How to Make Your Own Turntable for Reconing Subwoofers


SoundQubed presents – How to make your own turntable for reconing subwoofers.

First, you’re going to need some supplies…ready…set…go!

You’ll need:

  • A piece of MDF or plywood 
  • Lazy Susan
  • Rubber feet 
  • A piece of an old surround, or craft foam
  • 4 low profile, ½-inch screws and a 1, 1-inch screw
  • Measuring tape 
  • Razor Blade
  • Drill and bits 
  • A nail
  • A Carpenter square will be handy 
  • Sandpaper
  • Pencil Jigsaw
  • Long Skinny scrap of wood 
  • CA Glue
  • Box Carpet

Let’s get to it

Take your piece of wood and mark the centers of the edges.  Since I’m using a 4 inch lazy Susan, I also mark two inches away from each center mark. Then we get to go back to Kindergarten and play connect the dots. Once you’ve drawn your guides, center up your lazy Susan to make sure you got it right. Now, mark where you’re going to put the screws that secure the Susan to the wood. I also traced the center. Pretty much just for fun. Next drill a hole where the center is marked. I just grabbed a bit that was about the size of the nail I picked out. If you want to use a router instead of a jigsaw to cut out the circle later be sure to make the hole the right size for your router’s pin. I went ahead and drilled pilot holes for my screws as well. Next, we’re going to make a make-shift protractor. So grab that long skinny piece of wood and mark the center of it. Turn it 90 degrees and make a mark on the centerline, one inch away from the small edge. Then make another mark five inches away from the edge. We do this because we’re making an 8 inch diameter turntable.  If you want to make a different size. do the math! Next, drill a hole with the same bit you’ve been using at the one inch mark you made. The nail goes here.  Then drill a hole at the 5 inch mark.  Use a bit that’s about the size of a pencil. The nail goes in the small hole and put the pencil in the big hole. Place the skinny board on the big board and make the nail go into the center hole you drilled earlier. Now hold it steady, and spin it around. Congratulations, you just drew a circle! Next, grab your jigsaw and cut out the circle. The edges are going to be pretty caddywhompus so sand em down for maximum baby bottom smoothness. If you’re using plywood, really sand em down or you’ll be digging out splinters instead of doing recones. Next, grab your lazy Susan and turn one side of it 45 degrees so you can get to the mounting holes. Grab your drill and screw that Susan down with the 4 short screws I said you need earlier. Give it a test spin. Wicked, it freakin’ works! Now grab that little piece of old surround or some craft foam.  Weatherstripping works too. Now hazardously cut it into 4 small squares. Just kidding. Do it carefully. Next, grab your turntable, flip it over, and give the corners of the Susan a light scuffing so the glue sticks better. Put some glue on the little foam squares you cut out and stick them on the Susan. Once the glue’s dry, flip it back over and grab your glue. Give the turntable a spin, slap away any distractions in the area, and then lay down your glue. You can also use contact adhesive on this part but I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to. You can use a little piece of surround or some foam to spread your glue out too if ya want. Next, grab your box carpet, or whatever you elect to cover the top of the turntable with and lay it down on the glue. Once the glue is dry, flip it over and trim away any excess. Next, act like a DJ and have a little fun. Stop! Fun time’s over! Next, grab a rubber foot and the one-inch screw from earlier. If you have a smaller sub, don’t use a big foot or it won’t fit in the motor’s backside! Next, we’re going to screw the rubber foot down. I couldn’t feel the center hole through the carpet so I poked the nail through. Then, screwed down the rubber foot. After you screw in the rubber foot, you’re all done! These turntables come in handy for cleaning frames before a recone, and applying glue to frame whenever you’re reconing your subwoofer. Now don’t forget to write your name on it in your best handwriting or someone might try to steal it from ya! If you’re wondering where to get a few of the things you need to make a turntable like this one, check out the description of this video where we have provided some helpful links to some supplies! Happy reconing! Ya’ll take care now!