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HDS206 Daily Driver Bundle

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1 × Subwoofer DIY Enclosure Kits - Dual, 6.5"

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  • Single channel
  • 900 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohm
  • Class D
  • 1 Ohm stable
  • 4 AWG power inputs

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Get everything you need to add low end to your factory audio system with the HDS206 Daily Driver car audio bundle. We’ve included everything from the amp to the enclosure to save you time, money, and frustration with your first build. This is a great project for young and old alike regardless of skill level.

The Subs

This is the perfect combination if you’re looking to add some low end to your stock audio system. You’ll get 2 HDS206-D4 350 W RMS subwoofers, and a single S1-850. A 4 AWG amp wiring kit also comes with this car audio bundle so you can hit the ground running with all the wiring and connections you need.

The Dual 4 ohm configuration allows for wiring to a 1 ohm load to get the most out of your S1-850 monoblock amplifier and new subs. The S1-850 is safe to run on most stock electrical charging systems, so you won’t need upgrades for this afternoon project.

With a 4 1/8″ mounting depth, you’ll have many options for enclosures that don’t eat up precious cargo space. Of course these subs will require break-in to avoid damage and get the best performance.

This is the perfect project car audio bundle if you’re new to car audio and just want subs for your car. Aside from wiring the amplifier to the car’s charging system, you’ll also need an enclosure designed for these subwoofers. There are pre-made options available, but they’ll need to provide the correct amount of airspaceport area, and mounting depth for the HDS206.

The Amp

The heavy-duty S1-850 car subwoofer amplifier delivers just the right amount of power through a single channel to power your pair of HDS206 subwoofers. You can mount it just about anywhere thanks to its compact design. You’ll be able to get a big booming sound with a small footprint. It’s an unbeatable monoblock amplifier ideal for daily drivers who need more bass from their car stereo system.

The heavy-duty printed circuit board features both thermal protection for high heat situations, as well as speaker protection. An on-board low pass filter lets you limit which frequencies are amplified, for ultimate performance out of your sub amp. The subsonic filter helps prevent extreme low-end distortion.

Additionally, an LED clipping indicator on the included bass remote gives you the subwoofer control you need to avoid coil damage! The single-channel S1-850 has 4 gauge set screw power terminals and 10 gauge speaker terminals to pump clean power to your HDS2.2 subwoofer build maintains optimum sound quality and consistent voltage.

Build Your Box: OEM to OMG Overnight

If you don’t have many tools, or woodworking experience, a flat pack subwoofer box kit is a great way to learn by doing. We’ve taken the trouble out of finding high quality material along with the frustration of shoddy big box store saw cuts. Designing a high performance sub enclosure isn’t simple. We’ve done all the math and testing for you! Each kit includes 13-ply birch panels, terminal cups, screws, and instructions.

With a few basic tools, you can assemble this sub box kit in less than an hour. First, align your panels to drill pilot holes. Then, just glue it and screw it! While the glue dries, run all your wires. Get some rest, and wake up to a new way of listening to music!

Your Box, Your Way

Unlike prefabricated enclosures, our kits aren’t limited to specific finish options. You could go natural and show off the grain of the 13-ply Baltic birch, or cover your enclosure with a custom carpet color to match your vehicle. Make this project kit a unique creation instead of the same pre-fab box anyone can get.

CNC precision pre cut panels fit together perfectly making for easy, accurate assembly. Maximum glue area means a superb bond at each joint. The panels are also labeled for easy identification. Pre-drilled pilot holes help you complete the pilot holes into the joining panel edge for perfect alignment.

Rather than using knock down joinery, these flatpack kits are meant to be solid once assembled. Don’t be shy with the glue! Along with providing the actual strength of the joint, glue acts as a seal to eliminate pesky air leaks.

ClassClass D
Channels1 channel
Working Voltage8.5V to 16 V
Power @ 4 Ohm 14.4V530 Watts RMS
Power @ 2 Ohm 14.4V860 Watts RMS
Power @ 1 Ohm 14.4V1260 Watts RMS
Frequency Response10 Hz - 200 Hz
S/N RatioGreater than 80
Damping FactorGreater than 100
Input Sensitivity5V~0.15V
Subsonic Filter10 - 50 Hz
Low-Pass Filter20Hz - 200 Hz
Dimensions in (LxWxH)11.8 x 7.8 x 2.2
RMS Power350 W600 W600 W600 W600 W
Peak Power1000 W1200 W1200 W1200 W1200 W
Magnet Weight60 Oz100 Oz100 Oz100 Oz100 Oz
Coil Diameter2"2.5"2.5"2.5"2.5"
Coil Length28 mm36 mm40 mm40 mm40 mm
Woofer Size6.5"8"10"12"15"
F(s)45.39 Hz44.41 Hz33.6530.9526.92
ImpedanceD2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4
Z(max)33.8138.77 Ω65.6559.14 Ω56.79
V(as)3.264 L5.319 L17.43 L45.57 L100 L
L(e)1.498 mH5.394 mH5.7456.079 mH6.473
n(0)0.05%0.07673 %0.15860.3046 %0.3058
M(ms)93.7143.8 grams201.7209.2 grams333.1
C(ms)0.1310.089 mm/N0.1110.126 mm/N0.105
Sensitivity 1W/1m79.3280.9584.186.9486.95
Mounting Depth4.125"5.5"6.75"6.75"7.44"
Circle Cutout6.06257.5"9.31"11.25"13.875"
Sealed Enclosure (Cu Ft):.25-.5 FT³.35-.75 Ft³.5-1.0 FT³
.75-1.5 FT³
1.75-2.75 FT³
Ported Enclosure (Cu Ft):
.25-75 Ft³.75-1.25 FT³.75-1.25 FT³
1-1.75 FT³
3-6 FT³

 Dual 6.5"Dual 8"Dual 10"Dual 12"
Tuning frequency (Hz):38 Hz36 Hz32 Hz35 Hz
Circle cutout diameter:6.625"7.375"9.3"11.25"
Dimensions (L × W × H; in.):24" L X 15" W X 9" H33" L X 15.5" W X 15.5" H36" L X 17.5" W X 15" H36" L X 19.875" W X 16" H
Gross volume:1.5 Ft³3.65 Ft³4.4 Ft³5.42 Ft³
Net volume:1.03 Ft³2.99 Ft³3.48 Ft³4.48 Ft³
Material13-ply Baltic Birch Plywood13-ply Baltic Birch Plywood13-ply Baltic Birch Plywood13-ply Baltic Birch Plywood

1 review for HDS206 Daily Driver Bundle

  1. michaelyoung27

    Seriously nice kit. Box is easy to assemble and comes with everything but the glue and drill. The box is solid and sounds great. Subs are seriously impressive for their size. Great Amp it is solid and well built but not the most efficient. The only downside to the whole kit is the power wire is cca other than that this kit is awesome.

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