HDC3.1 Series (Discontinued)

(215 customer reviews)




HDC3.1 Series
RMS Power1500W
Peak Power4500W
Magnet Weight300oz
Coil Diameter3.0"
Coil Length50mm
Usable Throw68mm
Woofer Size10"12"15"18"
F(s)41 Hz
43 Hz49 Hz31 Hz
ImpedanceD1 / D2D1 / D2D1 / D2D1 / D2
Z(max)Coming Soon Coming Soon28.25 ΩComing Soon
V(as)9.16 liters 20.33 liters70.421 liters 109 liters
L(e)Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
n(0)Coming SoonComing Soon0.37 %Coming Soon
M(ms)Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
C(ms)Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Sensitivity 1W/1m84.43db 1W/1m
88.172db 1W/1m
91.532db 1W/1m
89.8db 1W/1m
BLComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
SdComing SoonComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Mounting Depth7.625"
Circle Cutout9.437"

Additional information

Weight N/A

10", 12", 15", 18"


Dual 1 Ohm, Dual 2 Ohm

215 reviews for HDC3.1 Series (Discontinued)

  1. Steve k

    I’ve had this sub for almost 2 years n been thru 4 amps n she keeps on pounding finally got the right amp skar 1500sk 1800rms with a high output 240 mechman 2/0 big 3 n all wires r 2/0 this thing is still pounding better n better each day .. who ever wants to go with the qube do cause it’s a steal at 260 a sub

  2. Matt

    Have had 2 12 hdc 3.1s for a lil over a year and they just keep on bumping sounds better every time I play them I am in love best speaker I have ever owned

  3. Victor vargas

    Amazing monsters. I have 4 hdc3.1 15s in my truck. They are monsters.

  4. Steven Keen

    1 word is all u need for this sub …. MONSTER!!!!!!

  5. Brandon oneal

    I have 2 of the Hds3 12” these things hit like crazy caint wait to take out the 4 gauge I have in there from a previous install and 1/0awg true OFC copper stage 2 wiring with the battery in the back

  6. Martin714*

    Got me the HDC3.110 Great Subwoofer. Does an amazing job. Would like to buy another one in future. Good job SoundQubed HDC3.110

  7. Nicholas

    I have the HDC412 and all I can say is wow that sub pounds. I got it as a gift and I tried to buy another one but you guys are sold out and when will it be back in stock because if 1sounds this good I’m writing this so you guys can bring it back cause I can’t imagine 2 and I have the box for them both… can you let me no asap so I can order…

  8. Matthew Kruchten

    I just got an hdc3.1 15 from my brother who had it reconed and it isn’t broke in yet but it is my first 15 inch subwoofer and man i couldn’t be happier

  9. Brandon oneal

    Why do you guys not have the hdc3 12 2ohm

  10. Ben clark

    The hdc3 series is awesome and the break in peroid is crucial I had a sundown sa15 that says the break them in before had and I used it a low power for like a week and once I turned it up it didn’t last then I put my hdc315 back in and I’m still slamming on it now for 1.5 years and almost full tilt

  11. 94stemple (verified owner)

    These subs are absolute monsters!!! I got 2 on a 4500 and they are so amazing I’m ordering more!!! Way better than the price point makes you think!!!

  12. David Lowry

    Most of the 1 star reviews are from people that don’t understand the term “user error”. I was skeptical about mine at first. It took roughly 4 months to break in and sounds awesome in my daily. This sub has a STIFF suspension and is generally designed for COMPETITION use, hence the name. If you want a sub to beat the S#!+ out of, go with the S series. They are a lot better for musical applications. Don’t let the people leaving negative reviews turn you away

  13. Steven Keen

    Hands down monster .. just running 1 12 hdc3 with a 1500 hifonics n damm after break in she slams about to get the s1.2250 can’t wait

  14. LaDarrius Whins

    How long will yall be out of stock on the hdc3.1 18 and will they be at this same price?

  15. Travis Hinnant

    I bought the HDC312 and the 2200d. Had it running at 2ohms for about a year. Then….. I got eh 4500.1. GEEZUS KRISTS!!!!! I have it in a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. In a 3.5cft box tuned to 32HZ. I’ve had 3 JL W6 12″s, 3 Fosgate HX2’s. A Mojo 15…and this HDC312 and 4500.1 hits so hard. Got the 4 Channel also, best sounding system I’ve ever had in my life. Thanks SoundQubed

  16. J


  17. Jason

    Bought the 10” subwoofer. I’ve had many subwoofers in my lifetime and this is the best one I’ve bought. I had a JL audio W7 before this and I honestly think this one puts out deeper, louder, and more clear bass lines. I wanted something small that wouldn’t take up trunk space but still gave out a strong amount of bass. This was it!!! Everything I could ever ask for and more!

  18. Cole Snyder (verified owner)

    By far best bang for your buck. I’m breaking the hdc3.110 in on a 500rms Memphis amp and i can already tell that this sub is a beast. Just buy it.

  19. Dennis

    Ordered two of these and they came in two days with the provided free shipping. Once I was done building my wall I went to a competition two days later and got a 149.8 on brand new super stiff subs on fairly low power! Can’t wait to break then in fully and se what they can really do

  20. Kenneth Furman

    If your reading this review them you must be interested in these Subwoofers. All I can tell you is look no further. I have had all different brands of Subwoofers and I will tell you these are the best. The sound quality and the output is just amazing. I purchase 2 of the HDC3.118 and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Soundqubed.

  21. Henry blume

    I was not happy with this product at all broke it in the proper way and I told him that and the answer from them that I got was that I have the number 1 amp that blows this exact sub up which I highly doubt considering my last sub was an audioqube 18 and that lasted me 5 years on the same setup this sub only lasted a week and a half into break in

  22. Anthony johnson

    Got hd 3.1 18 and hands down best decision I’ve ever made,when it comes to car audio. Have an brutis 17 no big three upgrade, cap or battery and still making trunk wave…if you’re on the fence about spending money on audio…trust u would not be disappointed…

  23. marcus

    Have 1 atm hooked up to a soundqubed 4500 @ .5 ohm a little to much power but it can deff take more then 1500 rms just waiting a little bit to buy another.

  24. Charles Phillips (verified owner)

    These subs are updated to a design that utilizes a similar basket to the HDS3.1 series, and they definitely look stronger. I haven’t gotten a chance to play them yet because I’m doing a wall build and my amps are still shipping, but they look sick with the carbon fiber dry weave cone and dust cap. Customer service with these guys is always great, if not a pleasure. I will update my review once they’re in my car.

  25. Joseph

    Loud sub’s that have a broad bandwidth… Just lacking on the sound quality end… Tuned at 34hz I was under the impression that I would achieve better sq but they are still really peaky and has me questioning if the HDC3’s should be the ideal daily sub’s… Wondering if the HDC4’s would have been a better choice. What I can say is I was amazed at how fast I got my sub’s and how fast I got replies to my questions in regards to shipping.

  26. James

    Bought them in sale for $259.99 and loving ever bit of it.i built a wall to the b-pillar and it moves some air. Hands down loudest in my city. Going to run my numbers and I know I’m over 150.0 db. Best sub for the price. BUY IT NOW!!

  27. Cody

    Sub slams super hard I have it in only 3000 watts for now didn’t even get a single sticker with it tho?

  28. A Arias (verified owner)

    2hdc3 18 getting 5.5 cubic feet each running on 3 k RMS. Before I start let me say I have an 88 bronco and I spent a considerable amount of time and money sound deadening it. I fired these things up last night and without tuning on about half power these thing pound! I am most likely going to break my back window and I won’t care a bit! These things are amazing and the build quality is top notch. For the price I DARE you to find a better woofer. I should be in the 150’s after break in and I don’t care what SQ says 1500 RMS is a joke! These things are black holes, they can suck power in with no worries.

  29. OhioSilverback

    i purchased the HCD3.0 last july while they were on clearence. the sub sat in the box it was shipped in for a year for various reasons. my 1st impression of the sub is very impressive, when u look at this sub it just says Badd Ass!! however, im sorry Soundqubed. maybe i got a bad woofer, because after being hooked up for only 2 weeks, and being broke in properly the sub took a huge shit the other day. it was being powered by Cresendo BC2000 operating at half ohm. installed in 5.8 cu ft3 enclosure ported at 36hz. the gain on the amp was set using a DD-1, and the crossover was set to about 70hz. operating within its WRMS rating, broke in properly, and hooked up correctly. this should not have happened. as this was my 1st purchace from soundqubed, it will be my last. ive seen MTX terminator subs last longer!!! even though the sub has only 2weeks use, of course its out of warranty and im S.O.L. thanks soundqubed. i seems with this company, u get what u pay for.. they make good paper weights!!

