HDS3.1 Series Selection | 1200W RMS

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The HDS3.1 Series is our 1200W subwoofer series with 3″ voice coils.

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10", 12", 15"


Dual 2 Ohm, Dual 4 Ohm

219 reviews for HDS3.1 Series Selection | 1200W RMS

  1. playaflydre (verified owner)

    Just installed my 2 HDS3.1 15s dual 4ohm. Wired to 1ohm on a Hifonics BRZ2400.1 D. Only have 1200 rms going to them so 600 rms each. Custom ported box tuned to 31hz in a 06 Grand Marquis. Got Big 3 240 MECHMAN Alt Kinetic 2400 in the back & Duralast Platinum 64 AGM in front. Been 2 weeks an I can already hear the diffence from when I first got them till now which has been about 2 weeks. I’ll probly give them a lil more power in a couple days. Great buy can’t beat the price!!!! Dont hesitate!!!! Get them you wont be disappointed!!!! Gonna order the S1-2250 & Q4-90 an some mids/highs next week for an all Soundqubed system next week!!!!

  2. Richard (verified owner)

    Well packaged. 10” D2 arrived in 3 days. Easily twice the weight of the Audiobahn it replaces. Bolted it into my 4th order and so far, low volume breakin has me extremely optimistic. Can’t wait to let the S1-1250 really feed it once it’s broken in.

  3. disturbed_ones123@yahoo.com

    when will these be back in stock been ?

  4. Victor

    Just got 2 15 hdc3 on 2500 rms they hit hard love them

  5. Ced lathan (verified owner)

    I have a single hds3.1 12 i love this sub it will get down great sub overall i will be purchase another when they restock d4 i had it like 4 months now i recommends this sub

  6. Ced (verified owner)

    I have a single hds3.1 12 i love this sub it will get down great sub overall i will be purchase another when they restock d4 i had it like 4 months now i recommends this sub

  7. Adam Abel (verified owner)

    Just ordered two HDS3 10’s. Packaging was top notch, and voice coils measured spot on at 4 ohms each upon arrival.

    I’m building a box for two, but I’m breaking one in, in my current single 10″ box. They sound great! Nice warm tone, with fantastic impact! Only giving it 800 watts now, but the pair will be fed by my Orion XTR2500.1dz. I would have loved to get a SQ 2500 amp, but I have a 12 passenger van and can only mount the amps under the seats…. the Orion was the only good amp with a smaller footprint.

    I’m very impressed with this HDS3, and cant wait to run both of them. My kids (5 of them, hence the van LOL) love it already 🙂

  8. Roc

    I bought this sub on Nov. 23, 2014. I left a review after I installed it just prior to the break-in period.
    It has been almost 4 years since the install and so far I have absolutely nothing negative to say regarding the performance of this sub. I still am using a Planet Audio AC3000.1D mono amp at 1 ohm stable. The RMS power output is 2100 watts. This sub is freaking awesome. It has not skipped a beat since I installed it, no matter what I have thrown at it. This thing is a first-class performer. If you are considering buying a sound qubed sub, GO FOR IT. You will not regret it.

  9. ajgjr1976 (verified owner)

    After speaking with sales and tech I was encouraged to purchase the HDS3 15’s even tho I planed on purchasing the HDC line they informed me and did NOT oversell me subs I did not need due to my amplifier and intended use they flat out saved me 1/2 the amount I spent.
    I was unhappy with the subs I had(vvx v3 15s) and replaced them with the HDS3s and I must say from this day forward SoundQubed has a customer for life, the sub is far superior to anything else in its price range and takes a beating.
    I have my HDS3s in a 6/18cuft 6th order bp on a kicker kx2500 @ 2 ohm, everyone who sits in the “ whatthefuckus” ( focus wagon ) is quick to gtfo, she gets it done for a very affordable system.
    If you need a quality sub that’s affordable HDS3 is a great option.

  10. williamduff1986 (verified owner)

    I just ordered mine on Friday! So I heard the same one I bought on the 1200 with a2.7 cube box tuned to 30 hz and all I can say is holy sh*t! This thing sounds clean and low and for the price ,should be 4 times the price! I usually don’t do reviews but I’m almost done with the trunk with tons of dynamat cause I’m gonna need it! Best sub I’ve heard in awhile hands down,I also got the s1250 for the 1 sub

  11. Richard Bucy (verified owner)

    Got me a brand new hds3.1 15d2 today. Had a used one but was pretty toast by the time I got it. These things are impressive for the price. I’m going to order another new one soon. And get old one rebuilt as a spare. Love sq.

  12. lee.doyle76 (verified owner)

    Just uninstalled a HDS3.1 15 D2 in my 2008 Ram Single Cab in a 3.8 cube box after port and woofer displacement tuned to 33 Hz on a skar RP 2000.1 and this thing rips it’s so much cleaner than my 2 skar DDX 10s and seems to be handling the RP 2000 couldn’t be happier SQ FTW

  13. Jake Irby (verified owner)

    So far I’ve had my hds3.1 12″ dual 2ohm at 1ohm on a hifonics xxx zeus 32001.D and only had it for about 3 days but only half way up and am able to get 1500 rms clean burps so far with the right electrical…thanks sq.

  14. Chris S

    I have two hds3.1 12’s hook up to a Spl gorilla 6000.1d wired at 1 ohm Let me tell you these subs are beast. They hit so hard, it have my brain rattling. I highly recommend these subs.

  15. Shahid k

    I never herd of soundqubed before I came across 2 hds3.1 15 d2 hooked them up to a brz 1700.1 @ 2 ohms ported box they sound so good in my tahoe i up graded the amp to the ztx 5000.1 and replaced my re sx 18 ‘s i bought 6 more hds 3.115’s the new build 2 sq 4500.1 8 15’s and all the goodies thanks soundqubed appreciate good products at good prices keep it up

  16. Joshua

    Loud, yes. worth the money? Yes. Play low? Not as low as my sundown SA 12’s Gets Stinky at about half tilt on a Soundstream ta1.3000d wired at 1 ohm with gains less than half. Overall good sub for the money, just wish the beast played strong lows like the 2.5″ coiled SA 12 on the same amp & resistance.

  17. Eric

    These HDS3 15”s (2) are amazing I”m running a single CAB 1600.1 I”ll be strapping 2 at 1ohm

  18. Ed

    Great sub put 2200watts on it and took it like a champ,

  19. Mark Ancarrow

    Best subwoofer for the money and for the rms rating fast shipping great customer service highly recommend

  20. Eric

    I have this Hds315 in a 5 cubic foot box tuned to 37 hz hooked to a mmats m1400.1… I”ve owned 2 L5 15”s, 2 12″ Jl W6 v2, 1 Jl 13w7, 8 10″ Id ctx”s, a Mtx Rfl and all I can say is its louder than all of them

  21. MetalDan (verified owner)

    I have put this sub through hell in just 2 weeks . Giving it 1500 watts straight out of the box setting amp gain by ear hoping I”m not clipping. Built a box 4.5 cubes tuned 32 hz single baffle no bracing held in with drywall screws. The box flexes. The screws holding the sub in are breaking 2 have broke 1 with a stripped hole. I accidentally poked a hole in the foam surround luckily it didn”t go through all the way. But I got it screwed back in and this thing. Slams. My window shakes . Everything shakes but pretty awesome driver side window flex. People in traffic look at me like I”m crazy. I pulled it out the box today and not to my surprise I”ve got a little coil discoloration. But I run this thing hot. Slamming sometimes for almost an hour straight full power . If it starts to smell. I turn it down. Otherwise I turn it up. All and all I”m very happy with this sub and when I blow it. Which I might not this thing ill definetely recone it it”s worth keeping. Thanks soundqubed awesome products awesome prices.

  22. Mike

    I have 3 of the hds315 and they absolutely pound. People that ride with me say they make their brain rattle.. I got them under powered right now but man I”m still happy.

  23. Jay Snegosky (verified owner)

    Great item! I hit a 145 with just a single one. Without and deadner or really any upgraded batteries!

  24. brandon

    The best sub I ever had sq for the win saving up for my second project hdc4 18 can”t wait I”ll never go to other brand soundqubed for life!!!!

  25. Steven Watson

    This is my first foray into subs outside of Kicker and Alpine and I can tell you for being SQ”s mid line if this is any indication of their upper line…I”m a SQ”ed customer for life. This thing is freaking amazing! I put it in the single 15″ Atrend box and it is just leaps and bounds above any two 12″ set up I”ve had thus far! I had two 12″ CompR”s on same 1500 watt amp and they were no where close to the low end and output of this sub. My only regret is I didn”t get the HDC and splurge for a larger amp. If you”re looking for a Lambo of a sub for the price of a Mustang look no further this thing is a beast!

  26. joe

    Bought 2 of these bad boys and let me tell you these things are absolutely beasts for the price you can”t beat em I got Em hooked up to a hifonics brx2000.1d in a crown vic and they slam flex my doors roof and everything and it takes quite a bit to flex vics like these are doing and not to mention they are 8th a crappy prefab box can”t wait to get proper box made for them and upgrade my electrical and get some more power and see what they really do they are destroying my trunk already I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for serious bass at a great price get these you won”t be disappointed at all

  27. David

    Iv”e had many setups, and this blows them all out of the water. Its still in the break-in period, but its LOUD. just 1 in a 4 cube box slams. I am extremely happy! Forget kicker, alpine, pioneer, and other mainstream audio brands. They don”t compare!

