HDC | Power Band 1500 Watts

The HDC3.1 Series is our Power Band – 1500 Watts RMS

Disclaimer:  This subwoofer requires at least 48 hours PLAYING time to break the subwoofer in. If it is not broke in properly the subwoofer can be damaged. All of our subwoofers are AGE tested for an hour before going into stock.

Breaking a woofer in means playing at low amplifier power for the equivalent of 48 hours of playing time. If you don’t have the set up to do a continuous-break in period, and you install a fresh woofer into your vehicle. Then you must keep gains low until woofer is broken in. If only playing for an hour or so a day then the break in period will take 48 days. The woofer will continue to loosen up after that and full break in may take many months. As the suspension breaks in, the subs will play lower and louder.

This break-in period is mandatory and crucial to the long term life of the subwoofer.


Suspension systems are generally a weak link in a woofer design, and often the primary reason for woofer failure. Over time, especially in high power applications, suspension begins to sag and as a consequence it can no longer control the voice coil’s movement. This generally results in a torn suspension or smashed voice coil. To avoid this we use a multiple spider configuration engineered to maintain rigidity over extended periods of heavy use. We also hand glue our triple joints to allow for better glue penetration and saturation of the high stress areas.


High excursion subwoofers require a lead wire system that doesn’t flop all over the place or break. We use the direct connect system (no terminals) because it works the best. With our direct connect system you get no annoying lead slap noise, no rips or holes burnt in the spiders, and no flimsy lead-in wires.

HDC Coils

The HDC comes with your choice of a four layer, round wound, dual 1ohm or dual 2ohm copper coil.

Note: Parameters taken of random single sampling of NIB subwoofers with no pre-break-in.

HDC3.1 Series
RMS Power1500W
Peak Power4500W
Magnet Weight300oz
Coil Diameter3.0"
Coil Length50mm
Usable Throw68mm
Woofer Size10"12"15"18"
F(s)41 Hz
43 Hz49 Hz31 Hz
ImpedanceD1 / D2D1 / D2D1 / D2D1 / D2
Z(max)Coming Soon Coming Soon28.25 ΩComing Soon
V(as)9.16 liters 20.33 liters70.421 liters 109 liters
L(e)Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
n(0)Coming SoonComing Soon0.37 %Coming Soon
M(ms)Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
C(ms)Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Sensitivity 1W/1m84.43db 1W/1m
88.172db 1W/1m
91.532db 1W/1m
89.8db 1W/1m
BLComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
SdComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Mounting Depth7.625"
Circle Cutout9.437"

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