  30. Will Breen

    Put this in a ford ranger with the AQ 1200.2 on 1500 watts and it sounds great. Most “competition” subs are just fart machines yet this is just as musical as it is powerful. Overall very satisfied for the price would recommend 100%

  31. Jermaine

    Purchased two of these subs they are loud I love them

  32. Johnny

    Love em!

  33. Mike

    Ordered hdc3.118 and a 2000rms amp. Hooked it up and was immediately impressed. Much to my dismay I took it easy for 2 weeks, turned it up more and was impressed once again. Waited a few more days, bumped up the eq, and dropped my windshield mirror. Gain on amp still low and head unit bass eq still negative, not even flat, and it holds its own. Switching a bigger box next week, can just tell she wants more!!! Highly recommend, stop searching reviews, buy it now.

  34. George Rosado (verified owner)

    Wow !! when I received my 2 – Hdc3.118, I was really impressed these Monsters they are very very stiff. I just installed them about a week ago being gentle with them during break in but can’t wait to play them hard.. so far I’m very happy with them!!

  35. Michael

    I love my hdc3 18 that i order off of you i have it in a 9 cu.ft. enclosure tuned to 35hz it loves the high notes and trys to destroy my rear doors and rear window on the low notes. I mettered 146db with it and cant wait to order another one soon so i can build a wall in my explorer

  36. edgar flores (verified owner)

    Love them .. Buying 2 more and running them off of my DD M4a

  37. Christopher Naron (verified owner)

    These speakers are very stiff, but in a good way, you know they will last and do more than rated. Lows will crush you, higher bass will rattle your brain! Make sure you have a double baffled/reinforced enclosure because this sub will break it otherwise! These subs are way out of the price range they are sold at, competing with subs roughly double the price they are offered.

  38. blaze coilbaker

    Bought this sub back in July of2015,no b.s. This sub is retarded loud and handle power well.im running the soundstream dtr1.1700d on this beast and its flexing my 03 suburban like crazy.sub is in 8 cubes with 2 6″ aeroports loving the lows should be hittin close yo 147db don’t think just buy.

  39. Robert Gibson (verified owner)

    First and foremost this was a tough decision me 2 12 s, 1 15, and will an 18 even fit in my trunk these were major concerns for me but I chose the 18 because displacement is KING. An 18 has more area than 2- 12 s so that was the deciding factor. When the wife said go ahead and get it because of the sale I typed in the numbers to the credit and ordered as quickly as I could. Didn t want her to have a change of heart. I chose an 18 not knowing the monster that was about to be delivered. When the subwoofer arrived my wife looked at me with disbelief at the behemoth she had allowed me to purchase. My 2 year then proceeded to climb into the cone which barely moved. The sub was so stiff from the factory it almost felt seized. I was concerned about this not being a good speaker because of the low cost, but I could not find bad reviews on this sub and I scoured the internet looking for bad reviews. I am going to school for electrical engineering and I am in my 3rd year currently. I want to specialize in speaker design. This sub is a monster. I am currently running it in a 6.1 cubic foot box with 105 inches squared of port tuned to about 37 hz. I am running a 2600 watt hifonics amp at about 2200 watts clamped. The sub never gets warm. I always check after I drive to school which takes about an hour or so. I play my music LOUD the whole way. Needless to say I am very and I repeat VERY impressed with the thermal capacities of the woofer and the output it produces. This sub plays relatively flat to down to 31 hz (my f3) and it murders all the lows. My wife thinks I am going to blow out my windshield because of how much it flexes. My roof bounces like a mofo and it flexes everything. Mind you this is brand new car with sound deadening on all panels and it is still is flexing everything. If there is any doubt in your mind about buying I wouldn t hesitate. Just pull the trigger and do it.

  40. john

    I love my 4 hdc3 18s on 4 2000 strapped and it has cracked my roof and it is breaking things in my truck I really love it

  41. Deon

    This thing is huge and amazing, still hits mid, hair buzzing notes, while it flexes out the lows. And I just have 1. Would recommend soundqubed to everyone.

  42. Luke

    I bought this sub based upon hearing a pair of HDC3 12’s and reading extensive amounts of reviews. Nobody says it right about this sub. I use it mainly for daily. But I also compete SPL with it. It is absolutely brutal!!! On both my ears and my SUV. I love it and will remain a loyal customer of Soundqubed for life. I’d love to be able to get my next build going soon!!! If you buy anything but these, you’ve wasted your money!!!

  43. mike parent (verified owner)

    i have 2 of these in 12 cu ft tuned to 30 hz wired to .5 on an AB VFL 175.1 in an 02 tahoe, and i absolutely love them!!! they play low with no problems and can get up to 50 hz no problem as well!!! i cant wait to meter them this summer!!!! would definitely love to get 2 more with some sound qubed amps in the future!!!

  44. Brandon Barrington

    Ive owned 5 HDC3s now. Had DC 18″s before buying these 2 HDC3s.. Much happier with the HDC3s. They play high (35hz tuning) and still can play surprisingly low. These things love lots of power. Ran 2 on an AQ3500 and now running these 2 on 2 AQ2200s.

  45. Mauro Rodriguez (verified owner)

    These subwoofers can really take some power(2000) rms for the moment lol I have them in a 12.10 cubic feet box with 9.6 inches of port area(Big Port) There curently installed in my chevy avalanche but plan on getting 2 more n putting them in a 4th order band pass box! Can’t wait!! Also to soundqubed im really repping you guys/ladies here in my area, nobody had ever hear about soundqubed and thought your subs werent gonna “thump”but once i got my subs connected they found out these hdc3 dont’t play!! Thanks Soundqubed for the best subs out there!!! One day i’ll be like the black nasty!;) lol

  46. Faisal Mayanja

    This sub can handle so much power! with the right box it moves a ton of air..

  47. Wyatt

    I’ve been installing and building systems for nearly a decade now. I’ve owned various Fi and Sundown subs throughout the years and have installed multiple Kicker, Rockford, MTX, and Incriminator subs. I had only heard SoundQubed systems, which all slammed, so I decided to give this HDC3 a shot. IT IS A MONSTER!. Not only is the build quality outrageously good, but the look is awesome and sound is loud, but tight. This thing gets unreal low without sounding sloppy. I have become a SoundQubed advocate and promoter. I have been soo impressed with this sub and my Q1-2200. GET THIS SUB! I think Denzel Washington said it best in Training Day, “King Kong ain’t got s**t on the HDC3!”

  48. Andrew Goren

    i have 4 of these on 1 soundqubed 3500.1 the subs are beasts and handle great power! i wouldnt hesitate running 2-3krms on each sub. they are great quality and sound great. soundqubed 3500.1 is a excellent buy aswell. i am getting a second. soundqubed is legit the best bang for your buck! dont think about it… buy it!!! youll be happy you did

  49. Ronnie Sedita

    I Have two of the 18s with a sq2200 and these things get so loud and low its unreal. I hit a 150.7 with this setup at the last show. These subs are built to bang.

  50. ronnie yates


  51. William Loy

    this sub is every thing and more of what u hear. love it its louder than my 2 jl w0 v2 15s i could only imaging 2 of them!

  52. Blake Nelson

    I have two of these in a 12 cubic foot box tuned to 35 hz. I have them running on 2 Hifonics Brutus 2100s and they don’t even get warm. I do not go easy on these and they love the power. Only about a week old, but still very very stiff. Insane quality for the price.

  53. Chris Hurley

    I’ve got this beast running on 2500w and it handles it like a champ. It’s also sitting in a box tuned to 34 hz; it hits nice clean lows and loud mid and high tones. Absolutely love this subwoofer, would recommend it to anyone out there!

  54. Tre’ B.

    Just hooked this up today. Only running 1700w & it’s LOUD. Got a 5.5cuft box made, tuned to 35Hz, & it’s perfect. Hits the lows nicely & it sounds clear as well. Just the kind of bass I was looking to upgrade to. Love it…

  55. Austin Tucker (verified owner)

    It does great. Built a box tuned to 28hz and pushes crazy about of air at 20hz. Overall it’s built amazing. Good sound and hits hard. And I have it in a single cab!

  56. rocco blackywell (verified owner)

    i got 1 of these with a hdc3 12 in a custom box gaurenteed noise violation

  57. Jesse

    I’m really glad I gave the hdc 3 15 A shot. I had 2 kicker l7 12s and this 1 sub just embarrassed them. All the money I put into my kickers could have been better spent on soundqubed from the gate. Love this sub.