  28. Gabriel Slama (verified owner)

    Picked up a hds315-d2 on 9/16/15. Took about two weeks to break her in. Sub looked and sounded fantastic. Unfortunately after roughly 3 months notice a change in output of the woofer. Pulled sub checked impedance, everything good, but did notice some discoloration on the coil. Back in the box it went. Next day started getting a little coil slap / rattling. Wasn”t long and sub was toast. Overall sub performed pretty well but was a little disappointed it only lasted 3 months. Gains set with a dd1. Still plan on picking up another to replace this one. Hopefully with better results.

  29. Jose M (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 Hds3 15 and these subs do damaged and the very clean and deep bass just love it going to order 2 more gotta love soundqubed.SQ for the win.

  30. Alex Knott (verified owner)

    I”m afraid that my windows will shatter! So much bass!

  31. Ryan Ellison

    I got my subwoofer 5 days ago from writing this review. it is not broken it yet but holy crap. This thing slams. I had to take all of the change out of my truck because it rattled so much. SOUNDQUBED FTW!

  32. Ryan Clifton (verified owner)

    I just got my other hds3 15 in today. Very pleased with the condition of the subs. I will be installing them today. Thanks soundqubed.

  33. Jim m

    Built new box using digital designs app and another. 6.0 ft, 4.5 ft tuned 33 4×16.5 x20″ Sou nds great, was going to use RE XXX 15 but this was louder and better at much less $. My 2007 hdc312 still rocks in my tundra so wanted another aq/sound qubed

  34. Miguel Revelez (verified owner)

    Does exactly wht it claims, same exact thing as a DD, which is a very good and expensive brand but this one is less than half their price. It sounds very deep, amazing, cery loud with the right amp, cheap ones will make its limit alot less than it could be. If you have never owned a sub or a very loud one i would recommend just getting one of these and do it all right or take it somewhere it will be done right and your ears will ring. Makes my windows flew( not at full power) break it in right and upgrade and door speakers that are not atleast 50 watt rms, or add tweeters. Looks a hell of alot sexier in person, huge as hell. If you are looking for subs to break windows this is not it thoue, it will moke them for sure but not break them, 2 would, ir the hdc levels probably. Box built 4.5 cubic ft, tuned 33-35 herts. You will not find another sub this amazing for the price, as loud if not louder than any memphis mojo or crossfire ive heard. Subs this loud and good are priced atleast $1000 so take this deal guys, everyones been impressed with my single 15” and im sure your neighbors will know who you are after jamming this one around, turns heads, and dynomat is a good idea unless you want your trunk to rattle like a snake. BUY THESE SUBS GUYS, dont go anywhere else or believe anyone saying to do otherwise. These are awesome. Thanks!(:

  35. jacob

    I bought 2 and i have them wired to a 4ohm load running off of a brz1700.1 in my 2002 suburban, they are in a CRAPPY 5.2 cubic ft ported box, they are awsome, they get pretry loud for only 300rms going to EACH of them and i have a huge suv also

  36. JerryC

    I”ve owned a lot of subs in my 22 years of driving, everything from old school Soundstream SPL, Kicker, PPI, JL Audio, Diamond Audio TDX,Rockford Fosgate, Sundown… You name it I”ve banged it. These are THE BEST I”ve owned!!! I have 2 of these in a 5 cubic ft box tuned to 30hz running off a RE Audio 5000.1 in a four door f150 with the back seats removed to fit my box, amps and extra battery and they have my truck flexing like crazy. You can hear me coming a few blocks away and they”re not even broke in yet. They hit low and clear. I can”t believe these subs are under 200$ and are easy to rebuild if you damage them. Now I have to decide if I want to wall off the back seat area and add 2 more of these monsters. Sure I may go deaf but it”ll be fun doing it. LoL. I”d recommend these subs to anyone that wants major bass without breaking the bank.

  37. steve jones (verified owner)

    my first time order form u guys i got my subs form fedex today i open then boxes i was shock how they look they look really good like how they build these subs and they give me bunch of goodies to . like the customer service to they are nice people talk to and they help u out lot keep up good work guys.

  38. Hunter

    I just recently got this 15, and I am very impressed by it. This thing is very very efficient! I have this in a custom box at 4 cubes tuned to 34hz and it sounds great. The most supposing thing is that I am only putting 500 watts to it right now till I get a q1200. I can”t wait till I can hear it at full power. Get this thing and you will not be disappointed, it”s well worth the cheap $170 they are asking.

  39. Kye

    Have 4 of these on a taramp 8k clamped seeing roughly 1900 a piece, and they take it like a champ. Get stinky at times but still badass subs. Meters a 155.2. Can”t beat it for the price.

  40. Trey Mooney (verified owner)

    This is probably one of the most amazing subs I”ve ever had. It isn”t the highest model or the most competitive sub on the market but this thing sure packs a mean punch. I use to have a complete Rockford fosgate system and anyone who knows anything about car audio knows they have good products. Well this hds315 blows my p3 out the water. The dms rating on this one was the peak on the other. I paid a little over 200 for the rf 15 and got half the power of this monster. I love this sub. The only down side is that it needs so much air space. I have a custom built 2.65cu box and it”s way too small for this monstrosity of a sub. But when your an all out basshead box size don”t matter. I”d recommend this sub and have recommended it to many people so far. I”m pretty known in my town for my system and this sub just blew me over the top. I”ll probably be adding a few more of these to my system. Don”t even think twice about buying this. Just get it.

  41. McKenzie Brown (verified owner)

    I bought two of these bad boys to replace my hds215 and well, I hit 147.3 dB and these bad boys are hooked on Crescendo 2k. Amazing what damage these subwoofer do to my jeep. Can”t wait to have 6 of theses in my jeep. #SQ4Life

  42. Tony T

    First off im 17 and went from having 2 dual 12″s “the Walmart special” to having this beast of a sub. Im running a Pioneer Gm Digital series 2400 watt amp wired to 4 ohms so about 500 rms to break in, in a 5 cubic ft ported box. This sub bangs! Shakes my bones and makes my ears itch and tingle. I plan on running it at 1200watts rms at 1 ohm i know it will be amazing. Highly recommended you will be impressed.

  43. Mike

    best subs Ive purchased in 5 years I have a feeling I will be keeping these for a very long time. not even fully broke in yet and two of these are monsters at only half gain on a 2400 watt amp. highly recommend building your box to actually specs these things will make people turn their heads for sure

  44. Anthony O

    I have a single HDS315 running off a Sundown SAZ1500 at 1ohm. Now I opted for one of the Soundqubed Atrend enclosures to hold me over until I can get a custom built. Not too bad. I think in a custom enclosure I can pull more out of this sub. But for right now I gave it 4 stars.

  45. Todd Schippers (verified owner)

    First off, I”m 17 and this is my second build and I must say I am very glad I chose Sound Qubed. I just got this massive sub hooked up and installed last night and I am already very impressed. It”s in a 2.75 cu. ft. box (net) that”s tuned to 32 Hz. This thing pounds out all the low notes! I”m running it off of a HiFonics 1100 watt amp at 1 Ohm. That amp is only temporary until I break it in, then I plan to upgrade it to the 1500 watt version;) I haven”t even turned it up past half way on the bass knob and it already starts to thump. I am very pleased and will deff be buying from these guys again!

  46. shawn patterson

    Great sub, Great price! Soundqubed for the win!!!

  47. Corri C

    I hooked it up to my 2400 watt amp and it”s pretty much laughing at it, this sub sounds good but you have to feed it!!

  48. Mitchell

    I only have one of these subs to see how it pounded and holy crap! It blew me away, I hope to get another soon as soon as they are back in stock, I”d recommend this sub to anyone, and i proudly have the sticker on the back of my window (great quality sticker btw)

  49. matthew

    Great subs . I would definitely tell my friends to get them #team353

  50. Bryan S

    As a long time customer of Audioque, Ive owned the entire line of HDC3”s so I figured Id save some money, and try something else out. The HDS3 is a very good subwoofer for the price. I might just trust SQ with my business, as quality is still the same, and I was able to save some money lol.

  51. Kevin Moore (verified owner)

    These subs pound! If you”re looking for quality at an affordable price, you”ve found it with Soundqubed. Highly recommend these subs for anyone looking to add some serious bass to their ride without breaking the bank.

  52. Marc Frank

    I went from 15″ cvr kickers and got these HDS3”s 15″ model of course, and the side by side comparison is just funny. I literally have DOUBLE EVERYTHING that the CVR”s had. I”m talking excursion room, tightness, not the weight so much (not a bad thing) but the spider wires were double in the SQ sub, and tone… just taping the cone of the subs with them in the box and its clear, that the SQ”d sub is deeper just in the thud it makes. The surround is so much beefier, and the sound qubed sub just looks…. legit. It literally makes these kickers look like a joke. What was I think buying kicker in the first place.

