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184 reviews for HDS2.1 Series Selection

  1. erik hall

    absolute monsters! have 4 hds2.108s on 3k in my extended cab k1500. wired .5 ohm on my ppi ice7000.1d and am totally blown away with this setup. gonna get 4 more and wall it i think.

  2. Pedro Sierra (verified owner)

    I’ve been installing systems for over 25 yrs now, I’ve pretty much owned very brand from Pioneer, Kenwood, rockford fosgate, cerwin vegas, jl audio, Alpine and many more. I Just bought and installed 2 HDS208 in my 62 Impala, i am blown away on how low and hard these sub’s could hit depending on the setting. i am now a big fan of Soundqubed. keep up the good work!

  3. Derek Ford (verified owner)

    Awesome subwoofer, happy owner of two 12″ hds2.1 ran off my fosgate punch 1000.1. They absolutely slam and sound good doing it too. I will probably step up to the next level subwoofers at some point so I can use that fosgate for it’s true power. For the price though it’s really hard to beat these speakers.

  4. shaunn.flannery (verified owner)

    I had 2 hds2.1 12s in one of my old cars that I bought used and even with damage to the surrounds and other sections of the speaker still sounded great so here I am buying 2 more for my new car just built the box last night just waiting for the subs to arrive at my door for install

  5. JesAsh

    Got 2 of the 15s on an old school Memphis 1500D and I am more than pleased with the results.No regrets!

  6. Big Shad (verified owner)

    Got 4 of these 12’s in a 8.5 cubic ft oak box tuned to 35hz/10” aero port on a s1-2250 and boy do these babies hit! My magnum is flexing hard now! Interior pieces are starting to tear up or break which makes me a very satisfied customer lol. Will probably be upgrading to the hds3 12’s and another s1-2250 very soon ! SQ FTW

  7. gavinleemcclure (verified owner)

    still breaking them in but im happy got 2 hds2.1 12 matched perfectly with the soundqubed 1250. ready to finish this car and start my next project!

  8. Quarters (verified owner)

    Okay, so I bought the SQ Q1200 with Two of these 12s along with building my own box that Soundqubed has on their website. These bitches fucking hit. Once I learned how to set the gains properly, holy fucking shit I couldn’t believe the quality for this price.
    It’s only a matter of time till I go for for HDX3s I heard about On FB!
    Thank you SQ!

  9. kevin.driskell (verified owner)

    I have 4 hds2.1 8” in a ported under seat box on a S1-2250. I’m still breaking them in but I’m more than pleased with them. Definitely recommend them!

  10. Matt V

    I have the hds2.1 10″ in the recommended box on this site.

    I’m not super happy with it. On rap stuff it’s really good. It sounds better with a blanket over the box though. This is in an extended cab pickup.

    On anything other than rap, it’s a disappointment for me. I’m honestly not sure if it’s the sub or the recommended box (the a-trend one that used to be featured on here), but I was MUCH happier with my cheap junk re audio SEx.

    I’m going to do some more work before I give up. If all I listened to was rap ( Ritz, tech9 etc) I’d be ecstatic.

  11. Tim S (verified owner)

    Replaced 2 RF P3 10’s with one of these in my ’68 Fury…Insane. They hit at least twice as hard as the Fosgates. Running on an Audiopipe 2000W @ 1ohm. I have never seen an all steel(real solid steel, not the crap cars are built with today) flex like it does with this sub. They even give you plans for a tuned box. Best subs out right now as far as bang for your buck. Keep up the great work guys, I will be adding more to fill my trunk (which fits 4 dead hookers and a fullsize spare tire).

  12. Zachary Andersen

    These are very hard hitting, low resonating, and definitely very loud subwoofers. I would recommend this for an affordable yet high quality subwoofer. 10/10

  13. Sean Temple (verified owner)

    I got my sub yesterday I’m taking it easy for break in but it still bumps hard! Breaking in on 300w less than half way up. Very fast delivery exceptional customer service and the best workmanship u can get for 115! Worth 250+ easily! I’ll do another review after break in. SQ FTW!

  14. Daniel Collins (verified owner)

    I put this HDS 200 15 in a sealed box 1.5 net cubic ft, 3/4″ mdf all around with 1″ in the front. Pushing it with a 600 watt kicker amp. I”m only on an 8 gauge power cable right now and I need 4awg to get this amps full power. So I estimate that it”s only seeing about 300w RMS and it sounds incredible. Hits every note between 20 and 90hz very loud and clean. Excellent transient response, very musical. Very satisfied. Can”t wait to hear how it will sound after the break in period and when I hook up 4 gauge wiring to my amp, allowing it to get the full 600 watts. With any other brand youd have to spend at least twice as much to get sound this great. Customer service was also very helpful. Highly recommend.

  15. Chase (verified owner)

    Just ordered a pair of the duel 2s and they called me to make sure I mentioned to get the duel 2s before they finished the order !! Definitely coming to soundqubed for my future sound qubed needs

  16. Cody Stevens

    I went against recc. because im a rebel and ive owned every driver besides the c4. they love big boxes and big ports. every series is that of the same. I did 2.0 sealed per 15 and they play from 25-53 peaking around 37-40 . these are not built to slam lows however they will preform as the BOX ALLOWS it to. if you have any issues with this subwoofer not preforming to your liking it is a huge factor in your system. box is 90% sub and power are the other 10%

  17. Travis

    I did a lot of research on subs before i decided on soundqubed. Im super glad i did!! I have the hds200 series on a 2000 watt hifonics brutus in a 8 cu. Ft box tuned at 30 hz. The amp is a little more than half way and these subs BANG so hard i love these subs. The deep bass just rolls perfectly! I couldnt be happier!! They get real low and i love that. They are really great quality and performance for the price!! Cant go wrong with soundqubed!!

  18. Brei

    this speakers is built really good the only thing about it was that it was very stiff in the begging but after a couple days it started getting looser but it slammed inside my car it”s worth the buy

  19. Ryan

    I really wanted something that could hit hard without spending hundreds of dollars and this sub is perfect. I am still running low power to it on the break in period and this thing still hits super hard and super clean. For anybody looking in the one hundred dollar range for a sub this is it! Love it! Not to mention the fast shipping and awesome customer service!

  20. Bonnie Imler (verified owner)

    Can”t go wrong here more than I thought it would be better got some sound damper are you going to here more ratting then speaker lol dam good speaker for the price

  21. jason hearns

    I smell something…..I know what it is but………….IM A CALI BOY..IT DAM SHO AINT THE SHIT YALL CANT GET..SO….LMAO… let me keep it solid…soundqubed KNOCK!…..cold thang is … I”m going harder as I type…bigger 15s and more of what “we” call ERRRYY THANG!!!!! bigger amp and the whole sha bang!” all I can say is if you got dough and you want to slap dumb ass hard then hit these cats and put yo whip together…..my 69 marro gone be dumb …..just fuckin DUMB..ALL IM GONE SAY ON THAT!!!!! 2014 caddy (done) 91 civic (bucket)….done) 2015 lex done) all soundqubed baby…..HEY QUBED IF YOU SEE THIS….CAN I HAVE SOME MORE STICKERS…SHEESH??????? do you guys need pics with woofers or just my email???? my pics will drive yall crazy!! gonna order mids in a sec if yall get this put em in there. because I blew the ish outta my right one in the bucket a second ago (asshat passing by the house with bass….I had to give it to him…lol) well…there goes 56 bucks…lmao…..ok yall enough plugging sq….lol they shit slap yall you wont be mad (personal sorry to sq for my language) sorry guys! just excited! SLAP HARD AND WATCH FOR LIGHTS YALL!!