  58. Nick

    I got this about a month ago, finally after gettijg the box built and after all my car Probs, got it in and didn’t even think about how I wires it up, fried the dang coil, accident happen but wish I could get a free recone. My hdc4 18 hit really hard And had no problems with that sub

  59. Mike

    Bought a few of these subs and a lot of recones.. never once was told to run tjem on 500rms for awhile to break in before doing more power.. 1000rms clean power for 60 hours and bam rattles!! Was told to do psi recones but I am pretty over soundqubed. Will say when they do work, for that short time they do sound good.. shame they can’t hold up to the rms.. cheap coils and parts i am sure as I hear things about failing subs very often…

  60. Joshua faul

    Fast delivery . Awesome sub

  61. Michael (verified owner)

    Got it sooner than expected and sounds great

  62. Curtis

    I haven’t installed my subs yet but off first impression from unpacking these guys are built with quality in mind

  63. Joe

    i would and will buy from again bad ass sub….

  64. Shea

    If your shopping woofers and can’t decide what to run? Well if your reading this you’ve found what your looking for. These subs are not only spl but very musical and give off clean hard punchy bass,oh and did I mention SPL!!!!! I’ve been running 4 of these hdc3 15’s in a 4th order enclosure for almost a year now on 8k clamped and at shows people tap out plain and simple want loud want bandwidth want loud clean sound…stop shopping soundqubed ships so fast you won’t be waiting long. So the real question you should be asking is am I ready. these subs are beasts take power and ask for more

  65. Adam

    There amazing! All I can say, 4 hdcs3.1 15’s getting feed over 8K twistedsounds power and take it fine in a box just over 16cuft. tuned to 34Hz, in a daily set up,, the SQ is what takes the cake, if you build your front stage to keep up with them, TIGHT QUICK AND VERY ACCURATE. Thank You SOUNDQUBED for an amazing product at an amazing cost.

  66. RDB

    I purchased this HDC3 15 on 6-17-15 and am posting my review on 11-22-16. The shipping was VERY fast and was able to install this sub within a week in a box I built. The box is 3.5 cubic feet with port and sub displacement and is tuned to 35hz. Initially I drove this HDC3 with my AQ 1200.1 on factory electrical. Replaced 2 Kicker 12L5 s and this sub matched their output while not being broke in and underpowered. I thought the sub had finally broke in after about 6 months but I was wrong. After hooking this sub up to a TwistedSounds 2.8 K amplifier(dialed down due to being on factory electrical which I do not recommended doing..) I soon smelled the voice coil for a short period(the smell of new warm electronics.. not burned smell). The sub only got louder as the suspension seemed to loosen up with the new power being supplied. I would NOT THINK TWICE on the purchase of any of the HDC series subs but be warned that a single HDC3.15 will earn you a hefty noise violation citation going 50 MPH on the highway! Initially I was not willing to spend the $$ to gamble on these subs but after having burned up an MBQuart and Hifonics amp, I took the chance on the AQ1200. I have absolutely love this amplifier and the longevity of the AQ1200 convinced me to give the HDC series a try and am absolutely glad I did!. Not only does this sub get absurdly LOUD, it sounds good on country, classical, rock, hiphop, etc. SoundQubed /AQ s customer service has ALWAYS been spot on. They have always been professional and extremely helpful anytime I have contacted them for questions or advice. Bottom line Customer Service has been outstanding both subs and amplifiers have proven to be reliable and outstanding quality. Stop hesitating and take the plunge 😉 NOTE: Don t cage this beast by sealing the box with a proper ported box and power, this sub sounds awesome on anything I have played.

  67. Mitchell

    I ordered my single hdc3 15 d2 for my build and running it at 1500 rms in a 1:2 ratio 4th order and what can I say? Holy **** it’s awesome and can’t wait to move up to 3000 rms. Quality 1-10 it’s 10 no doubt. For the price the quality is amazing and no on can beat it! I plan to be sticking with soundqube and highly recommend to anyone looking for pure quality products at an incredible price!

  68. Eli

    Ordered 2 hdc315s got one that was rattling so its my responsibility to pay for shipping a sub that they shipped with a defect back to wait for another. Emailed soundqubed to return and they stopped responding. Called they said we’ll call you right back when the manager gets back in, that was last week.

  69. CBG (verified owner)

    Ran an HDS215 for a couple months and it was awesome. Upgraded to the HDC315 in a simple 3.5 cube net box with 66sq inches of port. Running it on the same power as I used with the HDS215, only about 600-1000 watts. First week: The lows were very loud, the higher bass (above 40) lacking but still loud. Felt like my HDS215 was louder. Second week: It’s breaking in. It’s louder than my hds215 and way more powerful on the lows. Can’t wait to see how much lower it’ll get once it’s fully broken in. Will be going in a bigger box with more port area and more power. Even on low power, it’s performing very well.

  70. Justin Davis

    Bad ass speakers

  71. Kade Johnson

    Works great with the 2200 or 4500. Running my 2 HDC3s with the 7k. Works great! Hiring 150DB

  72. Jason

    I have one of these hooked up to a audiopipe 1800! Inside a custom t line ported box. This thing bangs !!! I love it and very loud highly recommended.

  73. Chris Simmons (verified owner)

    I had 2 SA 15’s on a DD M1c before I purchased this HDC3 15. I hooked up one HDC 15 on a q2200 and oh my god. This one sub is just as loud as the two SA’s I had. Now I wish that I would have got the two subs and a Q4500 now.

  74. Don

    Bought the Hdc3 15 about a month agao. This is the best sub on the market. Have it in a 4th order blow through box about 10 cubes total (3sealed 7.5 ported). Hits all notes and gets really loud and low. Will be buying another soon.

  75. Jon Taccona

    I bought only one and it’s knocking really loud about the same as 2 of the old p1 12s if I had room for another in my truck that would be way overkill by still would be nice

  76. Ra Thomas

    Got rid of my SA15 and upgraded to this Monster. Retarded improvement in depth and power. Breaking it in slowly but can’t help but to turn up once a day at least. Feed it approx 1500 rms from old school mb quart dsc 1500.1 and now I have to sound deaden my roof in the truck because its flexing like the hulk when he’s angry! Props to Soundqubed from NY!

  77. Brandy

    I purchased this sub only becuase of the positive reviews and let me tell you i was not dissapointed. I only have an hs series hifonics 1500 amp pushing this one 15. Stock battery, stock alt and my big 3 is only 4 guage. This sub broke in perfectly after a week. The lows kept getting lower and lower and thats good for only a 3.5 cu ft box. Im extremely happy with my purchase and customer service is the absolute best. I highly reccomend soundqubed products. Now i just gotta get a better amp and finish my box build as well as install all these new electrical goodies the ups guy brought me.

  78. Seth Crews

    I bought this sub about a month ago installed it the day after i got it and my mind was blown. I had two skar audio 12s and this one 15 blows them both out of the water great product will be buying more.

  79. Rokle

    What is the frequency response for this sub? So I know how high to turn my lpf, this is a great slammer sub got it in my 04 grand am 4cu box tuned to 32hz I’m hitting around 128db average not burp

  80. Mr. Smith

    I have 4 of them & there beasts, I have about 4k rms on them & there barely moving because they’re so stiff & I’m still breaking them in but they’re still hitting hard, i can’t wait till I can put double the power on em

  81. Ross Pera

    I dare you to find a better sub at twice the price! High quality clean sound! Way underpriced!!!

  82. Christopher

    Great sub it bangs for your buck. Got it running on a Rockford 1500t amp at 1 ohm bridged and it is the best single woofer if ever owned A+++

  83. Jacob (verified owner)

    Bought this sub and put it on a hifonics brx1200 for break in and it already knocked my rear view mirror off! Can’t wait to see what it does on rated rms+. Very happy with this purchase.

  84. chris castiglia (verified owner)

    I have 2 hdc3 15s in a reinforced attrend bbox..running 4000 watts total.2 hifonics.brutus.brx 20001.d amps one to each sub.and these thing POUND####….oh dee retard strength in these subs..i set alarms off everywhere i go..eathshaking power..love these subs.even ordered 1 more just to have as a backup.not that ill need it.lol.soundqubed you guys blew my mind with these…thanks.

  85. Mr. Holmes

    okay, im not gonna lie, myy uncle talked me into getting these, BEST DECISION EVER!! when i unpacked these….monstrosity of a woofer…they were stiff…the stiffest sub i’ve ever purchased…now the install was simple enough,but oh my God!! these subs are in a league of their own, ive never heard louder bass for such a good price….and the cone and coil are easy to replace too!!…if your reading this…BUY THESE NOOOOW!!