  53. Shawn Hensley (verified owner)

    These subs are some monsters. You won”t regret buying this sub trust me.

  54. justin white (verified owner)

    I have 2 of these in a crew cab dakota pushing 1750rms each, they get low and loud. Best sub, especially for the price.

  55. Matt

    Heard two of these on a q2200. With the right box and power, you”ll be cringing and reaching for the door handle. Stupid loud, especially for the price. When I mean stupid loud, I mean stupid loud, insane. It”s one of those wtf moments when you initially hear it. Highly recommend.

  56. Jeremy Bradley (verified owner)

    Great sub that hits hard and sounds great. Can”t beat em for the price their being sold at. I am now a SoundQubed fan along with several of my car club brothers. Thanks SoundQubed for an awesome sub.

  57. Carson

    I got this sub to replace a Rockford Fosgate 15″ P2 and this sub isn”t even broken in and it blows the RF out of the water!! Only running about 1100 watts to it and getting tons of window flex with the lows tuned at 36 Hz! Amazing deal for the price and the quality of the product! Definitely satisfied!!

  58. trey caldwell

    Ordered the hds to replace my hdc3 after the motor shifted, kinda just wanted to experiment since I only had a Q1200d on my hdc3 so I knew I was under powering the hdc3, installed the hds300 today and on my Q1200d (on low volume for break in) already sounds better, deeper, and louder on 1200rms than my hdc3,the price and being half the size of my hdc3 made me skeptical but boy was I wrong, dnt hesitate to buy it, 1200rms and down go hds300 wouldve given 5 stars but ive only had it a few hours

  59. munzy

    LOVED these subs till one came apart. Not sure how or why. This is the second soundqubed item I have had go bad. They did stand behind the 1st one, but being from Canada shipping killed me. I just cant justify sending this sub back for warranty. I had 2 12”s on a fosgate t1500bdcp, worked fine for the first few weeks. Then the rattle started. I have given up and went back to my sundown.

  60. Kayla Stephens

    Hi. After being talked into sound qube by a buddy I ordered a hds300 15. Sound real good at first. It 2400 max. I have a brutus 1200 on it only up 15% to break in. I have 2 children and barley play them loud. But yet for some reason the coil came unglued and the come stiffed up. I call the sound qube rep or what ever he is and he was just rude and tells me the warrenty probally won”t cover it and to pay 30$ dollars to ship it back and have to pay to have it fixed. Almost as much as a new speaker cost. Anybody else would have just swapped it out. Good thing they only sent one sticker. It would be hard to peel off more than 1. I hope when I get enough money to ship it back they are more of a help than they were on the phone

  61. michael

    these things are monsters i used to have the re audio equivalent to these subs and the amp to match and they were way over priced and i was very unhappy with the quality of re audio but just picked up 2 hds315”s and q.1 2200d amp to power them and man they hit the lows and the sound quality is way better than that of re audio i would defiantly recommend soundqubed to any one looking for a quality woofer or amp they are amazing pieces of equipment

  62. Tyler

    I have just purchased 2 hds3 15s and they are incredible!! Construction is very strong on these subwoofers and all though they are a very stiff sub they sound great can”t wait to see what these things really got would definitely reccomend to anyone on a budget or just flat out want top of the line woofers

  63. malachi bluhm

    I have two of these HDS315 subs in my single cab f150. In a box that is 5.8 cubic feet before displacement, tuned to 33 Hz. I started these subs at around 300 watts each to give them time to break in and even so. These sounded better and louder than my old 15s at full power. Now I just adjusted the gains to get around 900 watts per sub and wow. I never thought I would turn down my bass but these things slam. I set my head unit for bass to -2 and these still turn heads. I cannot believe the performance out of a 170$ sub

  64. michael brown (verified owner)

    Fast shipping i love my new sub,great customer service. I would reconmend to soundqubed products to anyone. Great everything.

  65. Stanley clark

    I bought one of them to try them out I”m am super impressed well worth the money the down fall is I ordered another one just as soon as they went out of stock so now I”m waiting for my second one. I would refer soundqubed to any of my friends

  66. Jesse King

    The HDS315 is the PERFECT budget sub, but its performance is beyond that of a budget sub. They are amazing woofers. Would run them forever.

  67. David

    My friend pointed me towards soundqubed because i”m a penny pincher kind of guy, but let me tell you, this is no cheap stuff, in a tiny, temporary, 1 cubic foot ported box, this thing flexes my windows with the lows, paired with a q1-1200, you CANT go wrong. This setup slams harder than my friends 2 JL 12s on a JL 1000 watt. I honestly can”t say enough about this company, the products are quality, the customer service is on point, and not to mention the prices!! Soundqubed will be getting the rest of my money when it comes to car audio when i upgrade to an HDC3.15 and a 2200. Don”t even hesitate buying this or the 12, you won”t be dissappointed.

  68. shannon gibson (verified owner)

    I have 4 of these subs on 6k in 2010 expedition they are amazing ,pounding these subs in an octoport enclosure 13cubic feet after sub displacement, so far hanging in there no issues they are loosening up after 1 month sound better everyday

  69. CT

    I purchased 2 of the HDS315’s running off 2400 rms @ 1 ohm. I just threw together a particle board enclosure nonetheless and It flexes the hood on my expedition… I can push them at any frequency of test tone with gain near full and bass knob turnt up, they will not distort! these things are beast forget the price you cant beat these subs hands down against any subs in this category!

  70. Jacob

    I have a single HDS3 in a 3 cube box being powered by a kicker ZX750.1, and it gets plenty loud for me, I was very impressed with how the sub responds to fast or slow paced songs and how clean it sounds, would definitely buy again.

  71. Jose M

    Bought this 12 hds312 because i had a sq1200 wit my 12″ kicker l7 but the sub clips at full gain on the amp so now that I have hds312 it kicks the shit out of kicker l7s and it’s still breaking in. Soudqubed is the best and high quality but the most important cheap prices. Soundqubed great work

  72. Coleman

    the bang for your buck on these is amazing, with a good clean amp these will hammer your car and ears with a properly made box you can easily get 150dbs with two

  73. Walter Nelson

    Luv these woofers!!! They hit very hard and are very reasonable on the wallet. The quality is superb and very quick delivery. Glad I went with this product!!!

  74. Davindra Lochan (verified owner)

    These subs sound amazing.. Currently have them under powered. Running them off a Soundstream TA1.2000D. These things pound! Causes the roof to flex. I previously had the HDS212’s which were great, but I put them in my van since that needed some bass. Always sticking with Soundqubed great quality subwoofers. Would like to try one of their amps next.

  75. Brandon

    For the $155 i spent I just got the sub installed and its been playing for 3 days now .Everyday is a new day for that sub, its still breaking in obviously but you can tell everyday its getting louder and louder. I have always recommend Sundown because of their products, but now when anybody asks i will being recommending Soundqubed all the way! Im currently running the sub on a HiFonics Brutus 1200.1 in a 34htz custom box! This thing pounds! I can say it keeps up with Jl audio, and Sundown!

  76. David

    I have some pioneers but decided to upgrade to these and I can definitely hear a difference even with a weak amp. They hit lower and sound punchy . Can’t wait to upgrade to a better amp and build a new tuned box with it. The quality of the sub is great, thick magnet and well built. Thank you for the shirt and lanyard that was pretty sweet.


    I purchased one of these 2 months ago to replace 2 alpine Type R’s my friends said oh it wont be as loud going from two twelves to one. Im running this currently on a Kicker 1200.1 mono amp and one of these bad boys puts the 2 type R’s i have to shame. Needless to say a month later i bought a second one and will be installing both with a 2k amp in my car shortly. The sound quality is amazing and one of these will flex your entire roof, the performance of these are by far the best i have owned, this is very similar quality to the Sundown’s yet a fraction of the cost. Soundqubed will be my choice for all my future audio builds!

  78. Alfonso

    Poorly made glue came undone, which a recone kit would have solved but shouldn”t have even came undone didn”t even get to play at full potential or made it passed the break in point. Won”t purchase again.

  79. Mirro

    I used to have two Phoenix gold 10”s on a Q1-1200.2 but replaced them with a single HDS312 on the same amp and it hits twice as hard

  80. Benjamin

    Love them!!!! Exactly what I was looking for. Great Sound at a bargain price. Thanks Sound Quebed.

  81. Emmanuel

    I can say better than a kicker l7 that I had

  82. Joseph Vu

    What an incredible sub!!! For the price and the quality of the build, this is a wonderful speaker. Warm, punchy, and just flat out powerful. I looked all over Amazon for a sub that is under 200 bucks, and the listing were just mediocre speakers. But from a competition level company delivering this speaker for a budget… HECK YEH! I am loving the sub in the cab of my truck. Thanks for the great customer service too!