  22. Bobby

    I”m still in the break in period an it sounds good,,gets the lows real good an picks up some higher bass notes to,,I would recommend it for anyone,can”t wait to turn my amp up more

  23. Ryan

    This is my first sub from soundqubed and I Couldn”t be happier. I got a hds215 running it on 600rms and its louder than my 2 12″s on 1200 rms. It also sounds a lot better. It hits higher than I expected which it great but it also hits lower notes decently. I just wish it would hit harder and the lower notes. I”m going to be messing around with a few boxes to see if it does reach those lower notes. I”ll definitely be coming back for more!

  24. Devan Henchel (verified owner)

    This sub rocks got one in a 4.5ft^ box tuned to 35hz even in a shitty pyramid amp that maybe does 100watts makes my whole truck shake. Would definitely reccomend this sub and would buy another

  25. Joey

    Got my 2 HDS215s installed last week in a custom ported box, 3 cubic ft per sub on a (shitty) 3000 watt boss audio amp. Giving them only about 500 RMS for the break in period and these things are LOUD. They do not get as loud at the lower levels but that is probably the tuning of the box (~40hz I believe) but I am blown away by these subs. For 105$ you cannot possibly buy a better sub, it feels like my car is going to fall apart and I VERY soon will be upgrading to the HDC3s and a new amp. If you are looking for a painfully loud sub at an unbeatable price then look no further and BUY THESE SUBS

  26. dustin

    I love the HDS 200 15, its the best sub you can by under 120$ I have it running in a ported box on a Rockford 200.1 and it moves some air. It hasn”t gotten to hot, the coil hasn”t burnt at all. For best quality dont play it to the max right away, for a week I just let it play just over half and as it got loose it got so much louder. If you want a cheap sub with great quality go with soundqubed.

  27. Jeffery Carter (verified owner)

    I have 2 15s in a 4th order and it SLAMS! I have about 900rms a piece on them so after a couple of minutes they get smelly but they handle lows well, I”m hitting 30hz and below with ease and flexing the piss out of my jeep! I can even do small hairtricks! I would highly recommend these to anyone who”s on a budget!

  28. ladell johnson (verified owner)

    My worst experience so far in subs blew my 1st one in a 2 week but they were nice and sent another but sadly after 2 months of that one if failed as well they sond great just dont last i guess i even too them to two different shops running a jl audio 500/l not even half way turned up

  29. John Helms (verified owner)

    I purchased this as a budget replacement for a ~20 year old Soundstream SPL160 that served me well but finally gave up the ghost. Threw this in a ~3cft vented enclosure and after a day or so of breaking in it really jams. Powering this with a little JL Audio 250/1 amp.

  30. Jason D Gumbs (verified owner)

    these subs are awesome. they give you the bang for your buck.. they’re good for a first timer that wants to try out the company… i will be recommending friends to this company

  31. Roshawn Francis

    This sub sounds amazing, I used to only love sundown audio but soundqubed definitely just got a new loyal customer because the quality sounds good and the prices are just right! Will definitely be referring soundqubed to my friends. Thanks for the sub, follow me on Instagram @OfficialRoshawn

  32. kevin wenzel (verified owner)

    for my first time buying and owning and running SoundQubed im very impressed and happy, im coming from mtx terminators so im gonna be further SoundQubed buyer

  33. Brett W

    Im running 800 rms on mine in a junkie sealed box and I am actually suprised how good it sounds considering the box is complete junk. You cant go wrong with this subwoofer for 105 $.

  34. Cody H (verified owner)

    Put them in a 4th that soundqubed recommended in an email. 1.5 sealed does NOT work for these guys. Had 6 in a 2:1, 9 sealed 18 ported. Everything from 35 and up sounded great. I recommened if you”re going to do a wall, DO A FLAT WALL. Don”t be like me and waste money on a box that doesnt perform

  35. 150s

    Awesome sub…i was very impressed wit how it sounds for its rms wattage…Lookin forward to add more of them GREAT BUY for the price

  36. Rodney D Jefferies (verified owner)

    I”ve heard so many good things about Soundqubed/Audioque, so I did some internet research, watch some Youtube videos, and asked around some. After my research, I decided to replace my 2 aging Kicker CVR 15s with 2 HDS215. Ordered and received in about a week. Put them in the same box I had built for the Kickers. Wired them down to 1omh to my old faithful Hifonics BXI 1600. OMG!!! These $100 woofers kicks the shit out of some Kickers. It amazed me how much these woofers sounded better than the Kickers. From SQ to SPL. They are incomparable Soundqubed you have a new customer for life. I just purchase 3 HDS212s for my other ride.

  37. Hen Dawg

    Best sub”s I ever own. The lows are the best. This is coming from a Memphis guy. Can”t beat the price for how it sounds. Very loud well built subs. Out with Memphis in with the Qubed.

  38. Joshua Larres (verified owner)

    I have 2 of these in a custom built ported box tuned at 32hz powered by a hifonics brx 1200.1 at 1ohms. And for the $ these subs can NOT be beat.I was amazed at how hard these $100 subs hit in the proper box. I will definitely be getting more soundqubed products in the future so will my friends!

  39. Sean Taylor

    This model has completely exceeded my expectations from a woofer in this price range. I did extensive research on many products and this particular one came out to be the best on paper. As far as performance, this thing cannot be beat by ANYTHING on the market even close to this price range.

  40. Shane m

    I bought 8 15s of these and put them in a big fourth order in a 99 Yukon and it”s incredible the truck is insanely loud and gets super low for the price I can not complain at all I have had almost all of soundqubes subs they never have disappointed there my favorite company takes good care of everyone and stands behind there product

  41. Corey Vaughan

    I ordered 2 of these 15s and they SLAM. Got a new box that takes up the full back seat of my 2000 Mustang Convertible, and they are out of this world. Running on 1700rms total, these are laughing at that power, and shakes the spoiler, top and windows of my car! Crazy bass!

  42. Chris

    Got 2 HDS15 on 1000 watts each and they slam. Well built and you cant beat the price. Definately made me a fan of Soundqubed.

  43. VICTORIA FREEMAN (verified owner)

    I have two of these running off a ppi 1800.1D, slightly over RMS. I crammed them into a box I originally had for 1 15, 5.5cu net 8cu gross @ 35hz. They are WANGING in that tiny space and sounding so so clean doing it. Ths subs look way smaller online, in person they look well built and kinda beefy.

  44. anthony

    Im very impressed.I expected low budget quality and sound like most other low priced subs but these things sound really nice. have 2 hds215”s hooked up to a ppi s2000 and they are handling it really well.i did 138.4db on my first run with these…not bad for the price..

  45. stephen lamalie (verified owner)

    good sub, for the price its unbeatable.

  46. John

    You simply cannot beat the amount of sub you get for the price when it comes to Soundqubed. Every one of their subs is a par above any other similar priced sub. There is just no comparison for the price.