  86. Garrett

    Please right accurate and articulate reviews. I have (1) HDC3 15 Atrend specific box for the 15 (Do not use an improper box!) (Buy the SOUNDQUBED amp) (1200 rms can be heard by the cops lol) (Have a professional install done) (Buy the 6.5 pro components speakers) You can make this setup sound like a movie theatre or a ghetto hood bass system, it’s up to you and how you install and tune, let professionals do it for you then get educated on your equipment and dial it in to the perfect setting.The break in period is 30 days at low volume, do not skip this process or your money will have been wasted. Call them as needed for break in process info. took a chance with SOUNDQUBED and they exceeded my expectations. I never write reviews but I was excited to write this one. IYou can get Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch BEAAST MODE with this setup. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

  87. Ali Al-Mohaishi

    I purchased this beast a year ago, hooked it up to a Hifonics brutus 2200W, and it just laughed at me. Then I hooked it up to a Q3500 in a 4Cu.Ft tuned @28Hz and it straight up destroys the lows all the way down to 20Hz, staying loud and ripping my car apart. I would Recommend this beast to anyone looking for some series bass at a good price.

  88. Pete

    Just have one HDC3 15 paired up with a PPI 7000 and man it hits hard!!! Thanks SoundQubed keep up the great work!!

  89. Daedlux

    I have 1 Hdc 3 15 in a 2Dr coupe. Powered by a SQ q1-2200.1 AMP. It flexes so hard and gets real low. I must be hitting 60 Deebeez.

  90. George elve

    I went to my first competition in a while today and kicked ass with my hdc315s. These subs just keep getting louder. I took 1st place and beat the next loudest competitor by 3db. He was running my old amp and vfl 15s so just an awesome win for soundqubed. Sq ftw. I just love mine because they love power 5k each. Never had a sub that took this much power and still stayed cool.

  91. justin fox

    I love my soundings hdc3 15 I’m so impressed on how Well this sub performs and how much more power it could handle. My plan is soon to get another one and soundqubed 4500.1

  92. Ianc Bogdan

    I’ve owned the first SQ HDC315D1 in eastern Europe,the first who got it here in Romania and it was ,without a doubt ,the best decision I’ve ever made ! I payed 440 $ to get it here ,but it was all worth the wait and the money.Fed it 2000 w RMS,he tooked it without warming.The build quality is impressive .It is just brutal on every way.

  93. Logan

    I have my HDC3 15 in a box nowhere near the size it should be in since the box I got didn’t fit in my trunk, running off about 1200 watts, which is nowhere near as much power as this sub wants, and it freaking SLAPS. If this thing sounds like this with a setup that is not ideal, I can’t wait until I get my box built and my soundqubed 2200. Any future sub/amp purchases will be made through SQ. Too bad there aren’t 6 stars.

  94. Xavier

    I order my 2 HDC15’s and got them the next day to replace my Obsidians. Have them in a 8.12^ft box at 35hz on a pure 3000.1 and they slam for not being broken in and only on maybe 2k right now. Hit the lows hard and highs also. Best sub’s I ever owned.

  95. T.I.Padgett

    Got these to replace DC Audio level 4 15s just swapped subs for the HDC315 no power change on the amps these hit so much harder and cleaner it truly is unbelievable never thought just swapping subs would make such a drastic improvement.By the way the DC level 4 are way way more expensive and side by side comparison are night and day the HDC make the level 4s look inadequate. After adjusting the gains on amps it is just crazy how loud these subs are will be one meter next weekend at spring break nationals SOUNDQUBED FOR LIFE

  96. Aarron

    Shipped and delivered fast. 1500 watts rms is highly underrated i have mine in around 1900-2000 and is loving it. Great sub

  97. Jason

    I’m running 2 hdc3 15 in 8 cubes with only 86 inches of port area (don’t laugh) and these walk all over my 2 PA mofo 15s I had. My box is tuned to 34hz and they hit low and high on a Crescendo BC2000 at .5 ohm. Can’t wait to get them in 9 cubes with a lot more port area and another Crescendo these things will be real beasts then. I would recommend these to anyone wanting a nicely built sub. I’m staying away from cheap sh** from now on.

  98. Ethan

    Ive been using cheap china made subs from AudioPipe for a long time, i don’t know where Ive been i just heard about Sound Qubed at a car audio show so i came on to the site really suprised to see the low pricing for these American made high quality subwoofers, I love my HDC3 15 slaps hard lasts long its taking 2,500watts like a champ and did i say it slaps hard? lol Best 200 bucks Ive ever spent!

  99. Nick

    I am already a owner of hdc312 and these subs are so good I decided to get a 15″. These are very good quality. Ever since I started using them I haven’t had any problems. Still breaking in can’t wait to give full power to it.

  100. jeremy belleville (verified owner)

    Well I got one of 4 of these in the mail I haven’t hooked it up yet cuz I’m in the middle of a build with the I’m putting 4 of them in my blazer so when I get them playing I’ll put up another review but there stiff as f**k and are heavy the gluing is pretty good to

  101. SCOTT NICHOLS (verified owner)

    i have 1 of these, the d2 . going to get another 1 soon. cant wait. love sq……

  102. Craig Tomczak (verified owner)

    This thing is LOUD! I did a free air test just to see what it would do, and it took a full 1,000w RMS, no problem, and had crazy excursion. Compares to subwoofers costing twice as much. Reviews are all a solid 5 stars for a good reason. Definitely recommending SQ to all my buddies!

  103. Ronnie Edge

    I have 4 of these in a ported box tuned to 35hz on a Q1-3500D.1 amp and they are stupid loud. I was able to hit 154.4 DB on rap music! The quality is awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to flex everything in there vehicle. Seriously.

  104. Jesse Herr (verified owner)

    Ive had 9 subwoofer setups in my car in the last 10 months, and i was about to get american bass HD 15s, but my sound guy said they were a knockoff of these HDC 15s. So i trust this guy bit the bullet and got a sub and amp, had him build me a box, and i gotta say about a month later i turned up the gain and i am very impressed. Very efficient design all around and it can take some abuse! Very well made for not being built in USA!

  105. anthony mcwhorter

    ive had many systems throughout the years, from kicker to rockford fosgate,to audiopipe..12’s and 15’s. nothing can compare to this subwoofer. i consider myself a car audio lover, and ive been searching for a sound, and this sub definitely gave it to me after all these years. i am truly satisfied and am especially happy that if i do ever get crazy and blow my sub, there is recone kits.. dont hesitate to spend your hard earned mony here. i am a soundqubed fan for life now and will recommend this brand to anyone i ever talk to about car audio from now on, thank you soundqubed.

  106. Travis Owens

    All I have to say is this 15 is a BEAST. If your looking at the price of this sub, trust me, you are getting your money’s worth and more out of it. I have the SQ 1200 amp pushing ONE of these bad boys.. It isn’t broke in yet, but I can already hear the potential of this 15. Not to brag, but this guy rolled up beside me with his system (sounded like 2 12’s but who knows).. Needless to say, I drowned out his system so bad, the guy drove away giving me the bird. He started it 😉 I was just enjoying my music. Thank you Soundqubed/Audioque for making awesome subs (and more) TIP: if your going to spend money on a nasty sub such as this one, put it in a box equally as awesome. Go big or go home.

  107. Jason Flick

    Got the 15″ I put mine in 4 cu ft at 35 hz. This sub plays the lows that you hear bumping from a long distance. I love it, haven’t had any problems yet. Shakes the heck out of my car too.

  108. Zac Staat

    I’m currently running this sub in competition off of an aq 3500.1d. In 4 cubes tuned to 38 hz, performs excellently in burps, and with a light finger on the gain knob, it performs well for daily driving. Clean sound, and loud as ****. Buy it. What are you doing still reading this?