  83. Ronald Brumback (verified owner)

    great product, easy to power, loud and low. affordable, built with quality parts

  84. Nate bayne

    I”ve got two of these in my 2002 Ford Mustang. These things pound! I”m running them with the 1200 watt SoundQubed amp. Definetely going to but the Q1-4500 watt amp soon. I recommend these to anyone that wants to do some street competitions. I went to one and pulled a 134.5 decibel reading! Everyone asks me about them and says that my car is so loud. It shakes the chandlers in my house! Love SoundQubed and would honestly never go to any other company. Extremely satisfied with my purchase!!

  85. carl lewis

    Just ordered this sub,I”ve heard good things cant wait to hear it

  86. AJ Stammen

    Before I had two JL Audio W3V3 10″ subwoofers and to me at the time those were loud! But I never really got the SPL I wanted and let me say look no farther if you”re under 1500rms. This subwoofer is perfect and can handle tons of power. I currently have a Soundstream rubicon 1.1000D hooked onto a D2 model HDS312 and it slams really hard. I had people asking me at automotion 2016 if I had two or three subs in my car. It is everything you”d expect it to be. Also one thing I”d like to point out is if you decide not to buy the attrend enclosures, to not be afraid of other 12″ subwoofer box”s. Anything with a cutout diameter 11″ and up will fit the subwoofer. Hope this helps anyone deciding on a subwoofer.

  87. William

    I purchased a Sundown SA series 12 through Amazon and paid about $60 more. I was thoroughly unhappy with the SA-12. It was an awesome subwoofer, but to make a long story short I believe the subwoofer was a factory re-cone job with rookie mistakes made. After failure of mechanical components, I bought the HDS312. This subwoofer definitely gives the SA-12 a run for it”s money. In the correct box (some prefabs are alright) this subwoofer will blow away the competition. For a daily driver, the HDS series is the one to get; it is definitely loud, and has excellent sound quality for the price. I have had several different brands in several different vehicles, but I now believe Soundqubed to be at top of my list. Also, shipping was awesome for a southern state such as Texas.

  88. Trevor

    I purchased this sub in January, took 2 months to get built and shipped. The quality of this sub is excellent, rivaling much more expensive brands, and packaged well with hard foam. I have the D2 model on an American Bass 1600 RMS amp, and it can take more. Handles the lows very well tuned to 33hz in a 1.75ft box. I reccommend to anyone that wants an inexpensive woofer to handle high wattage!

  89. Jeff

    I have been selling car audio for about 3 years now. I have seen hundreds of different makes and models and lots of different price brackets. There is no doubt in my mind that the hds312 is by far the most bang for the buck. You will never find another sub under $200 that will put perform this one. It takes a crap load of power. Sounds amazing. And looks and feels awesome. Soundqubed should start a “subwoofer challenge” challenge other manufacturers to bring forth a product that can take more power and for longer than the hds312 and sound as good while doing it. I bet other companies coward to the challenge!

  90. Antonio

    I recently purchased a new car so I wanted to upgrade my stereo system.so i got 1 12 4ohm.wish they had the 2 ohm instock when i bout but owell..got a box built to 32hz 3cubes .on a 1500 brx hifonics..only 900 at 2ohm but bangs like 2 12s..definitely happy with the sub.put out graet bass and great construction. .going to put another 200 -300 watts rms to it..

  91. Duce

    Great sub but at the time I order mine i didn”t have the opinion to choose between buying a daul 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm woofer which kinda suck cuz I wanted the dual 2 Ohm instead but beside that the sub is great still trying to break it in.

  92. Matt nesbitt

    These woofers POUND. I have 2 12s on a Taramps 3k bix tuned to 34hz in a focus hatch and it gets DOWN… awesome subs

  93. Michael Bell (verified owner)

    I researched for two months to find the best woofer. I purchased 2-hds312”s. WOW these r some powerful subs. I bought the q-1200.1 to push them and that is an awesome set up to start out with. I recommend these to everyone that I know. Thanks soundqued. Yall did an awesome job .

  94. Jason

    I”ve had all major brand names and these blow them away..can”t wait to see what these soundqubed amps do.

  95. Chris B.

    I bought two of the to replace some type r”s that I kept going through like they were socks, got each one running at 2 ohms on 2 Alpine mrx-m110”s @ 1100w rms. They sound really good, they hit way lower than the type rs did, I do how ever need a Q1-4500D.1 for these subs.

  96. charlie

    I had 2 pioneer 12s and decided to build my own box and go better subs. I follow soundqubed on YouTube and looked online. Decided to go with the Hds312s. Great price and they hit so hard. Play a few demos for people and they can”t believe I only have 2 12s. Don”t hesitate to get them!

  97. Alex

    This sub will amaze you. I previously had 2 12 inch kickers i got for free and this blows then away. When the bass hits i can feel everything inside me vibrate. The only true way to explain it is that this shit bangs. I”m pushing it on 1200 watts from a kicker amp no problem. My only complaint would be that the screw holes were pretty bad to the point they”re basically covered, luckily i could just barely fit the screw threw. Not sure how that got past qc

  98. William

    Still breaking in the subs, spider is super tight. Sub coil is well aligned and glued correctly. 4.4 cuF ported @ 38hz to match level for DSP amp levels. Fill the void spots that stock subs could not like a champ.

  99. Cory Y

    What can I say, excellent woofer. People think I have 2+ subs and they”re surprised when I just have one 12. If I had more room for a bigger box, I”d buy another one in a heartbeat. Best subwoofer for the money on the market.

  100. Sam Hoffman

    This one 12 outperforms 2×12″ Kickers, and shakes the earth with such finesse. Picking SQ over a Best Buy brand was a no brainier. If you”re doing anything right, this sub should tear apart any pre made box. Build your own.

  101. Daniel Leonard

    I recently got one of these beasts last month, got it for my birthday. I have this just one of these paired with a Lanzar Evolution 4000 Class D Monoblock amp wired to a final 1ohm load. Sub is seeing 1430 watts RMS from the amp at this impedance. It is housed in a 4th order box tuned to 40hz. Let me tell you this thing slams harder than my buddies mofo 15. I haven”t had it metered yet, but people I give demos to say that is the loudest single 12 they have ever heard. If you are questioning wether or not to buy this stop epculating and BUY IT! May eventually get a second one of these beasts! 10/10

  102. William Hardwick (verified owner)

    These subs are amazing, the bass they produce insane. Don”t let the price fool you, it only makes what these subs can do even better. On top of that top it off with the amazing customer service Zack provides you with and you u have a win win.

  103. Rubin

    I”m running one of these on a Hifonics bx1500 at 1ohm in a custom birch box built to specs and it flexes my whole car and plays LOUD I”m in love with this sub and I tried a few others before like Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Pioneer, and JBL but they just don”t even compare. This one keeps up with $300-$400 subs for just under $200. I would never buy any other brand in subwoofers again besides soundqubed. Thank you soundqubed for awesome products at affordable prices and awesome customer service.

  104. melissa


  105. Justin

    If your thinking of buying it just buy it. This thing slams in a 2.5cubic box and loves the lows.

  106. BILLY (verified owner)

    Placed order on a Friday and received on Saturday. How”s that for quick shipping. Got 4 of these in my 2007 Durango on two Cresendo 2ks. Sound great and can”t be beat for the price.

  107. brandon (verified owner)

    so i bought this having little experience with sq. my budy had a couple hdc3 setups. thes s series are a great buy for the price. im going with 4 on 2 sq 2200.1s in a 4th order. going with all sq audio besides door speakers because mine are not made by sq. sub hits hard good clean sound cant wait to get my other 3.

  108. Tracy Parker

    I ordered 4 hds312 shipping was fast and was shocked at the sound I got out of the subs had 4 re sex 12 the bang a lot better than the re”s alot louder i had the in a sealed box in a blow through was loud after two week built a 4th order bandpass and then the came alive they are the real deal the back glass in my truck will have to be replaced as soon as the get broke in i have the on a audio pipe 3000 for now will be ordering a 4500 from soundqubed real soon in the very near future thanks soundqubed nice product

  109. DireRaptor22

    These put my previous SA-12s to shame. More musical and digs down deeper! Have two of them in a 5 cu ft box tuned to 30Hz. Underpowering them atm running a Q2200.2 but properly tuned with a DD-1. Still sounds amazing. One month in and they”re probably not even broken in yet. One thing I noticed on these is that the tinsel leads are MUCH more solid than the SA-12 (I fried my SA-12s tinsel leads). Can”t wait to hear these after they”ve broken in, and eventually get a Q4500 to power them xD

  110. Brian Jennings

    Just installed mine this weekend in a 4.91 cubic foot enclosure in a 2000 Ranger EXT. Ported box tuned at 33 hz. These things are amazing! I replaced 2 alpine Type R”s and the Sounqubed”s blow those away hands down! Running them on a PPI Black Ice 2600.1 at 1 ohm. I am not looking at switching out my components for Soundqubed”s as well. Tech support ahs been great with my numerous questions on box sizing, port sizes, tuning etc. Great work !