  47. Jay

    I bought some NVX NSW around June, long story short they were alright subs, I liked them considering those were my first subs but i wanted more. I got tired of the subs bottoming out at times too. I looked at soundqubed and wanted the 3 series 12s but my pocket wouldnt let me shell out 350 on 2 subs at the time. I needed some replacements NOW because it was the heart of summer and i had to keep booming! I didnt want to save up nor upgrade my already 1.8 cubic ft per chamber box for the 3 series subs. It woulda cost me more money to upgrade amps and boxes etc etc. I saw these and questioned them hard…..I was going to get the pioneer ts 3003 but i bit my bullet. I dont like the sound of “entry level” anything and thats what these subs were to Soundqubed……….i opened my package to these subs 3 days after i bought them…..i was very impressed with the quality, the dust cap, the weight! These things were 20 lbs easily. I installed 2 of these 4 ohm subs to 1 ohm on my Rockford 1200.1 and i was complete. I drove to several events this past summer and fall with these things SLAMMINGGGGG!!! Snapped my rear view mirror off and had to really dynamat the trunk. The windshield flex is so noticeable. These subs are a must buy. These 212’s in my 90 dollar, 65lbs prefab ported box sound so good you’ll. They havent bottomed out once. Such a memorable summer ANDDD fall I had with these in the back of my car. Driving to school, girls houses at night for dates or other nasty things, friends, beaches, parties, music venues etc etc, i did it all with these not breaking a single sweat. I want to get the 312’s for the spring-summer of ’17. Soundqubed is solely my brand fr and i recommend these subs to anybody who doesnt want to spend a ton but wants a ear pressure building bump. These subs are more than what regular drivers want my fucking far, but im young (20 years old) so im straight with all the bland radio bs. The memories ive had with these thumping behind me are a million to none, honest to god truth, much love to soundqubed!!

  48. Berry bright

    I purchased 2 of these about a month ago along with a hifonics Zeus 1800watt amp. I am more than impressed with these subs. These are the hardest hitting entry level subs I’ve ever heard in my life. And they sound great! Highly recommend them.

  49. Lane

    Have two of these in my alero handling 900 rms each and winning competitions like a pro with these also took state finals 1st place with these in my trunk. Honestly one of the best brands out there

  50. Kody

    I bought these a few months ago off my friend cause he couldn”t get them to echo in his car. I had them running on about 300 watts while I waited for my new amp to arrive and it was shaking my doors and doing more work than my single hds215. I got my soundstream Picasso 1000 and ran some 4 gauge and now I”m one of the loudest in my town. My friends hear me from 4 blocks away and I shake people”s Windows and porches. These are definitely worth buying if you have a budget.

  51. Davaris

    The sub is amazing but I blew my amp the other day. That”s my fault

  52. shavano sturrup (verified owner)

    These subs are fantastic, they produced more bass than I expected on my sq 1200.1 . Thank you soundqubed for your excellent products

  53. Luis

    Really a bad ass sub. Well worth the 110. This sub is louder than my JL W6. Hits the lows real nice. Flexing my lil corolla trunk.

  54. Aqib Chowdhury

    Absolutely love my speaker! It hits extremely hard and is very well priced.

  55. Jose


  56. Chris Huber

    Great subs for the price and for low power applications! Don”t get monster subs and then a weak amp and/or electrical system! These will BANG on 500w!

  57. Christopher

    Maybe i expected to much for $100 subs. But 2 hds212”s in a 5cf box failed to impress me. Yes there is bass. But i cannot feel it nor does my car shake like i expected. Being powered off the max rms i expecteced more. Hopefully sq reaches out to me to resolve this.

  58. Brooks

    Purchased these subs knowing what I was getting, There awesome and very affordable I also own two Hds208 s soundqubed all the way.

  59. Erick

    Fucking amazing company keep it up you guys

  60. Carson Dixon (verified owner)

    These speakers are absolutely amazing. i have them in a sealed box and could not be more happier. People had always told me to buy Sundown instead of Kicker but i did not have the funds. Instead i went with soundqubed and was blown away by these speakers… would definitely buy again

  61. melissa

    This sub was defiantly worth the money. It sounds great and pushes way more than you think it will…i had to upgrade my amp because this sub was hungry for more power…

  62. SHANON


  63. Jay

    Have one these in a ported box tuned to 35 Hz and it sounds amazing. Can”t wait to get the hdc4 15 and see what it does! Great job soundqubed

  64. Brtan

    Don”t hesitate to get these subs. They slam. I only have 866 watts going to them and they handle that with no prob. Will be purchasing a bigger amp from these guys soon. Awesome company.

  65. Eric vantassel

    All I got to say about these subs are get them don”t think about it just get them they hit hard great product good quality I”m more then satisfied with the two 12”s I got if they had a ten stars rating I would be hitting it

  66. Rod Maurer (verified owner)

    i cant believe how much this sub will take for power. it blows every other sub in the same price range out of the water. I bought this as a replacement for a sundown audio sa-12 that blew up, and this sub on the same power hardly gets warm and is twice as loud!!! cant wait to purchase some of the higher end models!! soundqubed for life!!!!

  67. Justin

    I bought 2 of these and had a ported box built for them , omg these things slam so hard ! Looking forward to upgrading to the hdc3 12”s soon !

  68. Justin Candela (verified owner)

    I have had there 2 HDS200 12”s in a ported box at 34HZ. Hooked up to a Rockford Fosgate Prime 1200.1…well been playin these things really hard for the last ten monthes. Using and abusing these subs. Well last weekend I found one of my subs had coil rub. Very happy with these subs, I did a 143.5 DB…Breaking them in then going full tilt for 10 monthes… These are pretty awesome subs!! For that price, I would of expected 6 monthes.

  69. Headstone

    Recommended to me by a friend who has the big stuff I decided to let my wife buy me this for my birthday. (Hehehehe) My friend recommended the Atrend B-box to go with it. Installed in my 96 Deville and was blown away. I have an Alpine head unit and an Alpine Mrp-M350. Super sound and feel. BUY IT!!!

  70. Gary

    Well I”ve been out of this for awhile . Back in 96 ish I put my linear power 2502 in the storage box , I totally even for got I had it . Well at work talking to a buddy about his interests and hobbies he said the key word ( soundqubed) well the light went off and I got to thinking what the heck I”ll pull this old amp back out to see if it even works well after a ported box and a single hds12 a crossover rc line level converter from my 2013 Camry and man I tell you not only does it hit low and hard with out falling off on the low side but it is clean. technology has come along way and even $99 12 I was skeptical…. Not no more . i am more than happy

  71. Bramdon

    I just got one of these the other day because I blew out one of my Kicker cvrs. This subs at the same wattage hits WAY better than the cvr, sounds better, and costs less.

  72. Raul

    I bought this sub a month ago and built a 2.4 cu.Ft box tuned to 32 hz to go behind my seat in a single cab. Have it hooked up to a 750-watt Fosgate amp, properly tuned down of course. This sub hits hard! I recommend soundqubed to anyone!

  73. Joseph

    Put two of these in a 4 cubic foot box with a center port. Broke the two screws holding my trunk latch assembly, as in they both snapped in half. I read all of these reviews and I found them very hard to believe; $99 per sub seems too good to be true, but its not. These speakers are fantastic, a 5 star product for sure. Put them in a big box and give them a good clean signal and you will be very, very happy. Upgraded from 1 JL 10W7AE to 2 of these and its a huge step up, and keep in mind that a W7 is a very nice, very loud speaker!

  74. sergio

    I had purchased two of the hds212S a little while back. When I received my set, I had realized I ordered the d2”s not the D4s. so I had to return them. but by the time I was ready to make the switch the d4S were sold out and now on back order. I waited for 3 months for the correct speakers to come in and let me tell you I”m so glad I waited it out instead of going with another company. I have contacted soundqubed several times asking them when the new subs would be in. and every time I called an actual live person answered the phone and Immmediately and give me all the information I needed on my Order. there was never any miscommunications, or I was never put on hold. Zack and John we”re extremely helpful in helping me receive the correct speakers. I highly anticipated my subs coming in so I called frequently asking them when they would be in. Never once did they get short with me and before I knew it my subs were here without me even having to call and ask them when they”re going to be shipped out. they did it on their own. they returned my subs with no problem at all and shipped me the new ones out as soon as they came in. I”m so happy there are still companies out there that rely on customer service to fuel their company. besides having a superior product at an unbelievable price just their customer service is enough for me to go back and purchase something again. thank you very much souNdqubed! you now have a customer for life

  75. BERNARD SINCLAIR (verified owner)

    This speaker performs far better than I could have ever expected. Looking forward to buying the second one. I have it in a 2 cf tuned to 35hz.