  109. David Fisher

    Great Subwoofer for the price can’t beat i have it on 1200watts rms and this thing slams not even broke in yet can’t wait to see what this thing can really do

  110. johnathan

    i just got a hdc312d2 i have it on a boss onyx ndx 5500 in a ported box in my center counsel of my 96 doge ram 2500 and all i can say is OMG all my friends and anybody who has subs this on 12 hits so hard its crazy when people hear it nobody can believe its only one sub i have gone thru so many subs so many brands and hands down best bang for you buck hands down thank you soundqubed for making such a quality product i also have two batteries ran with 2 gage ofc and im abot to do the big 3 upgrade with 2 gage ofc i also have two of the 6×9 speakers on an amp as well i have the two soundqubed in the back and right now i have pioneers up front and as soon as i can and hve the money i will get two more for up front cause these thig poop all over the pioneers two thumbs up 5 stars 100% is what you get when you buy soundqubed thanks again my neighbors hate me now lol

  111. Calvin

    Made my my stomach turn and my dick get hard love it

  112. joey3000

    Built a 2.75 cuft box 4 inch port tuned to 28hz and dang… this thing is a low end MONSTER!! It hits so incredibly low I just started laughing evily. For being tuned so low it was still very tight and clean. It s being pushed via a Sundown 2000w amp and it takes every bit of it no problem. For $245 there is no way a sub for that price can compete with these, it s not even fair.

  113. Darren Patterson (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome…previously had 2 hds12 and this sub outperforms both of them not even broke in yet..only running a cab 1600.1 and cant wait to buy another hdc312 awesome job soundqubed

  114. Tanner Hudson (verified owner)

    These things are amazing!! I have 2 hdc3’s one is the old audioque and is still going strong and one is the new sq model. Running at .5 ohm at a mere 2500 watts and it’s killin the low notes. Loves the lows and hits hard Everywhere else. Just get so dang low!! Currently in a 6.4 cube box and tuned at 20 hz. These things move air. Sound great everywhere from 18 hz up to 80 hz. More power I give the harder they beat. Soundqubed figured it out. You would be a fool to try and find better quality. So look no further !! Buy soundqubed

  115. TB DD

    This HDC3 is definitely a beast! Massive motor! I have this sub wired to half ohm on a Korean board 1500.1 in a 2.13^cf box tuned to 32hz. It gets low with authority! I ve been easy on it trying to break in the suspension. This sub is super stiff out of the box. Once it s free d up I will be strapping 2 1500.1 s on this beast.

  116. William Graham

    This sub is the loudest I’ve had for a single unit to date. I’m hitting 138db and I’m still breaking it in. Have it paired with a Skar skv2 1500. About to put an older audioque 2200 to it to see what the difference is. I’m very happy for the price. Real clean, loud bass. If you’re looking at one and on the fence about it, just click the “Buy” button and you won’t be disappointed.

  117. Steven

    My new amp is coming today so I will know if it can handle the power it says .. I have it wired to 1 ohm at 800 rms n it sounds no better then my rockford p3 that was in there before it I’m sureit will pound with new amp

  118. Antonio

    Just upgraded from a hds312 and wow what a difference. Just breaking it in though.got in on 1600watts at 2ohm in 3 cubes ported ..cant wait till it loosens up a bit but so far so good. Definitely thinking of a 2nd one in the near future.

  119. Ryan smith

    Only put one of these in my little saturn running a custom 32hz box, 2400×1 class d hifonic amp and a deep cycle battery, and OH MY! I was not ready for all this! Amazing subwoofer highly recommend!

  120. Corey Houston (verified owner)

    These subs are a wonderful addition to my collection! They sound fantastic and they aren’t even broken in yet! They are big and beautiful. You will need power to move them well.

  121. Jason (verified owner)

    Awesome sub just what I won’t it. Great quality Qubed Life

  122. SHAVANO STURRUP (verified owner)

    Amazing subs is all I could say

  123. wayne Crosby (verified owner)

    Man I love this sub. I plan on getting 2 but started with just one when my audio budget went in the trash. Built a quick box made from the Soundqubed cut sheet located on SQ’s site under *Tech Support > Subwoofer Enclosure Cut Sheets*. Broke it in over night on 40hz while I waited for the box to dry. Put it on a PPI amp at about 1500w rms. LPF set to 90, subsonic set to 25, no distortion detected by the dd-1, good electrical and this thing gets loud and low. I can’t believe what I’ve been able to accomplish on my tight budget. I have friends that have 2k easily into their systems that are jelous. My only cons – – I’m trying to quit smoking but watching the smoke vibrate is hypnotizing. – The wife didn’t like listening to a 40hz tone in the living room for 24 hours. – The one sub is so nice it’s really making me take my time ordering another.

  124. Russell

    Amazing sub i regret not buying two….but damn just the one alone is very impressive. What really got me to buy the sub was the fact that the preferred box design was given. I am very happy with what i bought. ok so here’s the info on everything i have. I have a 2000 ford focus zts with a 300 amp alternator 4 gauge power wire soon to be changed to 1 ought. Amp is a Zeus 2400d wired down to 2 ohm. and like i said the amp is absolutely amazing!

  125. 4204lyfe

    Had a D1 10 wired it up .5 ohm on a 2500 only sub I couldn’t bottom / blow. Held up still works until this day! Here to order either a 12 or 15. Haven’t had the 12 yet so maybe try that.

  126. Alen

    This sub is a monster pushing 2.2k on it daily. #soundqubed #sq 2200.1

  127. Christopher

    Sounds amazing! Definitely team Soundqubed from here on out!

  128. brandon walker (verified owner)

    Had to had to order two more best subs I’ve ever purchased doing 4 in a wall on two dd m4 amps .5ohm on each one can’t wait to destroy my blazer soundqubed ftw im now a loyal lifetime customer

  129. Elio Sanchez (verified owner)

    Barely getting into car audio, had a p3 before this and i thought it was good, but the hdc3 is a beast compared to the p3! The pics dont show how massive it is

  130. Cameron Straley (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite line from soundqubed. Play nice and low and take way more than rms, just like any other soundqubed product.

  131. Adrian

    For six months I been debating whether or not to go with soundqubed because of all the good and bad things people were saying. I finally decided that despite what people were saying, I made my choice to purchase two HDC 12. The shipping was pretty fast which is always a plus. When I opened the first box I noticed that the sub did not have the holes cut out for the box. How does that happen. No big deal tho I can drill my own holes. Everything else seem to be on point. These subs are monsters. I couldn’t believe how heavy and beefy these subs where. And boy do they get down!!! By far the best sub I have ever owned. these bad boys have the best SQ I have heard out of a SPL subwoofer. I’m glad I went with Soundqubed. You guys have won my heart

  132. Philip Insixiengmay (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these subs for a 2001 Acura CL build with a custom 5 cubic ported box. Can’t wait to what they can do. Very happy with the purchase and will buy from Soundqubed again. Great customer service and fast shipping. I recommend these subs to anyone who loves be bass.

  133. Raul

    Got a regular cab Silverado. Used to have a hds212 and decided to upgrade the whole system. Went with this sub in a custom box tuned to 35hz powered off a crescendo symphony 1500. This thing hits the lows! My cab flexes all day now. Only bad thing I can say is that it’s tearing my truck apart. Soundqubed FTW!!

  134. Melvin D.

    I bought these 2 subs to replace my 2 hds312s and man am I happy! These monsters get down loud and clear! 3 weeks break in period is well worth it, cant beat the price for these.

  135. Armando gomez

    Love these speakers very loud Have two of these on a sq4500 Loving it. Build quality is amazing I am definitely converted over from other speakers I own and other amps I’ve owned

  136. Randy

    I only had it hooked up for a couple of days when I wrecked my car, so I haven’t reallly had a chance to hear it yet but soon. It’s built pretty solid and it’s heavy so it should be good

  137. matthew sanders (verified owner)

    loud and low love them sound quality is supreme and they take power all day

  138. Robert Locklear

    Purchased 2 12 inch hdc3. I constantly hear soundqubed subs do not play low. I finally got mine hooked up to my crescendo encore 4.5k at half ohm. I have a headache now. Maybe people are putting them in the wrong box. I don’t know. Maybe they have crappy amps. I don’t know. I have mine in a 4.5 cubic foot box tuned to 32 in a hatch. If anyone needs help on a box go to 12volt.com. To sum it up these woofers slam and I couldn’t be happier. And they aren’t broken in yet.

