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Have an HDC3.1 that you need to repair? Whether purchased directly from us or someone else this will get the job done. These recone kits fit V8-Style baskets only.

*If you have an older HDC3 with a 8-spoke basket, you will need to upgrade to the V8-Style frame.

Recone Kits come with:
• 4 Layer D1 and D2 Copper Coils Only
• Cone and spider assembly come separate for easier install
• Mylar Spacers
• Application sticks
• String
• Outer dust cap
• Fits V8 Style Frames (18 uses 8-Spoke frame)
• Built to Order(6-12 business day lead time)

Listing is for KIT only – Kits carry no warranty no returns

16 reviews for HDC3.1 Series Recone Kits

  1. Grouper0614 (verified owner)

    Felt like a Pro when i was done!! Was a little nervous at first….Neil Boswell assured me its not that difficult. 45 minutes later and i have a brand new 10″ monster sub to enjoy. Quality materials….all the support you can need. SQ for the win!!

  2. Adamboy245

    you guys are great I love to service I love the product can’t wait for them to come out with a 21 I’m definitely going to be in the market to buy

  3. Adamboy245

    Do you guys are great I love to service I love the product can’t wait for them to come out with a 21 I’m definitely going to be in the market to buy

  4. Dustin Green (verified owner)

    Great quality quick shipping and worked amazing thanks

  5. Zach mcsloy

    HDC3 cone kit, was easy to repair sounds like new after some break in time.

  6. Coffey

    Best customer service/support Fast shipping #beatingitup

  7. Elio

    Reconing my 12 was made simple with this recone, it took around 2 weeks for me to get it, which is win for me :D. The 2oz ca glue was more than enough, didnt use bolts since the ca is stupid strong i havent bought much from sq, but this was a great brand to start off with and stick with to get super loud!

  8. Travis

    I have purchased 2 of these recones, a basket and gasket. I used them to recone a woofer I blunt blown and then to build an 18 from a motor. These recones are super easy to assemble and come with everything you need (obviously excluding clips or clothes pins for surround and glue) to assemble your subs. Customer service helped out majority considering I have older hdc motors and not the hdc3.1s. Would recommend these to anyone who wants to recone their woofer or build their hdc into a different size!

  9. Andrew D

    Ordered it and was nervous as heck. Watched a ton of videos including soundqubeds. Turned out great other than the holes for mounting did not line up. I figure that’s my fault. I would recommend getting their glue. I didn’t and instantly regretted it.

  10. Joshua

    So easy to rebuild. Effing awesome subs

  11. Ken

    If your worried about reconing your sub, don’t be. It was pretty easy and everything you need except a couple tools is with the Recone kits sold here. I cooked a 12″ sub after only just braking it in, I guess 6000 watts to a 4000 watt sub it a bit too much. Ordered the Recone kit and installed it the same day it came in the mail. Now back up and running like new, like nothing ever went wrong. The people at soundqubed can help with any questions to, helping you tune your amp so you don’t need to keep buying recone kits.

  12. Ben

    I purchased two recone kits dual 1 ohm hdc3.113 I love sq products and have reconed these woofers twice always pleased with the results. The only issues concerns with these kits is the new “two part” cone then coil assembly. These was a hassle the cuts made in the cone assembly to match up with the lead wires on coil assembly were off by a 1/4″ making the cone assembly not line up with the factory placement of the mounting holes on the basket. The cone just didn’t seat well weigh coil assembly making some adjustments to placement of cut spots on come assembly I was able to make it work but I didn’t enjoy the extra step. The first reconed I purchased came already factory glue together in one peice making it so much easier to drop in place shim coil and glue down. The extra step is said to be done for “easier installation. I found this to be the opposite. Gluing string around the coil assembly and cone was messy creating another step to make mistakes on the final appearance. But it is manageable. Love the subs once completed though. Very stiff and clean parts. Just give adequate time to “break-in” your new reconed or you’ll be buying more parts real soon! Hope this helps. Thanks

  13. John Cole

    Awesome build quality, instructions were fairly easy to follow, comes with everything you need except glue but you can add that. Overall good product.

  14. Chris

    First recone ever ….It was nerve racking but easy and fun to do..really happy with the end result

  15. Thomas

    Amazing product came in a timely fashion fit in the motor and basket perfectly was my first time reconing and turned out great have directions in the kit with it which help out. So for anyone first time recone it’s not as bad as you think and sq has nothing but good quality products

  16. Phillip Hitchcock (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these Recone kits from SQ and they were just as described. The kit came with everything that I needed to get the job done right. I had a question during the recone process and called SQ, spoke with Zach and he answered my questions with a high level of professionalism and knowledge. I would recommend this product to anyone who has the HDC3 that needs to be repaired. The lead time was spot on for shipping, and the excellent craftsmanship that went into building these kits were superb. I have no regrets in making this purchase and doing the work myself. I have the subs playing again and they whoop the snot out of my ford fusion. Bottom line great company, great communication, superior service. Keep up the great work SQ.

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