  76. A. Adame

    Got tired of other top brands frying on me and decided to try these subs for a change. I read nothing but great reviews on them and so I bought one just to try it out. All I gotta say is I”m impressed! Only one sub and it does damage! Gonna get the second one next.

  77. The Sag (verified owner)

    I have 2 12”s on a Kenwood 9601D. Very impressed with the lows. Letting them break in before I throw 1500 rms at them, with a custom box. (Slot ported, maybe 32hz tuned) For the price, absolutely love them!

  78. ben

    I ordered 2 of the hds 212 and recieved them in 3 days which was quick. I have them running off a audiopipe 2k mini for now and they push a ton of air couldn”t be happier for my budget build and I will be a soundqubed customer for life. I have a sound comp this weekend and they have to be doing a 145 plus crqzy for a 99$ sub!!

  79. Greg Hill

    I received my subs and 2 weeks later they both fried. So I went through a week long process of having to send pictures and a video to soundqebed and had to pay $57 to ship them back and now I’ve been waiting a week for them to have their tech inspect them. Lol still haven’t heard back and still waiting on replacement subs! It’s been a pain in the a**. Hardest return waiting process of anything I’ve ever imagined.

  80. Dominic

    After not having subwoofers for some time, I decided to giving SQ a try. I was impressed by the build quality and feel of the suspension. Putting it in sealed box yielded clean sound, but not the output I was looking for. I built a ported enclosure per SQ’s specs and it really shines now. I have it wired to 1-ohm with an amp that outputs close to 1000w RMS and it takes it fine, never gets hot. Really exceeded my expectations, especially at this price point.

  81. dustin

    I love the sub everything sounds awesome now

  82. kevin

    even in a shitty kicker box thats to small and speaker wires thats way to small it still bangs. going to get 2 more and build a box. out of all the subs ive had soundqubed have been the best

  83. Eric John San Nicolas

    Got 2 on Labor Day sale for under $200. Put them in a custom box tuned to 34hz and it slams. But beware you have to break them in first. In my experience if you don’t break it in and start going ham you will hear unwanted mechanical sounds from the woofer. I broke it in and it just keeps getting louder everyday and hitting lower the More it loosens up. I hit a 143 DB sealed on the dash and 144.5 outlaw in the kick with stock electrical. But other than that it well worth it don’t hesistate to buy. Pull the trigger and just get it!

  84. Mitch

    Was wanting just a budget build until I get back from BCT/ AIT, but wow.I”ve done comps for a while now and been around bass all my life, and fresh out of the box, (haven”t metered yet) theyve gotta be hitting a 145db on less than 1000 watts!! Very impressed!! Keep up the good work soundqubed!

  85. evan lindquist

    I picked up one of these and a hifonics 1900 amp and it was bumping but after 2 weeks I turned the amp up and the sub was still barely flexin so I sold the amp and ordered a 900 watt CT Sounds mono block. Now she”s flexing. Soundqubed is totally UNDERRATED best bang for your buck any day. A FOREVER CUSTOMER five star all the way

  86. Kaden Thomson (verified owner)

    Love this thing, coming up on a year now of owning one and first had it in a basic prefab ported box. Running on a Q1-750.1D it still sounded great and felt the bass. Then I made a custom box (the box isn”t even perfect) and man this sub just got on a whole new level. This is such a perfect budget sub for anyone looking for some quick and easy bass. Much love for Soundqubed now and can”t wait to buy more from them.

  87. Logan Boudreaux (verified owner)

    Was exactly what I expected. Performs well. Fast shipping.

  88. THOMAS PADGETT (verified owner)

    replaced an Alpine Type S with Hds212 powered by Ppi Ion 650.1 . The soundqubed sounds better hits harder.Takes the 650rms like its nothing and wants more By far the best sub you can buy period at this price no need to look further .

  89. mason

    Looking to get a buddy loud for cheap

  90. Larry Mo

    Got one of these subs in a ported box wired at 1 ohm with a SQ1200 and its hits really hard and hits low! People think im running 2 12s.. Great sub alot of bass

  91. cody

    142.6 dbs on around 900 watts in a abc(8th order) box highly impressed ordering 4 more after christmas

  92. keith rash

    Good sub sounds descent I only had one problem with it but fixed my self not bad though for a 99 dollar sub was kinda disappointed when the spider came unglued from the basket but I fixed it and it”s back up and running was thinking of purchasing 2 hdc3 12s but haven”t made up my mind I would have given them 5 stars if wasn”t for this problem.


    Top quality at a reasonable price

  94. Quan

    Anyone who didn”t give these subs 5 stars are not doin it right. I would of never imagined I could spend $200 and get 2 great subs brand new. Still breaking in and these subs are getting down on 1k amp clean power. I can only imagine what a 1500rms amp can do. BUY THESE SUBS. Won”t regret it. SOUNDQUBED FTW

  95. Aaron W.

    I have two of these on an ap15001d at 1 ohm with a battery in back and under the hood and these things just rumble. They kill the lows and sounds great doing it. Its like theres a hurricane in my vehicle. 10 yrs ago subs like this would have cost 300 each easily. My old audiopipe txx-bd12”s ain”t got nothing on these. Flat out! Subs are very underrated especially if you give them clean power. They are must buy if you”re not getting the higher rated subs from sq.

  96. superman

    My causin has two of these on a old school 1000 watt fosgate punch amp in a 4cu ft ported at around 35hz after brakin in a few days they got noticeably louder n deeper sound quality is great and has grwat low bass on his tech 9 cd (K.O.D). There very impresive just like my single hds312 on a skar 1000 in 2.85 net ported box @35hz. The guy below that said sound quality sucked might have um hooked up wrong or a maybe a box not for these subs? maybe he jus doesnt know wht the hell hes doing But he is clearly wrong about his review. Dont hesitate to buy any of soundqubed”s products.

  97. Randy Hackworth (verified owner)

    I bought one of these and its an amazing sub probably the best for the price it sounds great and gets loud for a single 12.I Recommend to everyone lookin to buy probably gonna get another when I can get a bigger amp.

  98. Peter

    I have one HDS212 D2 behind the seat of my reg cab truck, I built a truck style ported box with just over 2 cubic feet. It hits hard, very loud and sounds great with just about any music I choose.

  99. Elbin Serrano (verified owner)

    These subs are rather impressive for subs that aren”t designed to get low, low and are entry level. I put these in a box tuned @ 30hz and they definitely are impressive. For the price you can”t beat them. One of the best Entry level subwoofers you could possibly buy. You”ll find nothing like this for the price.

  100. Colby

    Haven”t installed them yet, doing 8 in a 4th order. But all the reviews and videos and actually seeing these in person, for the price, it”s a smoking deal. I was told these are right there with Sundown Sa 12s if not better. Same size coil. I had 2 Sundown Sa 15s and sold them to get these, that”s saying something!

