HDX4 Series Subwoofer Selection

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Take your system to deeper lows with more excursion with the HDX4 subwoofer. For a daily-driver systems the HDX subwoofers are less power hungry than the discontinued HDC series. Big boxes and wall projects will get more excursion at high power to really get air moving for hair tricks.

The motor features a thick top plate, high motor force, and tight gap for a high-efficiency speaker design. A taller 4-spoke, cast-aluminum frame makes room for a larger diameter spider. The larger diameter spider’s new roll profile allows for the Fs to come down without sacrificing power handling or control. A taller and slightly wider surround allows for additional excursion. New pulp-blend cones are stronger and lighter than previous fiberglass-laminate designs. We are also ditching the stitching!

Other improvements to the HDX4 subwoofer include a thicker aluminum former, black anodizing, double slit, higher temperature resin, and a beefier U.S.-made coil.

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12", 15", 18"


Dual 1 Ohm

1 review for HDX4 Series Subwoofer Selection

  1. William

    monster sub it puts out way more then 2000 watts rms maybe 2500 watts rms.. I have these in a custom ported enclosure

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