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Strapping amplifiers is when you link two identical amplifiers for greater power output. When strapped, one amp’s preamp settings control both amps.
Eric wanted a good bandwidth for listening to music as well as strong SPL. He found a way to achieve his goals in a unique, DIY way. To accomplish both of these two goals, Eric built two ports. One port is is tuned to 58Hz for SPL BURPS and the second port is tuned around 26Hz for low bass and hair tricks.
Marcus Thayer loves car audio and art. His passion lies in the art and the construction of enclosures. He's built hundreds of boxes and he makes each one unique.
Darin Zunski has always loved the interplay of audio and visual elements. He got his start working in show production, installing and operating audio and video equipment.
Before we discuss why subwoofers blow, let’s go over the anatomy of a subwoofer. Knowing the role each component plays in creating sound will help us understand why those parts perform in an undesirable fashion and help avoid those subwoofer snafus.
The Builder Like many bassheads, AJ Abalos has been hooked on car audio for as long as he can remember. You might even say it's in his blood. His father, uncle, and family friends are committed car audio enthusiasts. His dad had (3) JL W6’s squeezed into a 1987 Mustang. The feeling of that deep bass stuck with him and...