  101. dozer313

    i purchased 2 12 hds200 and hooked up them up to a audiopipe apcl 1000.1d and let me tell you they bang my girl said she can hear me coming from blocks away and now since i broke them in they keep just getting louder i think once i build my box to my specs i am going to blow the doors off of my brothers truck with his sundown sa 12s on a brutus 2500 elite. and in future builds im sticking will soundqubed all the way best subs ive heard and bought. please feel free to join my group on facebook soundqubed builds supporting all the qubers builds across the usa and other countrys

  102. Frank Buell (verified owner)

    I just got this yesterday and didnt really have the time to listen to it so when i went for a Cruise today i had a Grin from ear to ear….My Amp peaks at 400RMS and i dont even have it at that and it Moves! I am a heavy music lover but with these i Apreciate Producers AHLUVVA LOT MORE!!!

  103. nkt

    At first I was skeptical because this is an unknown brand to me but after the installation paired with the JL 500/1 v2 amp in a ported box. My mind was blown. This sub hits pretty hard and my amp wasn”t even turned up all the way. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a daily jam with a more powerful bass than your factory sub.

  104. Kyle

    Bought one to replace my aging Kicker sub. Placed in the same prefab box and this sub blew the box apart during the break in period. Best sub I have owned, very sturdy and pumps out alot of sound.

  105. J Sanders (verified owner)

    Bought two of these sub”s and I”ve been playing them in a 4cu box tuned to 32hz and these sub”s are GREAT!! I have them current running on a hifonics brz 1700.1 at 1 ohm and they barely move! I”m really aamazed at the quality of the sub and only for 100 bucks! The guys here at sq are also great had an opportunity to talk to one of the guys and he helped with all my question without hesitation. Will be doing business again, thanks SQ!

  106. Martian

    After doing some research, I ordered a single HDS212-D2 sub and the Q1.1200D amp. Currently have it in a 2.75cft custom ported box built for my trunk at 1ohm and everyone thinks I have two 15”s going. The shop who did the install couldn”t believe the sound quality after I told them what I paid, compared to the “name brand” stuff that they keep around. Super deep, clear lows. Adding one more HDS212-D2 and another Q1.1200D amp soon!! Not just for SPL. BEAST. PERIOD.

  107. Ermin Velagic (verified owner)

    Subs are in a custom tuned box at 30hz and they slam hard! Best subs I ever purchased with no regrets. This sub will get the job done!

  108. Neil Underwood (verified owner)

    I”ve had all sorts of brands of subs & this brand by far exceeded my expectations. I purchased 2 of these subs along with the Q1-1200D. Put them in my sealed box & was thoroughly impressed. I would highly recommend these subs.

  109. tony brewer (verified owner)

    You can”t beat these subs for the price I have 4 in a box in my trunk on an aq1200 and I”m pulling a small hair trick I recommend soundqubed to all my friends and have done a few builds with them love them!!!

  110. Samuel Hall (verified owner)

    I bought two of these guys just to have something to listen to for the winter season. I have had them for around three months now and I will be the first to tell you that these subs are the truth! They so far from entry level with their sound output its ridiculous. I got the duel 4”s and I”m running them at one ohm WITH THE GAIN WAY DOWN. And these guys shine and are wanting more. Planned on moving up to the HDC 18”s for my spring build but I may just run two more of these. Well worth the money!!

  111. Skyler

    I have 3 of these in a 4th and they are the best subs iv had by far. There not afraid to get low and they are eating up the 1200 watts im giving them and asking for more!!! I plan to upgrade to the hdc series sometime this year. These subs suprised me and my friends. These subs are are amazing!

  112. bv

    Sorry but this review will be lengthy but worth to read… Was searching for subs to upgrade the audio set up on my daily commute. Budget was a consideration, but didn’t want to compromise quality. I couldn’t find any product/brand from where I’m from so ended up searching online. Saw SQ and with the price and good overall reviews I decided to try them. Had to coordinate with SQ (Travis) by email since I needed them shipped overseas. Considering I’m in the opposite side of the globe, there response was very timely and quick. I ordered 2 of the HDS210 D4s but was out of stock. Travis assisted me on my online purchase to have item on stock (new versions). True to his word it arrived after a week, pretty fast! Shipping wasn’t too expensive but still a better deal from what is locally available. Compared the sub from a 10″ JLA W6 I had installed in my other car, its definitely lighter and less burlier given JLA is rated lower than HDS2. But the price is a winner since 2 of SQ costs half of a JLAw6! Had these SQ installed by a local pro audio shop on a ported box running 1500W @1ohm. I noticed it gets loud and boomy on the lows. Louder than my sealed JLA, but not that much. It lacks the punchiness but its expected on a ported set up. Hoping to see more of the difference once I re-tune amps after break-in. In summary, I give SQ high credit on both customer service and quality of the product! Hope these things last…

  113. Daniel

    I have had name brand twelves that sound wprst than these tens and cost a whole lot more

  114. Shawn Rovnyak (verified owner)

    I”m very impressed with these 10s d4 ! I have them in a custom kerf ported box out of birch. HAve them wired at 1ohm on about 1375 to 1430 watts . I did back them down to around 1100 to 1200 to break them in.Sound very good soo good I”m already want to up grade up 2 lines on sq lol I”ve already hade to repair my front winshield weather strip blew part of it out . Lol can”t beleave what all you get for $$$ well worth it!! Great job soundqubed keep it up!!

  115. Eloy

    Best sub I”ve had so far and great price for good quality, I would totally recommend them.

  116. Nick

    I bought 2 of these and have them on 2500 watts of true power coming from a Gothic 6k @1ohm and they are metering at a 140.2 but that is in a shit box these subs are amazing and under rated, i will recommend for any one!

  117. Jim

    Ordered 2 of these for a coworker to replace 2 12 inch Kickers he had. Also went with the Atrend box (good call). After wiring the subs for a 1 ohm mono load, he took the box home to mount in his truck. When I got to work Monday, he didn”t say a word. He just bowed. lol. He couldn”t believe that 2 10s would be 3 or 4 times louder and hit deeper than the 2 12s he replaced! He now wants to go up with the HDS300 series! Great speakers!!

  118. Kevin Wright

    decent sub for the price only complaint is the glue it is very sloppily glued and is quite rediculus for the price you pay but I took off dust cap and regaled it already its an easy fix but is something I shouldn”t have had to do, but besides that this sub is great.

  119. Jimmy

    I had two of the hds 12”s and loved them and i got rid of them due to space and got the ten and love it. Also had the 8”s and again amazing product.

  120. Triston Clakley (verified owner)

    I bought one of these d4s said why not I replaced my pioneer with it for the hell of it it”s wired to 2 ohm bridged on a 800w amp on 1/4 gain to break it in and holy cow this thing slams hits lows at ease and is punchy I”m going to buy another and put some serious power on them to play with em see what they can handle for the hell of it for a ten it blows me away! Low on space? In a single cab not looking to spend alot of money this is it right here it slams

  121. austin bonderson (verified owner)

    Amazing sub for the price. You won”t find anything else better then this sub for the price. Beats any rockford fosgate sub I”ve ever heard. Have mine hooked up to a old rockford 250 amp and it hits hard. My friends think I have 2 12s

  122. Kirk Bennett (verified owner)

    Bought this little sub to throw in my 2004 mach 1 mustang with the mach 460 stereo. Had to use a line converter to hook up my amp and even off the stock deck and listening to radio stations this little sub sounds great! Can”t wait for it to break in. 100% satisfied! If you have your doubts about it, just buy it and you won”t be disappointed.

  123. tony Girard (verified owner)

    i bough my 2 10”s hooked them up to my 1500w amp man they hit great love them after about 3 weeks one of them burnt up was pushing about 700-750w to each so i would strongly suggest the next stage up 50 bucks more i didnt send my subs back in due to warranty disclaimer with burnt or open coils guess it is my lose but i do plan on getting the 300 still hope this helps yah bass heads out

  124. Aaron Beard

    I suggested these to a friend that was wanting some 10”s that would handle high wattage and sound good. I designed him a box and he built it. I heard a demo of it in his mustang today and it was so loud, and rattled his shop so hard, it sound like the roof was about to cave in. We were both impressed. A+ product!

