The Builder

Marcus Strayer loves car audio and art. He was bitten by the bass bug at an early age. 

It started with an AQ-2200 and pair of DD Audio 2512’s and his obsession grew from there. Marcus has been to car shows all across the country over the last 25 years. 

His passion lies in the art and in the construction of enclosures. He’s built hundreds of boxes and he makes each one unique. 

When COVID disrupted the car show season, Marcus began building his brand, JuiceBox Enclosures. As JuiceBox Enclosures, he builds unique and eye-catching enclosures.

The Build 

His current project is an S-10 budget build to demonstrate that you can have great bass in your car and even compete at car audio competitions without breaking the bank. 

This build highlights the HDS3.1 Heavy Duty Street Series Subwoofers by SoundQubed with a pair ofHDS3.112’s.

Marcus’s S-10 build took 40 hours to construct and install at a cost of $1,000.

The Gear

This build metered 150.4 decibels at 33 Hertz using (2) HDS3.112 subwoofers powered by a Skar RP2K amplifier.

For the mids and highs, he’s got Kicker DS in the doors. Marcus’s HDS3.112 4 cubic foot enclosure is tuned to 32 Hz with a double baffle.

More of Marcus Strayer’s Work

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The HDS3.1 Series Subwoofer has evolved into the HDS3.2 Series Subwoofer. It handles 1200 Watts, RMS and 2400 Watts Peak Power for Burps. Get yours here.