HDS3.2 | Power Band 1200 Watts

The Heavy Duty Street 3.2 Series is built to handle 1200 Watts RMS. The dual magnet motor features a bumped t-yoke to allow for more travel. The motor hosts a cast aluminum frame, and comes with a softer three piece spider system to allow for lower tuning and better performance. The HDS3.2 line can be utilized in any DIY install including sealed, ported, and bandpass installs.


  • EROM surround with no stitching.
  • Cast aluminum frame.
  • Vented back-plate for optimal cooling and less turbulence in the coil gap.
  • 3.0″ diameter four-layer copper coil.
  • Conical back plate to allow more voice coil travel.
  • 10 AWG push terminals.
  • Black electroplated top and bottom plates.
  • Non-pressed, fiber added cone for maximum rigidity.
  • Power Handling 1200W RMS, 2400W Peak.
  • Available in Dual 2 and Dual 4 ohm configuration.

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