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Take your competition-level, demo system to deeper lows with more excursion with the HDX3 subwoofer. For a daily-driver systems the HDX subwoofers are less power hungry than the discontinued HDC series. Big boxes and wall projects will get more excursion at high power to really get air moving for hair tricks.

The motor features a thick top plate, high motor force, and tight gap for a high-efficiency speaker design. A taller 4-spoke, cast-aluminum frame makes room for a larger diameter spider. The larger diameter spider’s new roll profile allows for the Fs to come down without sacrificing power handling or control. A taller and slightly wider surround allows for additional excursion. New pulp-blend cones are stronger and lighter than previous fiberglass-laminate designs. We are also ditching the stitching!

Other improvements to the HDX3 subwoofer include a thicker aluminum former, black anodizing, double slit, higher temperature resin, and a beefier U.S.-made coil.

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12", 15", 18"


Dual 1 Ohm, Dual 2 Ohm

9 reviews for HDX3 Series Subwoofer Selection

  1. azmcrae88@cox.net

    Giving it about 1200 watts (after box/impendance rise) in a ported application and it sounds so much fuller with more output but also more low end authority. In 15″ subwoofers, I have used old school JBL 1500GTI subwoofers, JL Audio 15w6 subwoofers, Elemental Designs subwoofers, 15a and 160v2 and this subwoofer is so close to the output that 2 of the previous subwoofers could do yet it can do it will less power and as only 1 driver, not 2 – double the cone area….Note the suspension is very stiff out of the package but does loosen up a good bit with only 1 hour of proper use. First time I have heard a subwoofer / speaker actually improve with the suspension being broken in beyond 5 minutes. The suspension is that stiff from the get go….

  2. Matthew Kruchten

    Just got my hdx3 18 d2 delivered by FedEx first off it was here a day early which is awesome secondly this thing is gorgeous defiantly worth the money I spent now I just gotta wait for the wolfram c2400.1 I ordered to power this bad boy and build an enclosure for it definitely can’t wait to put some power on this beast I debated for months about ordering this subwoofer and boy I am glad I did my 15 inch hdc3.1 looks kinda weak compared to this thing I have that 15 and another motor that had an 18 inch hdc3.1 basket on it think I may just build both of them into 18″ hdx3’s thanks soundqubed I know I’m gonna love this subwoofer

  3. Weston Garrett

    Awesome sub he’s held up to the abuse and also handles all I can give it with my amp plus some

  4. Walter Hicks III

    I just received my first 18″ subwoofer from you guys and, just taking it outta the box, im still in awe!! She is a item of beauty!! Cant wait for after the break in period, the full power test!! Preparation for ear plugs and aspirin soon!!

  5. Justin W (verified owner)

    Great sub. Just what I wanted. Hits hard with great detail and the lows are awesome. Thanks SQ for making a low end monster.

  6. Joe

    Got the HDX 18 recently and still breaking it in. Already exceeds my expectations by far and I’ve had HDC3 15 in the past

  7. coffieldjon (verified owner)

    This sub is a monster got one to test out and man I’m happy quality is great and sound quality is amazing I’m ordering another one and just ordered my second amp keep it going guys

  8. Dawson

    Jus wondering why y’all stopped selling the hdc3 and hdc4 subs I’ve got 2 and was tryna get 2 more but I jus found out y’all stopped selling

  9. Josh Ernspiker (verified owner)

    Coming from a long time customer all the way back to 2006 when it was audioque this is the subwoofer I’ve been waiting over the past few years. This HDX gets very low and sounds great doing it. It remains me of a hdc3 with massive low end and it still gets very loud.

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