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Home Mobile Electronics Subwoofers HDS2.2 Series Subwoofer
HDS2.2 Series Subwoofer
HDS2.2 Series Subwoofer
HDS2.2 Series Subwoofer
HDS2.2 Series Subwoofer
HDS2.2 Series Subwoofer
HDS2.2 Series Subwoofer

HDS2.2 Series Subwoofer


  • Power Handling 600W RMS, 1200W Peak (Burp Only)
  • Available in Dual 2- and Dual 4-Ohm configuration.
  • 2.5″ diameter four-layer copper coil.
  • Cast frames instead of stamped frames.
  • Increased temperature handling, from 300° to 360° (12 inch HDS2.2)
  • Vented back-plate for optimal cooling and less turbulence in the coil gap.
  • Stronger Motors with bigger magnets and top plates.
  • Longer winding length for greater power handling.
  • Wider and Taller Surround for increased excursion.
  • Conical back plate to allow more voice coil travel.
  • 10-gauge direct leads.
  • Black electroplated top and bottom plates.
  • Non-pressed, fiber-added cone for maximum rigidity
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The HDS2.2’s high efficiency starts with a strong 2.5 inch, four layer, copper dual voice coil, high temperature adhesives and high quality coil wire designed to guarantee reliable long term performance and a healthy level of bass!

The double magnet in the HDS2.2 is oversized to provide reliable high output levels at 600 Watts RMS, with fine tuned precision bass response and subwoofer control. A black electroplated top and bottom plates vented to enhance the outward flow of heat from the coil and function to reduce the likelihood of burning your subwoofer’s voice coils.

The HDS2.2’s non-pressed fiber added cone provides maximum rigidity for long subwoofer life. Its vented back plate supplies better cooling functions and decreased levels of turbulence in the coil gap while a conical back plate allows for greater voice control travel.

A double-stitched Extended Range of Motion (EROM) profile surround design keeps your cone diameter as large as possible while allowing for long, controlled car speaker excursion.

The EROM profile reduces mass over rubber surrounds and inner tube surrounds- with nearly parallel walls and a half-round top, it means your new subwoofer is self supporting.

This helps control the forces of accelerating moving mass and enables the coil to track incoming signals with greater accuracy. The EROM profile gives you more cone area, greater stiffness, and lower mass… Less mass is loud and fast!

Your new dual voice coil subwoofer features a cast aluminum frame with 14 gauge direct leads in the 8 inch model and 10 gauge AWG push terminals. Black electroplated top and bottom plates are present to keep the motor in pristine condition.

The HDS2.2 is available in dual 2 ohm and dual 4 ohm load configurations for almost any conceivable series or parallel installation involving multiple subwoofers or a single subwoofer placement for deep sound quality.

It can handle 600 Watts RMS power and 1200 Watts peak power. Enjoy this daily driver in a number of sizes, ranging from 8 inch subwoofers to 15 inch subwoofers!

RMS Power600 W
Peak Power1200 W
Magnet Weight100 oz
Coil Diameter2.5"
Coil Length36 mm40 mm
Usable Throw26.5 mm
Woofer Size8"10"12"15"
F(s)44.41 Hz33.6530.9526.92
ImpedanceD2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4D2 / D4
Z(max)38.77 Ω65.6559.14 Ω56.79
V(as)5.319 liters17.43 liters45.57 liters100 liters
L(e)5.394 mH5.7456.079 mH6.473
n(0)0.07673 %0.15860.3046 %0.3058
M(ms)143.8 grams201.7209.2 grams333.1
C(ms)0.089 mm/N0.1110.126 mm/N0.105
Sensitivity 1W/1m80.9584.186.9486.95
Mounting Depth5.5"6.6"6.75"7.44"
Circle Cutout7.5"9.31"11"13.56"

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10 Inch, 12 Inch, 15 Inch, 8 Inch


Dual 2 Ohm, Dual 4 Ohm


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