Customizable LED Underglow as Unique as Your Ride!

Glowe Industries Kits are easy to install, easy to use, and a delight for your passengers and friends to enjoy!

If you’ve held off on installing an underglow kit because you don’t want to drill into your vehicle’s frame, your time has come. These kits require NO DRILLING for installation.

Glowe Industries Kits come with all the adhesive you need to get a snug and secure fit that will last for years to come!

Make a splash at SPL shows with interior automotive lighting! Light up the ground around your vehicle with underglow lights for off-roading!

These LED underbody and LED interior kits are as customizable as it gets. These are premium LED kits with 60 LEDs per meter. These feature an external IC every three LEDs, for bright colors and precise control over each pixel. 

Install these in your boat to make lake time a sweet escape from reality. Enjoy them on your ATV to light up the path and on your motorcycle to warn other motorists of your presence. 

Using the three primary colors: red, blue, and green, you can create any color- up to 16 million hues! The app control allows for unique effects from slow color fades to rapid and strobing chases and LED stacking.

The color changing options kits are limitless. You have complete control over the speed so making your big entrance exactly the way you is possible with Glowe Industries Exterior and Interior LED kits.

You’ll notice how much brighter these are than other kits on the market. These LED Kits operate at a full 12 volts, as opposed to the voltage step down units that other kits require. This means bright and uniform power to your lights with no voltage drop or dimming.

Glowe Chord

The Bluetooth control unit brings your music to life in an intuitive and fun way! The Glowe Chord controller is operated through the Phone App available for iPhone and Android. 

It has a built in microphone, or optional 3.5mm splitter to animate your music. Enjoy a number of sound reactive modes that respond to the beat and other parameters of the music. 

Utilize any of the 180 modes that include chasing patterns, color changes and other visualizations of your favorite tracks. App control means no tiny, easily broken remote and prevents the need to constantly hunt for batteries. 

Glowe Motion

The Wi-Fi unit is controlled entirely from the Phone App, available for iPhone and Android. This eliminates the endless hunting for batteries and dealing with flimsy, easy to lose remotes. The Glowe Motion unit does not have an audio input. It will not sync to the beat of the music in the same way that the Glowe Chord unit does, but it has its own strengths.  

One of the benefits of the Wi-Fi unit featuring the GloweMotion Controller is the advanced programming options. In addition to the 180 preset patterns, you can use your own images to scroll through the LEDs. The only limitation is your imagination. 

Some of our favorite programs include pristine and precise LED stacking, realistic speed controllable LED breathing, and strobing as fast or as slow as you desire!


Premium water resistant and durable ip65 LEDs with a waterproof (but not submersible) housing. These will draw attention to your trunk build with sound reactive, color changing effects around your subwoofer enclosure.

Want to go the extra mile? Install Glowe Industries Interior Kits on your wall with plexi for a look that amazes and delights.

Glowe Industries Interior Kits include a 3M adhesive on the strips, so you’ve got everything you need to install the kit in one box!


Premium water resistant and durable ip67 LEDs with a waterproof housing, can be submerged for 5-10 minutes without causing damage. Use these in your truck bed, wheel wells, and running beds to add personality, visibility, and functionality to your vehicle after dark.

Glowe Industries Exterior Kits come with CA Glue and activator so you’ll have everything your install needs in one box!

The 180° beam angle makes it easy to light up everything under your vehicle, exposing rocky terrain or maybe just making it easier to get to that hose, wire, or part you need to work on.

Make use of these kits to indicate your presence during low-visibility conditions while off-road (or in a state which legally permits the use of underglow or LED lighting on the road.) Consult local and state laws before using these on any and all roads.