  111. Cole S

    I had 2 12″ alpine type r”s 5th gen. But I bought 2 of these hds3-12”s and they are fantastic. They can handle a lot more power than they are rated at. But they are very power efficient. Some subwoofers gobble up the power. But these subs seem to be very effiecient and loud. Very tight subwoofer. I”ve had them for about a month and they still aren”t broken in fully. Great subwoofers for the price. Hopeing to upgrade to the hdc4”s someday 🙂

  112. William K Tharp

    I could not be happier with this sub. I replaced a Hertz High Energy sub with this one and it hits harder, plays a wider range of frequencies and best of all, was a fraction of the cost. It is constructed well and looks good too. I am running it 1 ohm to my DD-M1C and am very happy.

  113. Edward

    I bought one of these about a month ago and put it on a hifonics Brutus 1700.1d as a daily at 1 ohm and it bangs while handling the power nicely. It does get warm after bumping at full tilt for 30 min but since I am overpowering it, it”s amazing I have it in a 4 cubic foot box tuned to 32 hertz and smashes the lows.

  114. Antonio D. Peavy

    All I can say is “WOW”! These speakers are amazing and were far above what I expected when I purchased them and had them installed. I order two HDS312”s and had them connected to my 2500 watt rms amp and the bass is powerful, deep, and highly responsive. These speakers are sturdy and built with quality. They can hang with any other 12″ sub regardless of the price or brand. I am a die-hard Soundqubed fan for life now,and I plan on only using Soundqubed subs in my vehicles. Thank you Soundqubed for an amzing product!

  115. Hosa

    the loudest subs I have ever heard. I can”t believe the sell these for only $160 they are some of the best subs I have ever had they blow away competition pioneers I used to have. Totally worth the money. I will put a YouTube video up soon. My YouTube username is 15HOSA take a look.

  116. charles deckard (verified owner)

    Ive ordered 2 of these subs and never been happier.They take whatever you throw at them like a champ.The first one I bought I had on a soundstream rubi 2500 watt amp.It was really loud.Then when I got the second sub I wired them to 1 ohm on the same amp.Not as loud but im still happy with subs.The only complaint I have with this sub was one of the tensil leads was pinched between the basket housing.Still plays fine just looks ugly.

  117. Armando

    I have 2 of these (4ohm) each wired to a Alpine MRPM1000@2ohms and it POUNDS!!! Loudest system I”ve owned, cant wait to swap the Alpines for a Q1-2200.2,maybe even two!!!

  118. Aj Waites

    I”m running 4 of these the dual 2 ohm I”m running 4 of them off a soundqubed q4500.1 at .7 ohms and all I can say is Wow these are monsters I have everything soundqubed but my highs and highs and mids amps soon to be all switched to soundqubed

  119. josh h

    I was skeptical at first and I was goin to order The HDC3 because my amp had just blown two 15s at 1400rms. but I spoke to customer service at SoundQuebed because they did not have those speakers in stock. After speaking to him for several days he reccomonded getting the hds3 over me spending the extra on the HDC4, which I thought was my only option.. well after installing these subs I have to brag on the fact that I spent less than 350 on two monster subs that broke in so well that ill never buy another sub from any other company. Soundqubed for life!!!

  120. Brandon

    Wow! This sub blows anything I”ve ever had out of the water!! Right now she is running on a sundown saz-1200d and the box it”s in is about 1.88 cubic ft and tuned around 36hz and it picks up everything!! You won”t regret buying this sub I plan on buying one more soon!!

  121. Darien Prow (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this sub to get some bass in my 3000gt. Due to the design of the trunk, i was limited to a smaller box (around 1.25cu^3). This sub still POUNDS. The lows (if I had the right volume for the box) would definitely be felt with this sub. It is a power hungry monster, so make sure you do your mechanical upgrades first (Big 3 upgrade, Wire in a battery to the trunk, etc…). It calls for 1200RMS, but if you break it in, it could easily handle around 2000RMS. I hope I”ve convinced you to purchase this sub. I”d also recommend the HDC3 12”s. Same great quality, but a little more expensive and hits harder.

  122. zack

    I bought 2 of these to replace my 2 boss phantoms, one of which i emded up blowing after a year. ive been using these on a power acoustik 1500.1 but i did have them on my lanzar 4000w for a while, oh man it made my teeth rattle!! These subs are by far the best ive owned! Ive even had Orions and these still sound better! I have them in a ported box tuned to 35hz everyone knows when im on the way! I will and already have reccomended these subs to all my friends!

  123. zack boyers

    This sub is everything that is advertised and then some. Sounds quality is suberb and does not require a lot of watts to get the desired bass I wanted for listening to a wide variety of music on a daily basis. Just do it right and break it in on 400-500 watts for a while it will not dissapoint. I got in the car today on day 5 of having it put in and it sounds so nice I don”t even have any desire to turn the gain up anymore…for now

  124. Blake Brazie

    At first I was a little disappointed but once I let it break in damn was this the best purchase I have ever made!!

  125. Ja

    It was a toss up between these subs and sundown sa12s, I had decided to run these subs since they were cheaper with a higher RMS rating while still from a reputable brand. I have 2 of these on a Rockville m4 3k at 4 ohms so it sits at 1500 watts going to each sub if I’m lucky, I don’t have my electrical where I should and this system just raddles the heck out of everything, people can here me from 3 blocks away, I’m also using th recommended ported box from soundqubed. Definitely worth the money.

  126. Mark

    I have one of these and wow. People are always in awww when i tell them its only one 12. For it being just one 12 in a 2004 chevy tahoe it fills the cabin with more than enough bass. I can’t wait to get the second one in. I currently have the single on a hifonics zeus 3200.1 which puts out around 1800 rms at one ohm and it loves it. As far as quality of bass that all depends on box. I did get a chance to listen side by side mine and another 2009 tahoe that had 4 15 inch q power and while his did shake a lot more stuff the bass quality was no where near my one 12. Even the folks in the store said his shook more stuff but mine sounded way deeper and richer inside. Now he’s planing on down grading and getting just 2 15 inch hds3.

  127. Joshua Buckner

    Better than expected I’m no expert but as a diy guy the people here at SQ have the most bang for your buck I plan to purchase another along with the Q2200 and grow from there!

  128. Austin Heath

    Okay I bought one Hds 312 and I didn’t think it would be much better then 2 Rockford Fosgate P3s . Boy was I wrong . This sub pounds out. I run mine in a huge box tuned to 22hz at 1226 rms @ 1 ohm . These will start to slightly break stuff in your car. Windows are very wobbly trunk goes crazy it’s definitely worth full price.

  129. Andrew

    Cannot review subs because six days after ordering they finally shipped. Very disappointed. Could have driven to OKC and back home in just a few hours. Will post a review of subs when I finally get them, but IMO their free shipping takes way too long.

  130. Brandon Cooper (verified owner)

    I’ve just up upgraded from my Mofo 122x,which I loved…I have these HDS 300 running @ 2ohm on a APCL30001d and they are MONSTERS. Thank you SQ.

  131. Rob P

    Fucking love em have 4 now and waiting to put in.I’ve had w7s t1t2t0s nothing can come close to these the slamm is clean I’m happy I’m sq for life. Ftw

  132. eric barabin (verified owner)

    I’ve been doing this subwoofer thing for about 25 years . These are by far very impressive . 1 HDS312 in a “3 Quebed” box at 1 ohm . not sure what amp , i have a few LOL . About 600 watts put through it so far . Shakes truck , house , and anything else in the near vicinity . Bass knob never pass half . Head unit(pioneer) never above a -10 @50hz setting . None better . I’m All In. (and i don’t gamble)

  133. melvin wallace

    Ok Quebers and Qubetts…I didn’t want to give a review until I had some break-in time with my hds312’s so I gave them about 2.5 weeks…As I read most of the reviews they were for ported and vented enclosures and that worried me because I only run sealed for sound quality and I didn’t know how they would fair in sealed, but I decided to chance it. Now I LOVE the 40hz and below frequencies boosted a little more than the average person does but I figured it would still be ok being mounted in a sealed box with a little help with the subsonic filter for more control it should still sound good…..well THEY SOUND FANTASTIC! with a good amount of power (which im running a digital designs M1c 1650@ 1ohm) the subs play clean and low just like I like. the hds321’s handle the power with ease so I know they will last for some years to come. With me sound quality is always first! and then spl…SQL….so for those considering these subs, DO SO, they sound great and believe that coming from one of the pickiest subwoofer listeners in car audio. Remember for these subs you’ll have to give them some power but It will be worth it in the end….GREAR JOB SOUNDQUBED! THETECH808

  134. Leek

    I got these subs, and compared to prices for subs with a box for rockford fosgate subs, or alpiine which costed 700-1500 in that store these have as much bang and im pretty sure more, for even less. I run them on a spl gorilla 6000 watt amp and i haven’t turn the bass knob but just above a quarter of the way up and my trunk gets crazy, and my back windows shake. I would recommend this subwoofer to anybody looking for something loud. The only thing is the magnet is pretty heavy and with two of these, and my Q-power box, my car looks slightly, maybe an inch or two lower in the back, and I might have to get springs soon. Overall great sub though

  135. THOMAS PADGETT (verified owner)

    replaced a fi q with Hds312 louder , cleaner and lower cant wait till this thing breaks in. Withut a doubt the best sub ive owned man could have got 2 and have change left over for the price of the Fi Q1200 is up next Soundqubed for life

  136. Josh

    Not my first time dealing with Soundqubed and their drivers. Coming from hd3s from years ago back when it was AQ. Going into a much more daily setup no competing here anymore. I love these things. I have 2 12s in my impala on a aq 2200 (Yes AQ lol) 4.2cf tuned to 30hz. Plays everything so well. 30hz-44hz. I couldnt ask for a better daily subwooofer for the price and performance. Great deal here!

