Subwoofers are a type of Driver, designed to deliver the low notes. “Bass as we call it”
The part of the music that causes you to feel the pulsating, vibrating beat that the artist designed into the music.

We’ve classified our Subwoofers based on the Power Rating — (i.e. Power Band).
Different diameter woofers within the same motor series handle the same amount of power.

The size you choose depends on 1) The space you have available. 2) How much power your system can supply 3) Most importantly, your budget.

Each Power Band will get LOUD as long as it has the right enclosure, proper power, and the right wiring.

The higher Power Bands are built to withstand the rigors of more power, which can be less forgiving in the wrong type of system setup (i.e. Wrong sized enclosure, not enough port area, tuning too high or low).

A bigger motor doesn’t always mean you will get better performance.  You have to think about the system design as a whole.

For help with wiring your woofers click here.