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New HDS3.1 VS Old HDS3

HDS3 vs HDS3.1

Box – 5^ft NET tuned at 30hz.
Amp: 2200W @1 Ohm
The HDS3.1 160oz motor Gauss’s out 1000(G) or 1 Tesla (T) more than the 145oz HDS3 motor.
Giving it better power handling and more efficiency.

Below is a general overview of the data: Stamped uses an average of 5.9% less power below 40 hz to be .13 dB louder Cast tends to be louder above 40hz Cast uses an average of 1.7% MORE power above 40hz to be .02 dB quieter It’s literally MORE BANG for your BUCK




**20hz and below were outliers and removed from the data set.

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