Interior Glowe LED Car Kits, available exclusively at SoundQubed


Car audio competitions are about engineering, physics, and design. 

And attracting attention for being the biggest, loudest, best, and brightest at the show.

Glowe Industries LED Kits, presented exclusively by SoundQubed, offers you the ability to outshine your competition and steal the attention. See your favorite music visualized in millions of bright, sound reactive colors, and in any almost pattern you can conceive. 

Make your car or truck an extension of your personality and show the world how you feel using over 16 million color combinations!

These Interior LED Kits have premium water resistant and durable ip65 LEDs with 60 LEDs per foot with an external IC every three LEDs. Use these to draw attention to your trunk build with sound reactive, color changing effects around your subwoofer enclosure. Line your wall, port, and trim with them. 

Want to go the extra mile? Utilize these in your wall with plexiglass for a look and sound that amazes and delights.

Glowe Industries Interior Kits include a 3M adhesive on the strips, so you’ve got everything you need to install the kit in one box!