Subwoofers deliver the “low end” in a car audio system. In this lowest frequency range, you can often feel the pulse of the music. Whether you want to get loud, or just fill out the bass missing from your listening experience, the right subwoofer configuration can achieve it. 

You can add a single or multiple subwoofers to your car’s factory audio system for an immediate improvement in sound quality. To choose a subwoofer configuration, you’ll first need to know your available amplifier power. Once you decide on subs, you’ll need to build an enclosure designed for your available space and subwoofers. Additionally, a high-power system may require upgrading your vehicle’s charging system.

SoundQubed subs are classified in “power bands” based on their RMS power handling rating. We currently offer the HDS2.1, HDS3.1, and HDX motor series. Subwoofers in the same motor series can handle the same amount of power.  

If you’re just starting out in car audio, you can get loud on a budget with a solid basic system design. For help with wiring your subwoofers, including downloadable diagrams, click here.