  125. james wolfe (verified owner)

    ordered this for the wifes car. she loves it. another great product guys thanks!!

  126. J.P (verified owner)

    I didn”t know what to expect from these subs. I had a pair of Sundown SA12s. Then I bought 3 hds210s. These subs hit much lower and cleaner. Put them in the right enclosure, clean power, and just enjoy.

  127. zach

    I just got 2 of these 10s wired at 2 ohms and the clarity and power there producing on my jl jx 500 is insane i have the best system in my area because of these every note is hit to perfection im extremely happy witg my purchase what i really like is how hard the lows hit compared to my kenwood kfc w10s these blow any sub out the water and i highly recommend them and i cant wait to upgrade to tge soundqubed 1200 i cant even imagine how hard they will hit then

  128. Maston

    These subs are great! Previously owned a pair of JL 10w0”s and the hds210s greatly surpass those! Installed these into the custom box I built tuned to 32 hz and wired them to 1ohm and the lows are amazing. Shaking the crap out of my car for a couple of 10s!

  129. Miles Duarte

    I bought 2 of the hds2 10s thinking they may not be enough base in my 2014 camry.. I had a box built for them and put 1500watt skar amp to them and they absolutely beat that car to death!

  130. Damon

    These are amazing. I have never known of the brand before and have always used MTX or Fosgate before. These will destroy them in sound quality and capacity. Break in is a must but then they just get better and better. Great buy!! Customer support we t above and beyond to get me them. I’m impressed.

  131. Evan

    Haven’t had the subwoofer break in yet but I have it in my 2003 mustang gt with a factory mach 460 sound system and wiring it with it was not easy task with ford’s wiring but I got it to work. The sub is hooked up to a DC audio 1200k amp and for a new non broke in sub it sounds great! Thanks also to sq tech support on helping me tuning the amp so I can get the max potential out the sub. I might upgrade the sub later and it will be sq that’s for sure. Wish I knew about you guys when I was in high school when I was real big in car audio. You guys rock keep up the good work you’re the real mvp!!

  132. Justin Miller

    I love this sub!!! I got one in a 04 stang in a ported box I built off of the design soundquebed offers on their wedsite. I am breaking it in right now and it flexes my car and it looks like my trunk is going to fall off!!! I can’t wait to get it broke in and throw some more power to it. I recommend buying this sub you will not be disappointed. Great job soundquebed!!!

  133. David

    So i have 00 s10 extended cab and got two hds10 d2 and are in ported box measures 3.3cubic ft without port with mtx 1501d thunder and when I first got these I thought oh no I got junk but it took about three weeks of playing certain tones and normal use and now they honestly hit harder then my two 10 re audio sxx d2 . Im suprised what difference it has made just having them breakin where the stiff stiff spider will give. I just want everyone to know give these a chance and dont use full power on them untill they breakin

  134. Howard Frye

    I have 2 of these in 1.5 cubic ft portrd boxes tuned to 35 hz. I’m driving them with a JLAudio 500/1 These little subs sound so tight accurate &damn loud. I love them

  135. Paolo

    the only reason I’m not giving this subwoofer a 5 star rating is that it didn’t hit the low notes as much as i thought the older reviews had mentioned. i put this hds210 in to a custom made box by cherry man customs. box is 1.6 cu.ft and tuned to 32hz. which i was told was a match made in heaven for this sub. i paired it with a sundown alpine mrp 1000.1 i honestly love how the sub sounds just not that Impressed in the lower herts range given that i had a custom box made for it. maybe i just had my expectations to high. but if you’re talking best bang for your buck this is for sure the way to go. I’ve never heard a sub for under $100 sound this good and this clean. I’m thinking of getting the hds3 next for sure.

  136. Cody

    This is my second hds200 series 10″. I’ve been highly pleased with this product. I run it in a down firing box underneath the back seat of a 04′ silverado ex. Cab ported at 35hz in about 1.8cu.ft . Most people think there is no way it’s just one 10 under the seat. It’s loud and clear couldn’t ask for a better sub at this price. Well done soundqubed.

  137. Coltan Armstrong

    Paired with the q1200 amp by soundqubed and the 0 gauge wire kit with a set of reducers these subs bump! Dual hds210s wired at 1 ohm running 1300 rms are crystal clear and small at low bass knob and are scary loud with the knob turned up! Absolutely bass Ballin #basscar for the price and quality in general. I can bump for housing on end with out anything getting too hot or messing up or anything. He atrend enclosures are legit as well. Super clean and high quality. Got my order within 14 hours of placing the order with free shipping!!!

  138. Aaron Waters

    Came from a single 4ohm Kappa 10″ ,running 400w @4ohms in a custom ported 1.5cf box tuned @36hz, THAT sub pounded!!… The HDS210,running 600 @2ohms is double the bass!!, thinking about getting another…

  139. charles rackham III (verified owner)

    Ive been running 4 of these in the dual 2ohm config wired to 1ohm on my q1-4500. Still breaking them in and my gain is only at 1/2 right now. This will be week 2 of thrashing them 1hr at a time to and from work. Everyone whos heard them has been impressed with the setup. Especially when i tell them the woofers are only rated at 600rms each and theyre extremely cost effective. Once i tune up to distortion and really let that 4500 eat ill be looking into recones im sure. For the budget minded daily setup, you cant go wrong with these. They do have a broad frequency response. Just be careful playing below box tuning on more than rated power, even though i do, im careful with monitoring the heat. They take the beatin but they get warm quick.

  140. Seth

    Great sub, hooked everything up in my car and sounds good.

  141. Dan

    I’ve had a lot of different sub setups over the years 10s, 12s, and 15s. Sealed and ported. JL audio, Alpine, kicker, Fi Audio. I put two hds2.1 12s in a 4 cubic inch box, port tuned at 34hz. Simply put, now that they’ve broken in, best sounding sub setup I’ve ever heard. So very deep, tight, and loud. They get really low, but they’ll also absolutely hammer every frequency in between 25 and 85hz, not very peaky at all in my enclosure. I’ll never buy speakers from any other company again.

  142. Darius Robinson

    Very happy with this speaker I purchased one a few years back and shortly found out I needed one more to complete my system which is just the way I want it now by the way

  143. Jason D

    Honestly…I bought a JL audio 300watts for a hundred something and wasn’t hitting decent enough from me…I bought a new 12in from you all for $95 bucks which is pretty cheap. Installed it to 2ohms and it hits at least 2times harder and sounds amazing. Anptherwords buy it it’s definitely an amazing sub for a great price

  144. Jay Hen

    I have one of these SQ “entry level” (whatever!) 10’s and running with a old school Rockford Fosgate T10001bd mono amp. Even at a 2 ohm load (dual 4 ohm VC’s) this son of a b*tch will rattle your fillings loose. I have it in a small ported 1.5CF ProBox. I’m not shitting you when I say it sounds like TWO of something back there in the cargo area. My co-workers lost a bet to me when I told them it was just one 10 back there LOL. Get a good quality amp and a solid ported enclosure under 3 CF and you’ll never be happier. I’ve been bumping lows since 1993 and I’ll sign my name on SQ. Upgrading soon to the top level 10 inch sub they have.