  137. james wolfe (verified owner)

    Matched this up with the sq 1200.1 and they bang. Was supprised with how beefy they are. Great sound and hit them lows!

  138. Raul Torres (verified owner)

    I ordered mine a while back and still have not had the chance to try them out but i will very soon very exciting stuff. For the price on these subs you cant go wrong.

  139. Luke Knight

    I’ve been building car audio systems for about 6 years now and the HDS312 has impressed me alot. As far as subwoofers go I have had many different set ups in my personal vehicle. I have had: Polk audio dxi’s, Rockford fosgate punch p2s, a Rockford fosgate t2, Jl audio 12w7 and a few others. Not only has this single subwoofer outperformed all those subwoofers, it is offered at an extremely affordable price. Don’t be fooled by the low price, soundqubed knows what they’re doing apparently. Due to tight trunk space I have the box tuned to 30hz with 2.2 cubic ft (after port and woofer displacement), not only is the bass loud, you can also feel it in your stomach. The bass is very clean, be sure to break in the subwoofer for at least a few weeks. I’m currently feeding the sub 1800 watts rms. I have an xs power battery and 0 gauge wire run throughout and a slightly upgraded alternator (still only 120 amps). Needless to say this subwoofer is extremely power hungry, so upgrade the necessary electrical components before purchasing the sub. I am very very happy with soundqubed and I will more than likely purchase more items from them. I hope others find satisfaction in their subwoofers.

  140. Trinity Landers (verified owner)

    Awesome subs. Can’t wait to get them in a 5 cube box. The last 4 months they have been at 4ohm in a 1.8 cudic per sub box tuned at 38hz and they flex everything.

  141. Justin

    These subs are a fucking beast got 2 1500 audiopipe amps on each sub and man bass deep and loud..best sub I owned

  142. ROC

    I drive a 2000 Chevy Impala and decided to do a system change. I used to have a big box with 2 subs in the trunk. I wanted some trunk space back so I bought a Planet Audio AC 3000.1D mono amp and the HDS312-d2 sub. The enclosure is a vented box which may be to small for the sub. Again a trunk space issue. I don’t think I will regret any of these upgrades. I have the sub wired for a 1 ohm load at 2100 watts rms. The sub is rated at 1200 watts rms. I have been told that a break in period is necessary for the sub. I’m not sure if I will be able to do that because the sub sounds awesome. I really want to put the hurt on this sub so bad just to see how she will react. To this point I really like what I’m getting so far.

  143. John Ellison (verified owner)

    This sub is QUALITY. Very heavy duty. One thing not shown in the pictures of the website is that it actually has a double stitched surround. In my standard cab F150 using a center console box I built. I’m running mine with a Hifonics GLX1400.1D and WOW, this thing hammers! My box is tuned to 32Hz and this sub eats up the lows! Cab flex for days and rattles the front license plate. It craves more power! Gonna get a Q1-2200D and see what it’s truly made of! Die hard Sound Qubed fan from now on!

  144. Javier Munoz (verified owner)

    This sub is amazing! I’m only running half power and it slams. The deep bass tones will test your ear drums. I recommend this sub over any.

  145. Richard Jackson (verified owner)

    On a recommendation from a friend I bought this to replace a P3 that I blew a voice coil on. I dropped it in the same box (way too small building another one)and left my Hifonics amp on the same settings from my previous sub. Turned it on and……. suddenly my rear view mirror vibrated so much that it pointed downwards my sideview mirrors were shaking also. I walked around my car and witnessed my license plate bouncing off my trunk. All that happened at 4 ohms, once I get my larger box built I’m going to wire it at 2 ohms.

  146. RainStryke

    I originally bought one HDS312… had it for 3 months and thought I wanted a second. I bought the second, made a nice 5 cubic feet box ported and tuned to 30.5Hz and these are ridiculous. I have 100SQ FT of 80mil thick sound dampening in the trunk and doors of my car and it still flexes a lot of things. My set-up is in a 03 Toyota Corolla with a Hifonics Brutus Elite 1700.1D amp. It’s running @ 2OHM’s, so about 1200w dynamic RMS @ 14.4v. I also have the big 5 done and upgraded 160A alternator. Basically, if you want a lot of bass, go with one of these. If you want ridiculous, ear destroying bass then get two. My ears have been ringing and crap from these, so I’m thinking about moving over to something smaller.

  147. Cody

    I have these two hds312’s hooked up to a ZRX3200.1 and these things slam. I’m doing about 145db on my windshield in my hatch back.

  148. Steven

    I am very pleased with my purchase. I have two HDS312’s on an American Bass PH4000md in a 5 cube box, and it slams. Definitely the best out there for the price. I pretty much re-did my whole system for about $1,000 and it sounds like sex paired with 2 sets of the SoundQubed coaxials. I couldn’t be more happy!

  149. travis metzinger (verified owner)

    You know I’m proud to say I just bought these a week ago I have two 12″ hfs3 hooked up to an 900w amp, it may not be much but its more then enough to turn heads. Their were a sticker in each box with the subs and I’m more then happy to advertise I only wish I had a big sticker these r defiantly something I recomend for any of u base heads

  150. chris

    I’ve had my hds3 12 ffor about a month now on hifonics brx1600.1d at 1ohm its handling the power great push it the 1600 watts to it hardy even gets warm after pounding on it at full tilt for 30 mins great sub plan on getting 3 more real soon as I get some more power thanks soundqubed keep up the good work

  151. Keith

    Yes, This HDS312 is Awesome. Deep Ass Bass with a Punch. I built a custom enclosure specifically for this driver and got considerably more low-end bass than a different 12″ that I’d previously used. I think the Bass hurt one of my friends !!! Thank You SoundQubed for making my System sound Bad-Ass.

  152. Todd

    I’m coming off a sundown zv412 and can’t tell much difference I’m sold getting a second one any day now I’m now a soundqubed guy FTMFW

  153. Christopher Carruthers

    I really never bother with writing reviews but I felt compelled to write one about the two HDS200 I purchased. They are very high quality subwoofers. I still got them in the break in phase I have these subs on 1400 watts rms and they sound amazing with good Sq sound quality and good spl sound quality as well I am a believer now soundqubed ftw.

  154. Kyle Bradford

    These things pound For what they are, I have a Hifonics Titan 1500. Pushing one in a pre fabbed Memphis ported box, sub wants more power to be honest. Best purchase I’ve made so far for my 07 g35 sedan

  155. jon

    ive owned alot of different types of drivers… i mean alot! i waited awhile to make my review because i see alot of reviews about these subs where the owner only uses it for about a day and reviews it. ive been using these subs in a daily set up in my 01 yukon in a box with 2.13 cubes per sub with about 15 inches of port per foot. i metered a 141.46 but numbers wherent an issue due to the daily in tendencies. i have two d2s at 2 ohms on a bc3500 and they take it pretty well. obviously only seeing about 1000 per rms. they get oh so low! and thats exzactly what i tuned the box for. ive been flicked off and screamed at in traffic more then i have ever been with any of my other systems.lol i ordered two more and will be wiring them to 1 ohm on the 3500 and will be tuning a little higher this time and it will be interesting to see if i can break a 150 with these daily oriented subs under 30hz. thats the goal anyway. i have always been a sundown nutthugger but this experience has me ripping the sundown decals off the truck and replacing them with soundubed decals 🙂 i would recomend these to anyone that is looking for nice lows. tune around 32 and give them just more then 2 cubes. i will update my review the more i test. HAPPY BUMPING MY BASSHEAD FRIENDS!

  156. Rascal (verified owner)

    I contemplated purchasing a few other brands that cost 3x times more. So glad I didn’t! Awesome subs at an amazing price! Thanks SQ for yet another flawless transaction!

  157. Anthony Lique

    When I bought this sub I was going from 2 12 Kicker CVRs in a custom ported box to this single 12. I was expecting it to be a bit quieter than the kickers. Boy was I wrong this single sub in the right box will be louder than most dual 12 setups. I am shaking car panels on my car I didn’t know could flex. Make sure u get matching SQ 1200.1 amp to feed this thing power. If u are looking at this sub just buy it already I promise u will be happy!!

  158. Coltan Carlen

    Just installed these subs in my 04 Grand Cherokee and let me tell you what. THEY SLAM!! Put em in on a Friday and come Sunday I entered in a local bass competition and hit 140.8 decibels!! And they are way underpowered with a cheap amp. Looking to upgrade to bigger one soon and see what I can really got out of these bad boys. I’ve always been a kicker guy and will never go back. You can’t get any better then the HDS3-12’s GOOD WORK GUYS!! Customer for life!

