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Home Mobile Electronics Project Bundles Weekend HDS206+S1-1250 Underseat Bundle
Bundle with four HDS206 Series Subwoofers, S1-1250 Monoblock Amplifier, and a 4 AWG Amp Wiring Kit

HDS206+S1-1250 Underseat Bundle


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This is the perfect combination if you’re looking to add some big, loud low end under the seat of your crew cab or extended cab pickup. You’ll get 4 HDS206-D2 350 W RMS subwoofers, and a single S1-1250 amplifier. A 4 AWG amp wiring kit also comes with this bundle so you can hit the ground running with all the wiring and connections you need.

The Dual 2 ohm configuration allows for wiring to a 1 ohm load to take advantage of the full power from your S1-1250 monoblock amplifier. The S1-1250 is safe to run on most stock electrical charging systems, so you may or may not need upgrades for this afternoon project. Check your alternator and battery specs in case you need any upgrades.

This is the perfect project bundle if you want to jump into car audio with both feet. Aside from wiring the amplifier to the car’s charging system, you’ll also need an enclosure designed for these subwoofers. There are pre-made options available, but they’ll need to provide the correct amount of airspace, port area, and mounting depth for the HDS206. Of course these subs will require break-in to avoid damage and get the best performance.


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