HDS2.1 | Power Band 600 Watts

The Power Band – 600 Watts is our HDS2.1 Series of drivers.

Disclaimer:  This subwoofer requires at least 24 hours PLAYING time to break the subwoofer in. If it is not broke in properly the subwoofer can be damaged. All of our subwoofers are AGE tested for an hour before going into stock.

The high efficiency of the HDS2.1 series starts with a strong 2.5″ voice coil with high temperature adhesives and coil wire that ensure long term reliable performance. The HDS2.1’s double magnet motor is over-sized to provide high output levels with precision and control. The plates are coated with corrosion resistant epoxy paint which also increases the outflow of heat from the voice coil.

HDS2.1 Features Include:

Green double stitched EROM surround.
Stamped powder coated frame.
Vented back-plate for optimal cooling and less turbulence in the coil gap.
2.5″ diameter four-layer copper coil.
Conical back plate to allow more voice coil travel.
14 gauge direct leads. (8″ Model Only)
10 AWG push terminals.
Black electroplated top and bottom plates.
Non-pressed, fiber added cone for maximum rigidity.
Power Handling 600W RMS, 1200W Peak.
Available in Dual 2 and Dual 4 ohm configuration.

HDS2.1 Series
RMS Power600W
Peak Power1200W
Magnet Weight100oz
Coil Diameter2.5"
Coil Length36mm
Usable Throw26.5mm
Woofer Size8"10"12"15"
F(s)34.32 Hz
32.3 Hz29.61 Hz28.93 Hz
ImpedanceD2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4
Z(max)38.55 Ω50.36 Ω47.49 Ω45.07 Ω
V(as)9.375 liters 19.76 liters 47.84 liters 98.39 liters
L(e)2.018 mH
2.143 mH
2.25 mH
2.277 mH
n(0)0.085 %0.117 %0.215 %0.358 %
M(ms)171.7 grams
205.3 grams
240.4 grams
293 grams
C(ms)0.125 mm/N
0.118 mm/N
0.12 mm/N
0.103 mm/N
Sensitivity 1W/1m81.44 1W/1m
82.81 1W/1m
85.44 1W/1m
87.64 1W/1m
XmaxComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Sd31.28Coming SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Mounting Depth5.5"
Circle Cutout7.375"

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