  139. Corday

    Words can’t explain how loud this sub is…. I have one 12 now with a ported box built for the sub specs on a Memphis 1500 Rms and it hits harder and louder then the two 12s I had in it before I bought this one…..I plan on getting another one these subs and getting the 4500.1 to push them…. I’m very happy with this sub….its deep and loud…..who ever wants to get this sub don’t waste your time thinking if you wanna get it or not just get it cause it’s worth the money

  140. christian

    I got a 145 out of 1 of these 12s in my trunk, loudest 12 I’ve heard I ran 1 sq hdc3 12 on a hifonics brx 2000.1d with a 320 amp mechman alternator and a kinetik hc2000, all 0 gauge big 3 and front to back, box was roughly 2.8 cubes after displacement, 5 inch L port 15 inches long, 42 hz it peaked at, long story short thumbs up to soundqubed, buy this woofer it is well worth it

  141. michael callender (verified owner)

    I have been in car audio for over 20 years now and have used almost every brand, from old school soundstream to Precision power art, JL audio, KICKER, Old school Orion, Kenwood etc. This SUBWOOFER for the money is by FAR better than any mainstream subwoofer. This one 12 inch sounds like two JL 12s easily. Destroys the Kicker COMP Rs I had running before. I matched this one sub in a custom enclosure with a Soundstream 1500 watt RMS amp, and it doesnt break a sweat. It is so clean, it rattles every bone in your body and the key here is it is CLEAN. Also not power hungry at all, compared to the Kicker and JL subs. Stock alternator, high quality battery, but no problem eats up 1500 watts and loves it. This is the most impressed I have ever been in a car audio product in my life. I havent had it long, so will see about durability, but from what I can see so far, not much would beat this for the price. Hell of a job soundqubed for life now.

  142. Bray

    These subs are extremely underrated. They can take much more than what the recommended power is. The are the most clear subs I have ever owned. These things come super stiff are extremely loud out of the box, but every day I can hear them getting louder and louder.

  143. David Thomas

    Just picked up a pair of these. They are beasts. Put them in 5.4 cubic feet tuned to 36HZ. It hits hard. Even with the tuning a little higher than I normally do it CRUSHES the lows. I am feeding them 3200RMS but I am sure they could take more.

  144. Christian

    This sub is amazing. Hits the lows great and still has great quality. Can’t beat it for the price

  145. Jimmy Riley

    I put in my hdc312d2 little over a week ago got it wired to 1 ohm on 1500 watts and it slams I do alot of driving so alot of booming to everyday gets louder still a long time breaking in to do but love it got it in 2.5 cube box in a dodge dart turns it into a tin can lol. This suspension is wicked stiff when the sub arrives but stating to loosen. The direct connection leads are awesome as well of no extra cost IT dose make a difference. Iv had many subs range from $30 to $600 and I got to say this Soundqubed is the BEST Bang for your Buck!! For $239 sale and $279 and performance of a $600 subwoofer in my opinion! Plan to buy more for my vehicles also great Soundqubed decal for Ur Windows. If Ur debating on SQ subs like I was for a long wile get some u won’t be disappointed!

  146. Jimmyboi (verified owner)

    Im really not much into 12s. I love 18s an 15s for really low bass. but eventually want to run 6 of these on like 12-15K. well I built a tube ported fiberglass box that ended up like 6.6 cu. ft. net an hit lows great but not super loud. so few days ago I built a smaller 4.75 cu. ft. seems to be around 42 hz. an it can make ur nose feel wobbly like in back of 01 Tahoe on Skar Sk 4500. I highly recommend these or any soundqubed subwoofers for hard loud great sounding BASS!! I own pair of hds3 12s also.

  147. Mike S. (verified owner)

    These have got to be the best sounding subs I’ve ever used, bar none! Especially for the price, its unbelievable! I still can’t believe what you get for the price of these things. The build quality of these drivers is great, they’re heavy and you can just see all the attention to detail in the stitching and wiring. I’ve been running just one HDC3.0 12″ for a while, on an underpowered amp with a box that’s too small. Still sounded better than the two 12″ Kicker CompVRs I was running previously. I decided it was time to quit playing around, and get serious. I pulled the trigger on a second HDC3.0 12″ , along with a large 5.0 cubic foot dual 12″ box port tuned at 34hz, and a new Hifonics Brutus BRX3016.1D amplifier. This is all in a 2011 Crown Victoria LX. I’ve got the trunk and deck sound deadened, along with a Pioneer touchscreen head unit, Infinity coaxial interior speakers, and an AudioControl OverDrive Plus line driver. I suspect once I get the system all installed and dialed in, I’ll be banging the loudest system in my neighborhood….LOL. Soundqubed FTW….the MF WIN!!!!!!

  148. Wilson Hicks

    I have one hdc3 12 dual 1 wired to half ohm on a Q1-2200. I haven’t even broke the sub in or turned my amp up and this system slams harder than any others I’ve ever had. You can’t beat the value that you get with soundqubed. SQ FTW.

  149. Michael Viau

    These are the loudest speakers for the price.got 2 and paired them with an soundqubed 2200w mono amp and they are amazing,but they are so loud they will rattle everything so I suggest buying their amateur which fixes the entire rattling and makes them sound even louder

  150. Carl Clifford (verified owner)

    I bought air of D1’s at the beginning of March. I just got them in my car yesterday. Running them with a soundstream rub1.2500 at 4ohms. Clamped pushing 1054 rms or so in an Atrends box. These things move some serious air and I haven’t even scratched the surface or broke the subs in. I have another rub2500 and will be running them strapped with 4 kinetic hc2000’s and an Orion xtr4r crossover. (Switching to 2 orion xtr2500’s when readily available). 3400rms will put these things through their paces. These destroy my phoenix gold Ti elite 12’s. A must buy for bass heads at an awesome price point. Keep it up SQ and u may be shipping 2 4.0’s next yr.

  151. Duckets (verified owner)

    Got a single d2. Built a bulletproof 2.5 ft net enclosure tuned to 36 hz, 40 sq in. of port area. Powered by an old school Cadence Ultrashock 1200 watts@ 1 ohm wired parallel. For the money best 12 I’ve ever heard. Not even broken in yet. Been doing this 20+ years…this thing is shit nasty.

  152. jacob m

    I bought 2 of these for a customer who wanted to stand out. I built him a very efficent 6th order and put them on a hifonics 2400 brutus and wow. these are air movers and not even broken in! im sure once they are broke in they wil be able to hairtrick and thats from a trunk. for being so massive they are very musical which also has alot to do with enclosure but none the less I love em.

  153. Manuel Montanez (verified owner)

    Got this sub about two weeks ago and it just gets lower and louder every day got it on my digital designs m1c amp birth sheet says 1,824@1ohm I been a audio addict for about 8 years been threw JLaudio alpine type r 15s,kicker L7s,,re audio se pro series, sundown audio sa series and a few others. Every brand that I named I always had 2 subs this is my 1st time getting a single sub and it is amazingly loud deep and just hard hitting chest and throat shaking bass with alot of power.i thought this dd amp would blow this sub like my re subs and my sundown subs this sub don’t distort get hot or smell on a single 12!! so I know I need a bigger amp best sub I owned and I’m down and only gonna bump soundqubed now..

  154. Michael Simmons (verified owner)

    Gonna make this short and sweet but after getting these subwoofers hooked up, it was worth every penny hands down. Outstanding piece of car audio Soundqubed is able to provide!!

  155. Xavier Foreman

    I ordered two of these subwoofers and let me tell you I don’t regret getting them I have them in a trunk wall build tuned to 27hz……..I know what you’re thinking that’s low but they can play lower than that they also can handle lots of power even more than the max wattage and you get these subwoofers at about half the price of the next top brand name subwoofers and you get free FedEx shipping it usually takes 3 to 5 days to arrive after being purchased GREAT PRODUCT AND OVERALL GREAT COMPANY SOUNDQUBED FTW!!!

  156. brent

    So after looking at these and reading reviews on them for almost 3 years, I decided to give them a try. I’ve read alot of people saying that these woofers didn’t like to play low, and after having them, it’s all about how you set them up. My trunk build right now peaks at 30hz, these hdc’s are killing everything from 26-34. Even with porting not being right for them. Can’t wait to rebuild and see how they do. These are very very solid woofers With an outstanding price. When I received mine I was shocked at what I got for 280$ a piece. Build quality is awesome! If you have the space for these, you can’t go wrong.

  157. Pippin Lasswell

    I use to run Fosgates and I was all alone. The I heard about SoundQubed subs and amps. 4 HDC3 12’s later I am beating the woman off with a stick! Now I am breaking windows and hearts with my HDC3’s. Thanks SoundQubed!

  158. JD Gilmer

    Amazing sub!!! It’s in my s10 in a 6th order bandpass first chamber is 2.1ft^3 tuned to 58hz firing into the front chamber that 3ft^3 tuned to 33hz. I have it on a hifonics Brutus 2200.1 at 1ohm on 0ga electrical. Right now on stock battery and alt but upgraded those soon. But this is the best and loudest sub I owned yet. Definitely gettin three more next year for a wall build. Recommend to anyone and Zach knows my buddy Brandon Henley really well which is a big plus!! Thanks for the great quality and price soundqubed!!! Soundqubed FTMFW!!!

