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HDX318-D2, S1-2250.1, and Amp Kit Bundle

HDX318-D2, S1-2250.1, and Amp Kit Bundle


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Wired to a 1 ohm load, a HDX318-D2 subwoofer will handle the full 2300 W RMS output from the S1-2250.1 amplifier. This is the perfect 18-inch sub + amp combo if you’re looking to add some big, loud low end to your audio system. A 1/0 AWG amp wiring kit also comes with this bundle so you can hit the ground running with all the wiring and connections you need.

You will need an enclosure with the proper air space, mounting depth, and tuning for the HDX318-D2. If you’re using a pre-made enclosure, be sure to double check the specs so you don’t risk damaging your new 18 inch sub.

The 1/0 AWG amp kit included with this bundle gives you all the connections you’ll need including CCA power/ground wire, braided OFC RCA cable, remote turn-on wire, 250-amp fuse block, and wire loom. And of course, all the zip ties, grommets, rubber crimp sheaths, eyelets, and other connectors you’ll need to complete your installation.

This is the perfect project bundle if you want to jump into car audio with both feet. Aside from wiring the amplifier to the car’s charging system, you’ll also need an enclosure designed for these subwoofers. There are pre-made options available, but they’ll need to provide the correct amount of airspaceport area, and mounting depth for the HDX318-D2. Of course these subs will require break-in to avoid damage and get the best performance.

The Dual 2 ohm coil configuration allows for wiring to a 1 ohm load to take advantage of the full power from your S1-2250.1 monoblock amplifier. The S1-2250.1 requires electrical upgrades it will not operate correctly with a stock electrical system.

A 18-inch sub in an enclosure will take up a bit of cargo space, so plan ahead by knowing what space you can spare!

RMS Power1500 W
Peak Power4500 W
Magnet Weight300 oz
Coil Diameter3"
Coil Length50 mm
Usable Throw68 mm
Woofer Size12"15"18"
F(s)26.92 Hz26 Hz27.59 Hz
ImpedanceD1 / D2D1 / D2D1 / D2
Z(max)70.16 Ohm63.8 Ohm55.47 Ohm
V(as)28.59 Liters78.08 Liters168.6 Liters
M(ms)440.9 grams472.8 grams410.9 grams
Sensitivity 1W/1m84.03 dB87.41 dB90.64 dB
Sd0.051 m20.082 m2.121 m2
Mounting Depth8 7/8"9 1/2"10.5"
Circle Cutout11 3/8"13 7/8"16 9/16"
Ported Enclosure (Cu Ft):1.75-2.75 FT³3-6 FT³5-7 FT³

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