  145. Zachary

    these hoes hittin..they be knockin my vape out my hand foollllll

  146. Josh Fedorski ( Clothes Minded) (verified owner)

    Threw two 10s on a 1200 watt qubed amp in my 08 Altima. Pro install, easy, speakers are clean heavy and thump

  147. LeMax (verified owner)

    Great sub, have spent way more for less quality. Amazing sound

  148. Ernest G

    Very impressed with 3 if these bad boys!!! Put in ext cab sonoma and hit as hard as my 2 hds315s. 15s where sealed 3 10s are ported!!! Thank you soundqubed!!! Highly recomend!!!

  149. Luke Connell (verified owner)

    Impressive little 8″. I have mine mounted to the enclosure made by Atrend for soundqubed it it sounds very nice. Peaks around 40 hertz and cant play below 35 but every other note sounds fantastic. I would like to say the enclosure’s quality is less than ideal. I had to sand the cut out to fit the subwoofer it was made for? The port’s inner edges don’t meet up 100% which can lead to some port noise on the lower notes. I’m only putting 500 watts on mine and some just beats though. Another one with more power could be seriously impressive.

  150. Joey

    I built a ported box tuned to 30hz being pushed off a new Zapco 850w amp in a Mazda 5. This thing hit so hard and so low it was insane! Everyone that heard it was at a loss for words when they saw it was one 8. It hit so hard, so low and so clean, some of the best sounding bass I have heard. Sure it wasnt super painfully loud, but it just sounded so damn good… for only one 8! I just cant get over how amazing this little sub is. Note that 850w was too much for it, it would bottom out and make an awful noise when pushed too hard but I would rather have too much power and dial it back than not enough.

  151. Javi

    By far. And i mean by far this 8″ sub is extraordinary. I have it in a 1ft cubic box. Ported of course. Tuned at 34hz. And WOOOOW! It hits hard on the low notes. Thanks to a friend of mine that is very knowledgeable and helped me hooked it up with the right amp. Kicker 600.1. I have it in a 4 door sedan and shakes door panels. Headliner. I’m even going to say that it sounds close to what a 10″ kicker solo baric sounds like. Or two round 10″ kicker comps. This one 8″ sub is a clear bass champ. Highly highly recommend it. I’m actually considering getting two 8″. Will never buy kicker or the other brands for subs. Soundqubed FTW.

  152. Marvin Wright (verified owner)

    Great sound quality and very beefy subs right here. I’ve got 4 of them in my 2017 Silverado and they slam hard asf. People think I have 15’s in my truck.

  153. ASU AJ

    Impressive for a 8″. Still breaking in so I havent pissed off the neighbors yet. Cant wait to get a couple more of these and upgrade my electrical system to really get some good numbers.

  154. Corey

    Awesome. In one word this speaker is awesome. I have a 3000 watt peak 1500 watt RMS Rockville amp on two of these speakers and they are Amazing. I highly recommend these speakers.

  155. Doug

    Had fpr 3 weeks they blew on a alpine m250 mono block amp great subs sound rlly good hit every note great nd crisp and love sound quebed while was working couldnt believe my little 250 mono block over powered them though gunna give them a call hope they can help me want my sub bumping again and amazing wen was working loved it but like i said surprised a alpine 250 mono block blew it

  156. Josue

    Damn!!!! Wow!! I bought 3 of this lil monsters and I am satisfy with the purchase no regrets what so ever, this lil monsters are in a ported box and shake my whole damn SUV, went out of town with a family member in two different cars I was following him and was playing my music loud we stop to refuel our cars and he was like fuck bro you shaking my whole fucken car you have a 15? So I showed him he was blown away by the size of sub that we’re getting loud and also hitting the low notes perfectly, I recommend this subs to everyone if you want nice deep bass and don’t have a lot of space this will get the job done with no problem, I still need to break them in so I know they will sound way better, can’t wait to order 6 more for a project I am planning on doing with this lil monsters,

  157. Alonzo

    “Man your truck sounds good… What’s in it??” I reply 2 8s and no one believes me! Great product!

  158. KR

    I’ll start off by listing some other 8s I have experience with; sa8 v1.5, sa8v2, skar vvx v1. As for the hds208; Pros- Has no issue handling power. Im running a 3500 at 0.5 on a pair. Set very clean, with headroom. Power handling is very impressive nonetheless. Subs play below tuning better than TS specs would indicate. Fs of 47? Might scare some away, but im tuned at 35 and can play to 28/29hz. Output is very good as well. I do feel that both my sa8 1.5 and v2 were louder however. Still, for the price, the fact that 2 of these are crushing my blazer is impressive. Which brings me to final pro; great value for the money. Cons- not a fan of direct leads. Wish terminals were an option. Also, although they arent sloppy, I did find my Sa8v2s much smoother than these. They also dug down deeper. So sq and linearity is not at the front of the pack, but is still respectable enough. Verdict- A good buy, especially on discount pricing. Will handle plenty of power and sound respectable. Although I feel the sa8 to be a superior driver, the price tag reflects that. These are still a solid driver. Box- 2.0cu @35hz 15^2, Power- AudioLegion 3500 @ 0.5

  159. kevin

    I have run a single hdc3.1 12, I have run 2 dual 1ohm HDC3.1 12s and now I am just running this one little 8 inch sub and it is awesome. I have it in a box that is 2.02cf gross tuned to 36hz and it hits the lows for sure.

  160. zig knight (verified owner)

    great 8″ woofer. i highly doubt you’ll find a better 8″ sub for that price. i had to pay shipping due to me living in hawaii and it took a lil while to come in, but overall great sub woofer not disappointed at all in quality would definitely recommend this to you if want a 8″ sub or pressed for space.

  161. john heuerman (verified owner)

    I ordered one of the hds 208 subs i have it in a 2.5 cubic ft box (i know it too big for the sub its all i got). It sounds great and hits hard and low. i move the rear doors in my malibu it surprising for the size of the subwoofer

  162. Big o

    I’m late with my review .I bought theses 2 yrs ago and I just installed,let me say this fucking wow they sound clear amazing I’m shocked.i purchased 3 of them and my jl /1000 can’t push them need more power know I’ll have to change my amp set up.i m getting good response already can’t imagine what response I’ll get with the right amount no one believes that I’m pushing 8 inch subs

  163. Ordran

    I have no words but wow.no one believes I’m pushing 8 inch subs.

  164. Kris

    This is one of the best subs I”ve ever owned. I bought 1 just to see how it sounds and it surprised me it gets loud and it gets down pretty low. I highly recommend this sub for anyone that”s trying to get bass in a tight space. Or even if you have a ton of space I would still recommend them. Since my purchase I had 3 friends already ordered a couple of them and they all love it.

  165. Kris

    This is one of the best subs I”ve ever owned. I bought 1 just to see how it sounds and it surprised me it gets loud and it gets down pretty low. I highly recommend this sub for anyone that”s trying to get bass in a tight space. Or even if you have a ton of space I would still recommend them. Since my purchase I had 3 friends already ordered a couple of them and they all love it.