  159. c_burg

    Amazing products, especially for the price, u cant go wrong!! Check out my 4 hds3 12s powered by sq3500 on my instagram @gvilleswamp. Also running sq pro audio mids and tweets, sound great!

  160. jay

    Bought this sub kuz my skar vvx-v2 blew n these subs r priced right and have great reviews so thought id give SoundQubed a try. threw it on my skar 1000.1lp. Long story short this subs incredible its cheaper, plays louder, lower n has all around way better SQ. its in my custom 2.8 cu ft box after wood, port n sub displacement. Great sub great company/customer-service n super fast shipping will definitely b buying another sub and sq2200

  161. Jay Powell

    growing up I’ve always had the mainstream brands like kicker, Rockford fosgate, alpine etc etc. but a friend of mine told me about soundqubed( which I haven’t heard of) so I was ok I’ll try them out and I have no regrets what so ever. it’s the best sub I’ve ever had. and now I have some of my other friends wanting them too. if you’re looking to get these subs, go for it you won’t be disappointed!!

  162. Joe Wyatt

    So I had this for about a month and I can honestly say is Wow. It really out performes anything else I have own and it hits super low pushing it with the soundqubed 1200 and it takes every bit of it. I’ve been in car audio for over 20 yrs and have own all kinds of brands like jl, rockford, Orion, Arc Audio, Eclipse, Sundown,SoundSplinter and many more and have to say this company makes really great sound quality products at very great price. I will make future purchase from this company for all my car audio needs thanks again.

  163. Tony

    Running two of these in a 4 cu. ft. box tuned to 25 Hz. Hit harder then my friends MOFO 15’s, even make his rearview mirror shake from a couple parking spots away! Threw these in an Audi and now have the loudest sleeper system in covington. I always get comments on what 15’s I’m running. Smh. Can’t go wrong with these beauties! Best bang for your buck!

  164. christopher ogle (verified owner)

    I was at odds of which Sub to buy when one of my Orion XTR PRO 12s blew. I was going to buy another Orion, but a friend recommended Soundqubed. I bought 2 of these and wow they hit almost twice as hard as my Orion Subs did. My amp is not nearly beefy enough to push these so I am going to upgrade that next after they are broken in. Once I upgrade my amp I am sure these are going to hit 4-5 times harder than the Orions.

  165. jimmyjamm

    the best sub i’ve ever bought for the price of a used one!from a rockford power hx2 12’s to a hds312? no problem!bring the noise and ill bring you the bass in yo face!

  166. Christopher stirgus

    I have 6 of these powered by two aq/sq 3500’s @ .33ohm each in a 4th order bandpass wall. These things are musical and meters above 155s 156s 157s db. I happen to blow 2 and plug the holes and still did 154s on MUSIC with four 12s. Check out build: facebook- the loudest sport trac Youtube- the loudest sport trac

  167. Oleg Ni (verified owner)

    Just got this thing installed in my friend’s mustang, custom made box and using my old audiobahn 2300hct amp. The output just from the 1 sub is amazing. It is so incredibly loud. Most people would think you have at least 2 12s back there. It sounded pretty good from the 20 minutes of me listening to it so far and I expect it to get better as it loosens up. This is one monster of a sub that outperforms most subwoofers that cost much more.

  168. Jeff LaField

    Great sub, great service.Just make sure to put it in the correct inclosure..

  169. David Harris (verified owner)

    I purchased (2) of these HDS3 12’s in the D4 option. I went ahead and stepped up my electrical to a HO alt, 3 AGM batteries, and also purchased the Q2200.1 amplifier to push these. Let me tell you now, you can’t go wrong! These woofers have now broke in after 2 weeks and they are just impressive. For the money, I can’t believe it! I had two Fosgate P3 15’s on a Kicker 1200.1 amp, and these two 12’s outperform the 15’s in every aspect. I custom built my enclosure to 4.2 net @ 33hz and not only are these things crazy loud, but actually fairly musical. If you want SPL for not a lot of money, these are it. What’s nice, they actually have a broad frequency range to them as well. Keep up the great work SoundQubed. Customer for as long as i’m in car audio. Next year, I will be selling the HDS3’s, and buying the HDC3’s. Will also be buying another Q2200.1 and strapping them. The Woodlands better watch out!

  170. tony (verified owner)

    what a improvement over my old sub setup, set of Pioneer ts-w3002. these hit more frequencies better louder and cleaner. seem very well built. SQ can expect more of my $$ in the future, i seen the light and im not looking back.

  171. Jarred Hawkins (verified owner)

    I purchased the dual 2 OHM version and I have it hooked up to a 1000w audiopipe D class mono amp and it is inside a large 2.75sq ft ported box. It is loud as hell even at 1/3 volume and it isn’t even broken in yet. I had a DD512 sub before this, it was 30 dollars more and nowhere near the same performance. You really can’t beat the price. I have never had a sub this powerful in any of my cars and it’s cheaper than anything I have had before.

  172. Eric

    I was always skeptical on Soundqubed, even when they were AudioQue, but i finally got a pair of these HDS300’s for a buddy of mine, and man. They are amazing woofers for the price. They hit good highs and lows, and they never get stinky. I love the cooling system, they are almost never hot after hours of play. Great great stuff here, wont be disappointed

  173. jacob burt

    wow nuthing can compair to this sub in its price range

  174. E.R LAB (verified owner)

    Wow, 10″ sounding like 12″ , hits hard. No disappointment with SQ subs, I love em. My box is custom built tuned to 37 hertz.

  175. Malik

    I have 2 of these lil beast in a custom ported box with a hifonics zues 3216 and a second battery. I can feeel the power! Never seen a trunk or roof flex so much. 1000% would recommend

  176. Akeem

    Bought one hds310 and i could not be more satified man this thing hits hard! i have it in a ported box and it sounds like i have more than one sub in the car. Soundequbed is awesome no regrets!

  177. michael

    Very good speaker got it under powered and there beast.

  178. Will

    Amazing sub for the price!! Only had a few weeks so far hooked up to Soundqubed 1200.1 amp wired down to 1ohm, very impressed with the combo

  179. Eric Vosen (verified owner)

    Awsome! Love the subs. They hit hard and sound amazing. I”ve been out of the audio game for about ten years abs these subs are the future of bass

  180. Michael Bove

    I bought this sub to replace a Pioneer Champion series 10″ since they don”t make them anymore. This sub sounds much sharper than the Pioneer and has a much better range as well. If you listen to a lot of black, industrial, and all around extreme metal, this is the sub to get!

  181. Nick Mc

    These subs are absolutely amazing! Buddy of mine said these where the best bang for my buck. I was not disappointed. Loudest system yet. Can”t wait to check our more of this gear.

  182. Mike Tablit

    I started looking for speakers to put into my new Ram 2500 and know what I wanted it to sound like. I wanted this to be the loudest, cleanest, best sounding system I”ve ever had and let me just say I”ve had a number of good sounding systems. I never heard of Soundqubed nor had anyone I know. The more I looked into them the more I wanted to see if all the hype was accurate. So I bought a pair of HDS 310”s to go under my back seat and two pair of 6.5”s for my doors and a pair of tweeters for my dash. I also got the Q12200.2 for the subs and ran a 350 watt Fosgate amp to the 6.5”s and tweeters up front. I put the subs in a fiberglass box under the seat and after resolving a couple of issues they fit fine. Bottom line to all of this is this system is the best sounding system i”ve had. These things (D4”s) are wired at 1ohm and eat every bit of power sent to them. The bass is tight and the lows sound unbelievable. The highs and mids are clean and clear even when it is turned up. I haven”t turned it all the way up yet because I am still breading them in but so far they sound amazing and can”t wait to see what they can really do. Thanks Soundqubed, I will never use any other product. I”m glad we are family now!!

  183. Dee

    got off work and saw SQ box on my bed, open it up and all i can say is this sub looks beefy and heavy duty.. very nice sub.. cant wait to get this bad boy banging…

  184. Charlels

    When I opened the box i was amazed at how beefy it was. Nice and heavy, solid. Seems to be well put together. I just turned on my stereo a few days ago after new install and everything so far all around sounds great. Car isn”t a daily driver so havent even cruised around and listened to music yet but I will friday 🙂 I can definitely see going with this sub in my other vehicles for sure. I will try and remember to write another review when I put more hours on the sub 🙂 definitely would recommend

  185. erik

    Holy S!!!! I have been running dozens of single and dual sub set ups for years and this thing is top 3 in performance and #1 in value! AND ITS DAY 1 of installing it!!! cant wait to break it in….Have 1 10 running on 1 ohm and getting about 1300watts rms from a RF amp and it HAMMERS and sounds GREAT doing it! I pushed it more than I should have but no smells or anything from it. I have an Ampere AA 12 inch that “handles” 1500w and it gets a little overworked smell after a minute full bore, not this little beast! I will be turning it down to break in over the next week or 2 but I am impressed. The suspension is so tight right now and it still performs awesome. I had a HDC 310 that I was impressed with as well but for the money savings – the HDS is way to go. Well done SQ!

  186. Shane Wargo (verified owner)

    I opened the box , smelled the CA glue and my eyes got wide. They packaged it so well. One of the beefiest 10’s I’ve owned hands down. Haven’t got on power yet but when i do i know it will perform. Nice and stiff. Best $150 i have ever spent on a sub will be buying another.

