck rolling down the street? And cars behind them adorned with birthday balloons, revving their engines!!

Slowly the large parade of at least 40 cars made their way to the place Isaac was standing. Every driver did something special! Some pulled up to the curb, said “Happy Birthday” and then peeled out. Some had birthday music playing.

At least half of these people brought Isaac gifts! He had a HUGE pile of Hot Wheels toys and cash at the end of the parade. All of the adults in Isaac’s front yard were moved by the display of generosity from these real-world heroes.

Isaac was speechless. He got his Hot Wheels Birthday Party after all!

Special Thanks to Edmond Fire and Rescue, Street Predatorz Lawton, Oklahoma SS Riders, and everyone else who came to this!