  166. Michael Diaz (verified owner)

    I bought 2 of these subs, because a friend insisted I buy Soundqubed. I was really skeptical, because I have never heard of SoundQubed. But I bought a pair anyway along with 2 SQ Amps, Components for the front doors, Coaxial Speakers for the back doors another head unit and amp kits. Took him about a week for all new wiring running through the whole car(2012 Ford Taurus). He built a customized box for the 8”s that didnt take up a lot of my trunk space.. Wrapped the box in black leather vinyl so it would match the black leather interior of the car.. When I got the car back, I was in awe… System Hits Hard, The Door speakers are crystal Clear and I was just amazed on how the sounds came out… SoundQubed, I will be ordering more product for my other vehicles in the future…

  167. joe pender (verified owner)

    I order 2 of these lil monsters. Wasn”t sure what they would really do. In the right box with good power these lil subs will pound. Just another amazing product from Soundqubed I have since ordered two more

  168. Robert Jacquin

    These subs are awesome. I just installed 3 HDS208”s under the seat of a 2011 Chevy Crew cab. They are such a great sub I would recommended them to ever body. Everyone that has heard them can not believe their only 8”s! Check out my video. 3 soundqubed HDS208”s in chevy crew cab

  169. Sam W

    I bought 3 of these on the Black Friday sale and thought I”d give them a good beating before writing a review. The 3 are in a 2.25 cubed box tuned at 32hz. They have an awesome SQ sound and they can get LOUD. They”re powered by a Hifonics x1900.1 wired down to 1.33 ohms. My buddy got in the car the other day and said “What do you have? 2 12”s?” I responded with 3 8”s and he just started laughing. Perfect for a Budget build or any build. Very very impressed. Would buy again!

  170. Xiao Kuang

    This little 8 inch subwoofer has met and exceeded all my expectations! I have a single one of these on 500w in a transmission line and the output is amazing. It plays a very wide range of frequencies. The response is very flat, plays from 30 Hz all the way up to 80 all day everyday. If you want to see a video of it in action just search Youtube for “8” Sub in Transmission Line Build/FLEX-Soundqubed HDS 208″

  171. Reed

    I”ve got two of these little monsters hooked up in a custom box in a single cab dodge dakota. They blew me away they get pretty low for 8 inchers u will not be disappointed with these woofers can”t wait to get a 1200 so they can get all the power that need

  172. Tanner Keefe

    I went from a sundown audio SA-15 to 2 of these monsters and I have 0 regrets, I am now a soundqubed customer forever

  173. Walter Hicks III

    I purchased this lil wonder on the labor day sale and for the money, this sub sounds like a larger driver! I”m running a Rockford Fosgate bd 1000w at 2 ohms, and my 8″ is seeing about 700 watts. When I say low and loud, these are understatements. My Sierra vibrates all around inside the cab My next system in my truck,I”m getting 3 more and the 3500w amp and more aspirin! !! Great subs for the money! !!!!!!!!!

  174. DJ Kevin – I.M.S

    Being many years in the audio field, I would”ve never expect something so small to get so loud and low! A friend of mine decided to try out one of them. We tested it in my car and I became amazed in no time and went out and ordered 4! I love these subs so bad and would recommend them to anyone who wants to get loud but not sacrifice much space. I decided to do 4 of these subs instead of the old and ordinary 2 12s just because I wanted to shock people when they find out what I have. They”re being underpowered right now. Probably seeing 200 watts each sub and it has my whole car flexing and setting off alarms from down the block. Don”t underestimate these little suckers!

  175. Kris

    This is one of the best subs I’ve ever owned. I bought 1 just to see how it sounds and it surprised me it gets loud and it gets down pretty low. I highly recommend this sub for anyone that’s trying to get bass in a tight space. Or even if you have a ton of space I would still recommend them. Since my purchase I had 3 friends already ordered a couple of them and they all love it.

  176. pop

    I can”t believe the sound out of this thing! I”m running an alpine mrv-m500 at 2 ohms and a ported 1 cubic feet box and it just pounds! Customer service was great! They answered all my newb questions.

  177. Mike Leonard (verified owner)

    I have never used 8”s before. I was a little skeptical and wasn”t quite sure what to expect from these little guys. I have always been fascinated with 8″ subs and thought maybe one day I would get one to play with. Well….last week I got an email from Soundqubed that these 8”s would be on sale for Labor Day for $89! The sub looked the part of a bass making beast, just mini. I figured I would order 1 to play with….after a little more thought, I jumped in with both feet and bought 4! I modified my box that I built for my 15″. It is approx. 3.48 net and tuned to 36 hz with 62″ of port area. I just gave these subs some decent power today, running on my kicker zx2500.1 at 2 ohms. I ordered the dual 4 ohm subs because kickers run at 2 ohm. Of course my subs are wired voice coil in series, all subs in parallel. Let me just say…I own a kicker comp VX 15, a sundown X 12, an NVX vcw 12, kicker comp RT 10, currently these subs are all in my collection. I have owned 2 HDC3 12”s which I used to run off of my (AQ) 2200d. All of these subs are great and adequate in the right enclosure. With that all said, I just gave my buddy a demo, and he has heard all of the previously mentioned subs in my car. He said these 8”s were the best system he had ever heard, which is a great compliment, and I have to agree! So if you read this review, take heart, don”t be skeptical. Theses 8”s are the real deal!!! They are all I hoped to expect, and more. They are louder than anything I have had in my car. Louder than the two HDC 12”s that were on the aq2200. They play loud, low, and clean! Sound quality is great. They have the punch of a sealed box, and the depth and low end that you only get from ported. My whole car flexes like crazy. These subs will NOT disappoint! Thanks SQ for building amazing little 8”s, and thank you for the amazing deal. These subs are hands down the best quality, looks, build quality, and performance, and for the price, they are untouchable! Thanks

  178. j

    Got this on labor day sale kuz it was a good price. Put it in my custom 1.25 cu ft ported box after displacements. Tuned @38 with 180 watts for now and its just as loud as my causins NVX NSW-12 on same amp. This sub has great output n sound quality. I like this sub so much I”m guna buy another at full price. Very fast shipping n great customer service.

  179. Jt

    I was skeptical when my box builder told me to get these subs, have never heard good things about 8”s. But with the airspace I have under my back seat (1.5cubes) my boy built a custom ported box tuned to 33hz and these beasts well exceeded my expectations for a pair of 8s, no one believes me they are not 12s until they see them. They outperform an L7 12 I had in a box that took up my whole backseat. Definitely the way to go when airspace is a factor. Very impressed with the quality, will be using SQ in all of my vehicles

  180. Lee

    I ordered four of these subs and received them in two days! You will not find a better deal on quality gear any…where…else, period! AQ/SQ has a nut hugger for life and I will pimp them any and every chance I get! A+++++++++++

  181. Dewey Knapp (verified owner)

    Everything about this 8″ sub is bad ass. The build quality is exceptional and for an 8″ sub and it has the features you want in a sub. Dual spaced spiders, over-sized spiders, excellent cooling, push terminal that are strong and not flimsy like the Sundown E8v3. I just ordered 3 more to replace my Sundown”s. Soundqubed hit a home run with this one!! You won”t be disappointed!

  182. Josh Rash

    Well I bought these woofers for my girlfriends set up after she destroyed 2 DC Audio Level 2 8”s. After I had them installed the first thing I noticed is how much lower they played than the DC”s. In addition they were far louder on the same power. I would recommend these woofers in a heartbeat

  183. Mitchell Matias (verified owner)

    Just installed the HDS208 and the thing is amazing. first off the thing looks crazy for an 8, the motor structure that they decided to use looks like it can take a beating. after playing around with it for a day, i can say that i am very impressed in its ability to accurately play music and its ability to reproduce quality sound. In the right box, with the right power (doesn””t have to be alot) you can make this 8″ sub sound terrific. you will be able to sacrifice less space but not sacrifice less bass. highly recommended and i will be installing these in more future builds.

  184. Mitchell Matias (verified owner)

    Just installed the HDS208 and the thing is amazing. first off the thing looks crazy for an 8, the motor structure that they decided to use looks like it can take a beating. after playing around with it for a day, i can say that i am very impressed in its ability to accurately play music and its ability to reproduce quality sound. In the right box, with the right power (doesn””t have to be alot) you can make this 8″ sub sound terrific. you will be able to sacrifice less space but not sacrifice less bass. highly recommended and i will be installing these in more future builds.

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