  187. Paul Thuet

    Finally found enough watts to make this sub rock. I used some remixed tracks from my pc on a JVC head unit. Too the point…this thing is a beast. I bought the HDS310 with dual 2 ohm coils. After several attempts at finding enough watts to push this thing. Whew…tracks with 20…30..and 40hz on up enhanced bass will make your eyes flutter, make your voice flutter, not too mention your ears. I am old school but have moved up to the new stuff because they just don’t make a speaker that would do this at this price or triple this price….if I can get this out of a 10…I cant wait to try a pair of 15s. Soundquebed is the way to go..get it while you can…this stuff is going to go up in price…

  188. Randy

    Great sub have one in my truck and it slams.

  189. Branden

    Purchased ONE of these and built into a custom box according to SoundQubed specs (~1.25 cubic feet [including sub displacement and port displacement]) that fit into my 2012 Camaro 2LT that came installed with the upgraded Boston Acoustics 9-speaker system. The stock bass was decent, and hit a wide range of frequencies (from around 50Hz to 100Hz+) but lacked a ‘punch’ (as most Boston Acoustics do). Bought a dual-voice coil 2-ohm and wired parallel down to 1-ohm and combined with the SoundQubed Q1-1200D amplifier (that is 1-ohm stable) and am pushing 1,200 watts RMS to them with the gain about 1/2 way up, and all I have to say is that I will NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING ELSE FOR ANY FUTURE CAR AUDIO INSTALLATION UNLESS IT IS SOUNDQUBED. Being a 10″ in a ported box it does help hit lower end bass notes (~30Hz) but not as low as a 12″ would hit. I chose a 10″ because of trunk space limitations and I still wanted to retain half of my trunk for misc. items to place in there. Needless to say, combined with the Boston Acoustics 9-speaker system, this ONE 10″ is AMAZING. If I could rate this above 5 stars I would give it a solid 7 or 8. If you are on the fence regarding the low cost, take it from me. My friends always ask if I’ve got two 12s in the back and the feeling I get when I show them my single 10″ is unexplainable. If you’re on a budget around $500-$700 and want an impeccable subwoofer/amp combo, love a sub with a huge range of frequency response, and want a punch (unlike Kicker that overpowers the vocals and instrument frequencies) then don’t even give it a second thought. Buy this sub RIGHT NOW. I will never regret purchasing this. I will eventually upgrade to possibly two 10s and wire to a Q1-2200D, but until then I have more than satisfied with my purchase.

  190. Oleg

    Good product, 4th overall item I bought from them. It slams, but came with one of the terminals detached from the frame. Didn’t return it as to not waste time. Good product overall, but QC needs to catch this kind of stuff.

  191. matteo

    So they come out of a well packaged box, just like you want. Heavy as hell, beffy and suspension is TIGHT! Take your time to loosen the suspension and before you know it, it’s hitting lower than any 10 you’ve ever heard. For 150 bucks you will NEVER find a better option. Period.

  192. Shawn Hensley (verified owner)

    Two of these subs flex the windshield in my xb. I plan on buying two more of these beasts.

  193. Alex Morales

    Just got to put my two 10’s in my car about a week ago. Currently, they are wired at 4ohms on the Q1 2200D amp. Specs for the amp indicate that at 4ohms, it puts out 400rms. In the correct box, these subs SLAM even with only giving about 200rms to each! So far, the friend who built my box feels like he’s going to have to step his game up, two other friends think my setup is almost even with one of their’s, a cop that pulled us over said, “god! that’s loud! sheesh!” , another friend said, “daaaang! what do you have?” and then said, “whaaat!!?” when I told him it was two 10’s on 400rms total. I can only imagine what these subs can do when wired at 1ohm and at their full potential. Love these subs. Don’t underestimate them by their affordable price!

  194. Jackie serrano (verified owner)

    Freaky A. Like everything ya make

  195. JaMale Clark (verified owner)

    Well build subwoofer, stiff suspension, green stitching is nasty as f $#k. Got it tuned to 33hz on 5000 watts of power and it metered 153.7 first time. Still need to let them break in but in my 98 GMC Sierra sle with a custom ported box it really moves air and broke part of my dash. Well worth the money, could sell at a higher price for this type of quality. Team SoundQubed Keep up the great quality of work and customer service

  196. Sean

    Stamped basket is a big downgrade

  197. Jackie

    I had 2 hds 212 and one of these hds315 slams way harder with better sound quality

  198. P

    This baby definitely exceeded my expectations. If I get a bigger vehicle. Will definitely get another one!

  199. Rickey

    Awesome subs! Definitely will be doing business again soon!

  200. joseph bernal (verified owner)

    I had the sub for a month playing well and out of nowhere it blew while hitting really low bass. The amp I was using was a jl 1000.1d. And I thought it needed more bass? I was wrong!

  201. wesley

    it’s absolutely amazing, Will defiantly be the sub brand I put in all of my vehicles I buy. all I can say is you will not be disappointed.

  202. Joshua Lee

    When searching for two more HDS 315 subs to buy and saw a stamped basket…

  203. derek

    Just got this subwoofer in and put it in a 5 cube box at 32 Hertz and this thing hits the Lows nice considering it’s only 650 Watts for break in. Would recommend for sure

  204. Zak

    Stop procrastinating! Pull the trigger u won’t be disappointed

  205. GEORGE

    Powerful and controlled Driver with a strong punch and woof on the low notes.. love the set up along with the 1200 series sq amp

  206. Sean Temple (verified owner)

    I got it unboxed but haven’t installed it but I can tell it’s extremely well built very tight coils green stitching looks sick! Wish there was 10 stars!

  207. Dominic

    I ordered this sub in a dual 2 and it came in a dual 4. However, I have it on 1200 watts and it is way louder and way lower than my buddy’s fosgate p3 on 2k. For the money, this is one of the best subs on the market

  208. Adam

    Moving some serious air with this thing. Taking 900 RMS without flinching. Hungers for more power, I need to feed it.

  209. J. H. (verified owner)

    Ordered a pair Wednesday they were here Saturday fast shipping. Nice color, the basket not to happy with. Being that standard size Philips head screws did not hold the sub. The holes are bigger then the hds3 models. But they still sound good still going through the break in stage before I can really crank them up. Paired up with a pair of hds3

  210. Coy brandenburg

    Best bang for the buck in the market!

  211. BlaqOp3

    Its kind of early for me to right a review because today was the first day I’ve played with the sub. Suspension wasn’t too stiff out the box so every song I play its getting louder. I recommend a custom box. This thing is monstrous. I’ll update around the first of the year but so far SoundQubed FTW!!

  212. Senovio Castaneda (verified owner)

    These subs bang and are at the right price. I caught them on sale so even better. very satisfied with the results.

  213. Harman

    Shipping is really fast, I recieved my item in 3 days. They secure the product really good. You will recieve it fresh as you can ever wish, anywhere in the world. I paired it with SQ Q1200 amp on 1 ohm, oh man, its really an impressive product. The installation guys were so amazed to see the quality and power of this sub. I am running it on my stock electronics on mustang without any problems. Trust me, if your are here and reading this review, don’t think too much, just add it to cart and place the order. It is my first music system and it hits really hard in my custom 31hz ported enclosure. You can’t find 2500 RMS max watt output in local expensive brand market in this price range. It makes my whole car flex. Extremely happy with it. Thanks to Soundqubed guys to provide me excelent customer service. I’m choosing SQ over any other brand anyday. Thanks.

  214. Robert Edwards

    Damn running two of these of a skar 2500 and I’m very impressed so far can’t wait to turn things up once broken in

  215. Zack Stuart (verified owner)

    I have been through numerous sets of subs…absolutely the best bang for your buck. Easy install and these things pound! I am only running 450w to each sub and cannot wait to get more power to these things!

  216. Cody

    After the first month I wouldn’t change a thing. Two dual 4 ohm, box tuned to 35hz, brx2400D and SNI-35 LOC. I’ve owned hdc-12’s and 15’s. I work with other brands daily with builds at the shop and these two 10’s are far superior. I’m going to give it about three or four months before upgrading LOC and wiring down. Couldn’t be happier with these subs already, and I know they’ll only get better with time. 7394g6560

  217. Mathew

    Hi guys don’t write reviews but here goes, I have two of these and a single 15 running in sealed enclosures for Sq setup the 10″s are tuned at 110 Hz down to 50 Hz and the 15″ from 50 down and they run off Alpine Pdx M12 amps 1200 wrms at 4 ohm loads and I am extremely impressed as they run in more the response is getting heaps snappier and deep lows. Has totally blown away any subs I have had before totally recommend but they need power lol

  218. Saul Elias

    It’s the best subwoofer I have ever owned

  219. Steve

    This sub is power hungry. I first ran it with a old school ppi 500iqx pushing 700w to it and it wasn’t enough. So now I have a CT Sound amp pushing 1500w and it is just about right. Custom built box tuned at 32hz and it sounds good. Great price and great sound can’t beat it.

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