  159. Darien

    Honestly, if you have the money and time to do all the work of wiring, building a box, and hooking up these woofers, BUY THEM. It cost me around $1200 to get everything i needed for this upgrade so my car would function properly due to the large power demand, but THESE THINGS TURN HEADS ON THE HIGHWAY!!! Do yourself a favor and buy a pair of these.

  160. Cody Hubbard

    I bought this subwoofer with high hopes and had it powered off of an AQ1200…and it hit pretty well and everyone was impressed. I now got the newer SQ Q1-1200 which is the same thing different name, and strapped them to one HDC3…WOW This thing is ripping my car apart, make sure you have great electrical for this thing because this sub is POWER HUNGRY!!! 5 stars all the way

  161. Mark Dzamko (verified owner)

    Finally got my hdc3-12s hooked up for couple months now and man these things are loud and reasonably low. They are getting pushed from a aq2200d. I am happy with it all now I just need to install the q-mat it got today.

  162. Thomas Royea (verified owner)

    All I have to say is holy crap! These beasts are AMAZING! running two of these on an AQ 3500.1 and just rips my truck apart. Best products I’ve ever ran.

  163. dalton

    Best sub I’ve ever owned. This thing at half power hits harder than my rock fords I had. I love everything about this sub. Flex is amazing the lows jus make your smile from ear to ear. Buy this you will not regret it.

  164. Chad

    When I ordered this Woofer I don’t think I realized what i was getting myself into…. My 2200.1 is coming soon. A complete electrical upgrade is necessary If you want to wake this thing up.

  165. Taylor Smith (verified owner)

    For quite some time I had been shopping for the perfect setup. I bought one of these because for the price, there isnt much out there to compete. I have had so many variations and setups over my years and nothing, not two 15s, 3 12s or anything I have ever had hit as hard as this sub. Apparently, it can handle much, much more. I have mine on 1 q1-2200d and it destroyed my ported box I had built for it. I think the guys might have underestimated this monster. I cant imagine adding another q1-2200d to this beast, it would be absolutely savage. If you are looking for a sub that does not hit, it kicks like a bucking bull, this is your sub. It gets lower than the two 15s I had. It is such a powerful sub I love it!

  166. Mike

    purchased 2 of these to replace Alpine Type R, running at 700 clamped RMS. raised SPL from 136.2 to 142.8DB sounds great

  167. Jonathan Stubbs

    First off put this beast in a 2.6 Cu.Ft. Ported Box. Then ran the 10gauge into a crap Pyle Pla2988 which said 6000 watts. Only to find out it RMS’s at like 500Watts. I then swapped it with a Hifonics Brutus Brx1600.1d And damn this thing is crazy! It rattles and shakes my whole car. I have to dynamat because this thing is a beast! 5 Stars SoundQubed. Ill be back to get another someday!

  168. rob adams

    I have two hdc3 in a 4th orderbandpass box tuned to 45 hz. Men can play low and loud. I like the way they sound. Thinks soundque for making great subs for a great price.

  169. Troy Cullen

    Purchased 2 dual 1ohms, have them seriesed to a final 1 ohm on a Hifonics BRE2100.1d. Box is 4.0 cu. @ 36hz. After a few weeks of break in these babies just got better, and better. My amp is no match for these subs, as I upgraded from type r’s that were starting to smell with my Brutus. They need more power, and these are not just spl. The sq is far more than expected. I plan on upgrading to the SQ3500 when funds allow but you will definately enjoy every bit of these subs. Thanks SQ for making my ride sound completely amazing!!!!

  170. Denis Dulac

    I buy a HDC312 on this site about 6 month ago. I pay 211$ for the sub on a 15% sale. soundqubed put a value of 389$ on my package so I pay the full brokage of 105 $ to UPS. something go wrong with the shipping department, never buy again for sure. put a 2 star because the product is good, but the service is crappy

  171. thomas barbour

    I ordered some of these yesterday and I accidentally chose d2 Impendance on accident and I need to change that to d1 but they won’t answer the phone however they are good about emailing so I sent one regarding this issue since it is still being proccesed so wish me luck and can’t wait to order my amp from here so I don’t want to lose another 100 bucks for shipping

  172. chris dunlap

    I have 1 of these hdc3 12″in copper coil D1. It is in around a 3 cubic ft box tuned to 38hz. I have 3000watts running to mine it slams in my 97 pathfinder i can bounce a full pack of cigs 5″ off my roof. My windsheild flexs along with my wipers. The bass is deep and clear beats harder than any single 12 iv ever heard. Also it comes at a great price what more can u ask in a sub? Clarity, loud deep bass, and cheap. Will always be a sound qubed customer. This sub gets 5done stars and two thumbs up from this basshead.

  173. Jamie Goldsbury

    I have the copper coil for now, I compete a lot. I got the 2200d to go with the d2 configuration. This gets crazy loud. I have it in a box 2.5ft tuned to 49hz for comps and 35hz for daily. Sealed on the dash did a 144.3. Usaci style did a 146.7. This is from a single 12″ sub with zero clipping. Red light doesn’t even blink once, so there is more to go. For the money these are probably the best value money can buy when you consider what other top end subwoofers cost and this sub competes and beats them at shows!!

  174. Larry Parks Jr

    Originally i bought the HDC312 and built a 2.2 cu ft box tuned to 35 hertz, powered by a pr1.1000. on this setup it was dominating other systems with 2 12’s! now i’m running an aq2200d to it and it’s astonishing with the sound clarity and quality. cant wait to get my second one! Amazing sub, you will not be displeased!

  175. Jorge

    I’ve been using these subs over a year now, I have made people with multiple subs feel ashame when my single 12 dominates there setup. I down graded down to one sub, these are amazing. Running it at 4 ohm on a Hifonics colossus with dual 100hr batts. The best sub I have owned.

  176. John DB

    I bought this single 12 inch about 4 months ago, ran it in a 1.5 cu.ft enclosure with dual 4 inch ports 11 inch long, it was tuned to high (56 Hz) and it didn’t play low notes very well, I got it on termlab and it did 134. I should have listened to the Tech section of the SQ/AQ site, made the box 2.1 cu ft and changed the dual 4 inch ports to 19 inch length, it just did a 140.74 db at 43 Hz, which happens to be the Fs of the sub. Plays loud and low, people cannot believe I am just running a single 12″ till they look in the trunk !

  177. Max Ruth

    This sub is absolutely great. I put it in a 2.5 cubic box tuned to 36 hz that I made and hooked it up to my hifonics HFI2000d. It’s wired at 1 ohm so it is getting around 1800 watts. It sounds great and is very loud. It is about as loud as my friends set up with 2 JLW612 off of a JL1000/1. I think it is a great sub, I’ve had zero issues with it and I plan to buy another very soon.

  178. Amjad

    Woofer 2

  179. Kaleb

    Just received the woofer. Quality looks great as always with soundqubed products. But there are missing specs on the spec sheet that are somewhat important for box designing software. Mms, Re, Sd, BL, and Cms. Other than That minor thing the speaker looks great and is of way higher quality for the price than other companies.

  180. Kyle Webster (verified owner)

    I downsized from HDC3-15 to this HDC3.1-10 to get some room back in my vehicle. I miss the 15, but this 10 is no joke. If you want a beefy 10 you can throw some power at this is for you. I ran the 15 and now this 10 at 2k clean watts. My buddies are impressed with it, and now want ‘Diddy Kong’ in their trunks.

  181. herb portillo

    I’m in love with the pair of these 10’s. really happy with choosing these don’t regret it at all. the only thing i wish i would of changed is getting them at 1 ohm , got them at 2 ohms even still they sound amazing.

  182. Jonathan Aselage (verified owner)

    Awesome sub! Great quality, and really hits for a 10. I have just 1, but it blows away most sets of 12s. Highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to really bang on a budget!

  183. Greg

    Hdc3 single 10-inch subwoofer amazing crisp powerful Bass

  184. Decorious Bias (verified owner)

    This sub is a down right monster I was running two twelves but I decided to down size cause I have a civic and needed the space but this is purely amazing I’m runnng it on a q 2200 amp it’s ridiculous it’s just as loud as my two 12s if not louder I was running 2 sundown 12s sa definitely getting another I’m all soundqubed

  185. Tyler

    They are everything i could have asked for. They are working great no problems.

