Installing the VM-1 Voltage Gauge

Installation Steps:

    1. Mounting Options
      • Option 1: Secure the VM-1 by the (2) mounting holes located under the front cover.
      • Option 2: Use double sided tape. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol, wipe dry then apply
      • Option 3: You can custom flush mount your SQ VM-1 by adding two thin strips of double sided tape vertically to the front cover and back mounting for a custom, flush mount look.
    1. Wiring
      We suggest wiring this directly to your car audio amplifier and not to your battery so you can see the voltage at the amplifier and not at the battery however wiring to the battery for battery voltage is also an option.
      This gauge uses three wires Red (12V Constant), Black (12V Ground), and Blue (12V Trigger) to operate.
      Amplifier Install: Red will connect to the positive input on your amplifier, Black on the ground and the Blue to the remote on.
      Battery Install/Stereo Harness: If you choose to wire this to your battery wire Red to the positive terminal, Black to the negative terminal and Blue to your remote turn on wire behind the dash (usually blue) so that the VM-1 kicks on with Accessory on.
      For direct connection to the stereo harness find your vehicles harness specifications to find a positive, negative, and remote (accessory) wire.
      NOTE: If you connect the Blue directly to your battery it will stay on all the time!
    2. Adjust the voltage of the VM-1 to match your vehicle’s voltage
      For the most precise and accurate measurements this step is essential but can be skipped. After your gauge is installed use a Digital Multi Meter to test the voltage at your battery or amplifier. Using a small Phillips/Flat head screwdriver adjust the pot (located above the LED display under the front cover) to match the reading from your Digital Multi meter.
      • Clockwise – Voltage decrease
      • Counterclockwise – Voltage increase


CAUTION: Continued operation on low voltage could damage your amplifier or components.


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