The Owner

This car, named Zippy, was built for Lance Clark’s wonderful wife, Krystal. It is the first custom car she has owned.  After driving Lance’s truck to work, she fell in love with the audio system and needed her own.

Lance became interested in car audio at the age of 15 and it has been a passion of his ever since. Lance’s background is in sales and he made his way to custom installs at Enviro-Tech electronics in Houston.

He’s done hundreds of installs from entry level to extremely intricate and detail-oriented.

The Story

You may have noticed a ‘Fuck Alzheimers’ acrylic plate in this car.

Krystal was raised, in part, by her grandmother.

Her father was a Lieutenant Commander who had to spend much time aboard a submarine when she was a child.

And she was no generic, boring, grandmother either. The first time she and Lance met, she was gambling in a casino!

Krystal’s grandmother passed away last year after battling Alzheimer’s, which also claimed the life of Lance’s grandmother as well.

The Clarks have strong feelings towards the neurodegenerative disease, which is the fifth leading cause of death in Americans 65 years and older.

Zippy makes a stellar memorial for Krystal’s Grandma and is a reminder to seize the day, every day. CARPE BASS.

The Builder

Lance turned the guys at Ultimate Innovations in Kemah, TX loose on this one.

He had some input on the overall design process but let the shop’s creativity take the reigns. In particular, Dylin Ray performed the creative installation and his work speaks for itself!

Zippy’s system was designed around the idea of using an entry-level product line to show everyday consumers and novice car audio enthusiasts that you don’t have to break the bank to go to shows, win and have fun doing it.

After plenty of research, Lance and Krystal chose SoundQubed to be their brand for this build because of the price point and reputation in the industry.

The next thing was to choose a shop to do the installation. They stopped by G2 Audio to get a basic subwoofer enclosure built and by chance (or destiny) they were directed to the guys at Ultimate Innovations in Kemah, TX.

And so it began!

After 45 hours of labor and close to $10,000 in cost, Zippy is drawing attention and winning awards. Not only are they winning awards in SPL but in Sound Quality as well!

With a supreme combination of creativity and skill, this car holds the title for the 2019 USACI World Finals First Place in Rookie Class.

Zippy will return in March 2021 to compete in the Amateur Class for Sound Quality.

The Equipment

Zippy has a set of HDS2.212 Series Subwoofers in a ported enclosure with 3.6 net cubes, tuned to 32Hz.

These were chosen to take a company’s entry-level product and showcase it so people know you don’t have to break the bank to compete and win shows.

There is not one blank spot on this box from the front to the rear- It is detailed all over. It was built to be complete eye candy.

The amplifiers chosen for the project were based on the price point and the RMS of the drivers.

Lance and Krystal wanted a system they could pound on all day that would just keep asking for more.

They went with the S Series Amplifiers, using one S1-1250 Monoblock Amplifier at 1 Ohm to put the subwoofers right at RMS.

Then they picked two of the S4-100 Multiple Channel Amplifiers for their mids and highs.

One S4-100 is bridged on the front pair of QP-MR6.5’s Pro Audio Component Speakers, running full active. The second S4-100 is running a pair of QS-SD25 Tweeters on channels one and two.

For this, custom built sails were fabricated for the front a-pillar. Channels three and four are running a set of QS-SD25 tweeters and a QP-MR6.6 using the passive crossover from the QS-6.5 Component Speaker Set.

The midranges we are using in the car are 4 of the QP-MR6.5 Component Speakers. They are installed in the factory door locations with custom press fit grills so the sound would not be restricted.

Zippy has four of the QS-SD25 because of the natural and smooth sound of a silk dome tweeter. These were placed in the factory locations with a set of custom sails on the front a-pillars that are angled for proper imaging and staging.

The Charging System

The Big Three was performed and an upgraded alternator built by Ohio Generator rated at 300 amps and pushing 14.5 volts was installed.

There are two 4 AWG power cables to the fuse block and a 4 AWG cable from there to each amplifier in the car and an 8 AWG cable pulled to power the JL Audio TWK processor.

They also added to the system an 80 amp power inverter/charger to run the car at shows for demo purposes.

The Biggest Challenge

The motorization by far was the hardest to figure out.

To organize 3 doors and 2 amps to motorize in sequential motion was a fun and challenging task, and they couldn’t have done it without Dylin’s business partner, Eli.

This car was built to be a showstopper and they hope it doesn’t disappoint.