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HDX3 Series Subwoofers

(5 customer reviews)


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  • 1500 Watt RMS, 4500 Watt Peak Power (Burps Only)
  • 3″ Voice Coil
  • Cast Frame
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The HDX3 series heavy-duty subwoofer is well suited for use as a competition subwoofer with a beefy, monstrous, made in the USA dual voice coil! Find it in 12 inch, 15 inch and 18 inch sizes!

The HDX3 can handle 1500 Watts RMS power and 4500 Watts Peak power for burps.

HDX3’s motor features a thick top plate, high motor force, and a tight gap for high-efficiency speaker design. A taller 4-spoke, cast aluminum frame makes room for a larger diameter spider for lower tuning and greater accuracy. The larger diameter spider’s new roll profile allows for low F’s without sacrificing power handling or control.

The HDX3’s taller and wider surround allows for even more precise excursion and new pulp-blend cones are stronger than previous fiberglass-laminate designs- And they’re lighter too!

We are ditching the stitching on the 1500 Watt Power Band.
Other improvements over the HDC series subwoofers include the presence of a thicker, more robust aluminum former, as well as black anodizing. Double slit venting and a higher temperature resin are included for increased cooling abilities, enhanced performance, and a longer subwoofer life.

RMS Power1500 W
Peak Power4500 W
Magnet Weight300 oz
Coil Diameter3"
Coil Length50 mm
Usable Throw68 mm
Woofer Size12"15"18"
F(s)26.92 Hz26 Hz27.59 Hz
ImpedanceD1 / D2D1 / D2D1 / D2
Z(max)70.16 Ohm63.8 Ohm55.47 Ohm
V(as)28.59 Liters78.08 Liters168.6 Liters
M(ms)440.9 grams472.8 grams410.9 grams
Sensitivity 1W/1m84.03 dB87.41 dB90.64 dB
Sd0.051 m20.082 m2.121 m2
Mounting Depth8 7/8"9 1/2"10.5"
Circle Cutout11 3/8"13 7/8"16 9/16"
Ported Enclosure (Cu Ft):1.75-2.75 FT³3-6 FT³5-7 FT³

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12 Inch, 15 Inch, 18 Inch


Dual 1 Ohm, Dual 2 Ohm

5 reviews for HDX3 Series Subwoofers

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    This is for those who are hesitant!

    This Subwoofer is on a level of it’s own!

    I was looking for a subwoofer that would get me back into car audio with a hopeful side effect of inspiring me to make music again and drop some dope bass tracks for everyone to enjoy.

    I’m BLOWN AWAY by it’s performance!

    It can deliver high volume of SPL with ease! It’s quick too, jab you quick like a boxer! It’s very powerful and very musical. It’s sounds good on the higher bass like 40hz-60 but for those of us lows lovers, It gets LOW and does it with Authority! It hit very, very hard! The shipping here to Dallas only took about 3 days or more like 2 1/2 days. I have it in a suv inside a 4 cubic foot enclosure, tuned to 29hz on 2500watt rms ! Everything move! Roof, panels, side mirror, cargo door! The doors flexing off one subwoofer! Now I’ll decided to get two HDX4 15s. This company change my life, reignited an old passion I thought was lost because I became a father and a husband. I’m always worrying about something but My wife say I’m alot happier the other day. I be happy to go outside on my lunch break LoL I’m a BASSHEAD…. WARNING!!! If you DON’T want your bass to bleed outside the car, these are not for you! If you have a point to prove and you enjoy having a ton of sound and air blasting you like wind storm, BUY THEM NOW! The HDX3 will be felt in cars around you and will be heard from a long distance away, way before you arrive. These subwoofer will tear your car up so be smart and have fun. Get them because I absolutely loves mines😍

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Ryan

    I’m “Ryan Bass For Life” on You Tube and all I can say about my 2 18″ Soundqubed HDX3s is WOW THERE VERY GOOD!! I had my first one for a year longer than my second one. They never needed a recone kit and I clipped them I well just about did everything you shouldn’t do to a subwoofer and they keep working!! I just filmed a video of the 36mm of XMAX and all I can say is they really move a lot of air. So much I blew my box apart from the added power I gave them. Yes I used to have 2 Hifonics amps on my setup now I have 2 Soundqubed S1 2250 amps strapped and they are very powerful amps. So if you want an 18″ subwoofer that moves 36mm of 1 way XMAX 72mm of XMECH for around $340 than you can’t beat this offer!!

  3. Ryan

    I love my 2 18″ HDX3s. There very loud and that 36mm of xmax is very true. I recently did some free air test and I think I got these HDX3s to move about 36mm of xmax! My setup I’m tuned to around 28hz but I can shake my doors playing 13hz and I have a wide range of frequency bandwith on my setup. I can play 10hz to 65hz and each note hits hard and comes out so clear on my Soundqubed 18″ HDX3s. I had no issues with these subwoofers and I owned them over a year now!

  4. Lucas Brackett (verified owner)

    Love my SQ products. I’ve had the hds3.1 line previously and for the money I thought they were a great deal. Fast forward to buying the HDX3 15 and I feel like I got over on them with this purchase. Under $300 for a beefy 15 that’s taking 3k daily makes me feel like I should of paid a lot more after running some of the other big name brands. Direct leads. Musical sub that will get loud as well. What’s there to not like about the HDX3 line? I’m sure you will love them if try them.

  5. Ryan

    I run 6 of the HDX3 15’s in my hatchback. Results are impressive

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