  186. Colby Warner (verified owner)

    I had 2 HDC3 18s in a 6th order in my 04 Wrangler, completely shattered the windshield. Now I have a truck and I can’t get away from soubdqubed. I love the hdc line, I’ll most likely never go with another brand again. Slams like no other, best bang for the buck that’s for sure. I’ll be doing 8 of these here in the next couple of months. @taco-wagon07

  187. John

    These bastards are legit! I couldn’t get over how freaking heavy these subs are

  188. Randy T

    Great company and shipped fast! This speaker is replacing a dd 500 series and omg this speaker is the bomb!

  189. Eric

    Just got the hdc3 10 inch 1 ohm running off a Kenwood 1800 watt amp build a box 2.5 cubic ft tuned to 32hz No big 3 upgrade stock battery and altinator and let me tell u this 10 inch slams fucking hard seems like my Bak window going broke I had 3 – hds208 in ported box and they where loud as fuck U must buy these sub they are worth it and cheaper den other top of lines subs and slam way harder then them all

  190. Brent

    First impression this sub is massive. Right now I have it on 1200 watts rms for break in. Holy cow this thing rattles my fillings. I cannot wait to get it on a SQ 2200. Next on my list will be some SQ components.

  191. Darrin

    My stitching was green 🙂

  192. Jared

    0 complaints, if your thinking about buying this sub you shouldnt be, it should already be on its way to your house. Very satisfied and I still have yet to break it in and feed it some more power, we’ll done, I will be buying more sq products for sure

  193. Cody Hubbard (verified owner)

    I’ll go ahead and share my box specs. I had this in my S10 ext cab behind the seat. Metered a 142 at 25hz, and a 144 at 45hz on a 2200 at half ohm. Box is a series tuned 6th order. Rear chamber, 1 cube, 10 inches of port, tuned to 27hz Front chamber, 2.5 cubes, 46 inches of port, tuned to 54hz. Sounds amazing for a single 10. Sub refuses to get hot too. Highly recommend this sub. Any questions message me on my facebook page Hubdawg Enclosures.

  194. Blaine

    The subwoofers are very nice quality an very beefy pictures don’t give much justice. When I first played them I was a little let down from the amount of out I was getting from two of these on 2600 watts. The suspension was so stiff but now I’ve played for a few weeks an they have plenty of out put an dig very low. An I can still hardly push down the suspension there very stiff an love power. I would highly recommend.

  195. Stetson

    It has been over a year since I purchased my dual HDC3.110 and made a box that runs 3.5 cubic inches with a Kicker ZX2500.1 at a 2 ohm load holding 14.4v and I hit 143.5 db for my first db race. I will say that there are no other tens like these. I will never sell my HDC3.110 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. Peyton

    This thing is nasty! On 689 watts its flexing my light bar, inverted in a 1.5cu box! Can’t wait to get another one and power them@1500

  197. Rikefe

    Awesome subs, hitting hard. HDC3110 is one bad mother $#!%

  198. Jake

    Soundqubed has definitely met and exceeded my expectations so far. Customer service was great; the order was processed and shipped promptly. This sub showed up in a sufficiently padded box, and the sub is quality product. I built a slot port box with 1.6 cubic feet internal air space, with the port tuned to 32 hz. Running 1200 watts to it, though I haven’t tried to turn it up all the way. It sounds very clean and hits hard. This single HDC3.110 in my GTI money. Continually get compliments on it, and I continue to spread the word on Soundqubed. I’ll surely purchase more from this company.

  199. William

    I love this sub, product is great this thing slams. I just wish I didn’t have cancer right because I can’t purchase my second one to complete my system. I love soundqubed just ready for a second sub so I can uncover the hole in my box. I LOVE SOUNDQUBED. Thank you for making disease more tolerable.

  200. Gary W.

    After a few weeks of research I decided on this power/price point based mainly on word of mouth in the car audio community. Direct leads was another major selling point. I emailed SQ for some specs and recommended enclosure sizes. They were fantastic. The woofer now lives in a bass reflex box of 1.5 cubes after displacement tuned to 35hz. After 3 weeks of gentle use I have started playing it loud. I replaced two Sundown 8’s and this monster puts them to shame. It plays lower and with authority. I’m feeding it whatever an SCV-1500 can give it @ 14.8v from a Singer alt. Probably closer to 2k than 1500. I am thrilled with the performance and I am genuinely concerned for the interior of my truck. This is one hell of a sub.

  201. Greg

    Still breaking in my 2 HDD 3.110 subs, but they sound super clean and hit nice. I have them underpowered on a crappy hifonics amp but once I get my alternator installed I will be upgrading to a SQ amp. Im very happy with these bad boys.

  202. Shawn

    I bought one to try it out. After 3 weeks of breaking it in I applied more power. Needless to say, it was awesome. Hitting way lower than a normal sub. Great sub!!!

  203. Shea

    Like they say the quality and durability of soundqubed products are far superior in technology and quality than anything else priced even close in the market. From quality of new products all the way to their recone assembly’s (for the ones who play rough like me) soundqubed is the way to go. 2 hdc3 10’s 4K ear plugs needed for most

  204. Kirk

    This sub is the best sub I have ever owned with just 600watts breaking in it sounds amazing and sounds like a 12 or 12s thing kills lowsssss

  205. geoffrey

    These subs get really low. I love the amazing sound quality the produce. Move A LOT of air. If you want a sub that gives and does it all, this is it.

  206. Chris

    This sub has been put through hell with a 2200.1d at 1 ohm and it still seems to want more power. It slams!!!! Just like others say I always get people saying wow what do you have 2 12’s? Lol and in just a 1.5 cubic ft box I have room to spare. This review as all the others just give no justice. BUY THE SUB! You will NOT regret it. And not only is the sub great the customer service is impeccable ! I will only be purchasing soundqubed products from now on. If anybody needs a demo in Knoxville tn hit me up! Lol

  207. Curtis

    This thing is a monster. I only have 1200 watts running to it at 1 OHM in a 1.5 cube box and it sounds like at least a pair of 12’s in my FJ Cruiser.

  208. William Lewis (verified owner)

    Have yet to install my hdc3 10s, but I must say that the customer service that I have already enjoyed is impeccable. Every email that I sent was responded to in about 20 minutes. Ordered them over the weekend, they shipped Monday morning, and I got them this morning. I am looking forward to enjoying these beast, and will be posting another review. Which I am absolutely sure will be nothing but positive. Thank you, soumdqubed.

  209. Miles W

    My first system was two Kicker Comp 12’s, combined for 300W RMS, in a 4.5 cu. ft ported enclosure tuned to 33 hz. I ran them on a 350W rms Alpine amp. It hit really hard but took up my entire trunk in my hatchback. So I decided to downsize, but I definitely did not downgrade. I made a 1.5 cu ft enclosure tuned to 35 hz, and it does not disappoint. Coupled with a Rockford Fosgate R1200.1D, this HDC3 is so solid, it blows my two 12’s out of the water. I was bumping through the streets of Los Angeles and seemingly everyone’s heads were turning to see where the bass was coming from. The sound is so clear and crisp, yet it hits the lows very hard. You cannot go wrong with one of these things. By the way, the magnet looks way bigger in real life than in these pictures. This sub means business!

  210. Mike Bruneel

    I’m running 2hdc3 10s on a Sq 2200.2 monoblock amp in a 3 qubic foot vented box. I can’t believe how long these baby’s get. I was skeptical about going with 10s instead of 12s. But do to lack of space in my single cab truck I decided to go with the 10s. I couldn’t be happier. My amp is only up half way and these puppy’s bang. All my coworkers are running 2 12s and they can’t touch the lows of these 10s. Amazing job soundqubed. Thank you.

  211. Jared Smith (verified owner)

    I have had this sub for over a month and it still hits great! Thank you SQ.

  212. Nick Goblirsch (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these thinking i would try the brand and if i like it be back for a pair of the HDC4 12″‘s …. well… i just purchased a second hdc3 10″ because there are no words to describe how amazing this sub is. My friends all tell me i’ve lost my mind because they say that the one i have hits too hard… naturally if one is too much i must have two! The only sub system i’ve ever heard that was louder (aside from my best friends system, also soundqubed) cost him almost three times the price of two of these and the matching amp and could never fit in anything but an SUV.. If you are on the fence, get off. you won’t find a better subwoofer for twice this price. p.s. their amps are just as amazing as their subs.

  213. david long (verified owner)

    only wish I had 10 more and another 3500.1!!!!!

  214. Jamie

    Been more than a year and I still get people to think I have 2 12’2 or 15’s. Just one of these in the right box will do any sane person good. I have a second one but don’t see the need so it is being kept for backup.

  215. Taylor H (verified owner)

    Been a long time DD user and Im very impressed with this sub. #Badass

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