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Music is energy for life, and the SoundQubed EB02 earbuds are specifically designed to keep you moving forward by delivering exceptional comfort, style and an immersive listening experience.

The EB-02s are perfect for the active daily listener. They feature our unique Q-Tip system that nestles within the ear where it comfortably and securely locks into place while positioning the earbud for optimal sound transfer.

The Q-Tip system offers two modes of adjustable stability. They come set to soft for easy in and out, or if you’re going beast mode you can flip the Q-Tip over for a more secure fit.

Rated Power:2mW
Cord Length:4 feet
Impedance:16 Ω
Distortion:≤1% At 1KHz
Frequency response:20~20KHz
Connectivity: Gold Plated 3.5mm plug
Housing:Metal-Alloy with SQ Logo
Earbud Tips:Silicone, for comfort
Other:Ear keepers for jogging or active movement

36 reviews for Q-EB02 Sport Ear Buds

  1. Nate 12volttech419

    I wanna start by first saying I have been running SQ for multipal years in my personal builds and as well as clients..! The quality is top notch bar none. I bought these ear buds for my self and my wife loved them so much I ordered her a pair! The subs are great I’m running two HDC4 18s on a Brutal Sounds 5.1 and these things deliver I tell you what! Hoping to get sponsored by SoundQubed for the upcoming year since I’m already #teambrutalsounds I would love to be on team SQ!

  2. Gregg

    Best head phones i have been able to find in stores

  3. Dylon Parsons

    I’ve bought the team package and these came along with it, They fit firmly in your ears. They sound amazing, The bass is amazing especially for ear buds. I love soundqubed, One of the best brands I’ll ever use. I had these headphones for about two weeks, I haven’t had any issue so far, everything works fine on them. I think its a good price for these headphones.

  4. chris h

    I have two pairs of $150 headphones that’s didn’t last a month. These are not only the best bang for the buck but the best pair I own. The bass is incredible and they stay in my ears very well which normally a problem for me. love them, plan to buy more as gifts.

  5. scott

    I picked these up and really love them. sound great .

  6. Dylan

    They’re decent, I had higher expectations coming from a car audio company thinking the bass would be noticeable but overall they’re some decent ear buds.

  7. Wesley Mills (verified owner)

    These headphone scream loud and have ear tickling bass. Received mine in 3 days in Iowa. If you want to pack a punch these are the headphones to buy. I have had Rockford Fosgate headphone that were $99 that were no where near the sound quality of these headphones. For the $14 I spent, that was the best $14. The quality of the wire is kind of sad but I will give it a try. Only reason I am give them a 4 star is the wire.

  8. Richard

    These are great ear buds. Sometimes on my ipod it can act a bit weird because of the mic, so I played around and realized to change the track and pause it, you press the mic mute button near your shoulder to control it. Pretty cool.

  9. Duvall

    I ordered 8 of these for christmas gifts to teenagers and they all loved the ear buds.

  10. Nicholas Johnson

    headphones sound awesome. Good bass.

  11. Trevor clayton (verified owner)

    I received them fast great shipping The customer service is top notch with these guys They sound great The sound is clean and crisp

  12. stephen

    awesome discovery, these thing work on the ps4. very sharp and clean sounding. the mic seem to be more responsive and cleaning than sony’s provided mic.

  13. Eric

    I purchased the headphones for the price and I was not disappointed in the physical quality of the product while they make for a good backup pair I could not use them and the main headset I intended on due to lack up ability to produce higher frequency notes tones etc… Probably should have shot for some 24000’s but yeh for 20 duckets they work and the colors are cool

  14. Blong

    Perfect sound n great bass for a small’n it.

  15. Jon B

    These headphones are terrible, produce endless static, loose connection at the aux connectior which causes music on my phone to turn on by itself since my phone thinks the headphones are keep on being plugged in and out. Also creates a electronic shock that shocks my ear. Would not recommend, when talking to AQ to replace them now they suddenly won’t answer my emails. Save your money, I could have blown $20 on something else.

  16. Victoria

    Best earbuds I’ve ever heard. Even better than the kickers i had.

  17. matthew sanders (verified owner)

    best sound quality ever for the price cant beat em even if they break ill buy new ones

  18. Chad

    I have had so many different headphone throughout the years some costing about $20 all the way up to about $200. For these headphones only costing $20 you cannot go wrong. I think they sound better than the pair of beats ear buds I used to have. I would definitely recommend them.

  19. Ryan

    Great head phones for the price. Much better then ones you can buy in store anywhere around this price

  20. Dustin

    Excellent low bass and exceptional mids and highs. The soft ear lock helps keep them in even during rough activity. Definitly recomend.

  21. Triston Clakley (verified owner)

    I have had beats skull candy’s Sony ear buds if you name it iv probably had them iv always thought you would have to spend more money for better but I said 20$sure why not well let me tell you better than all iv named they tickle my ear and have a nice blend of sound I listen to them daily and I would buy them over and over if they broke in 4 months like the expensive ones have because there cheap for what you pay for

  22. Miles W (verified owner)

    These things have amazing sound quality and volume right out of the box – however after a month or two of using almost daily, the wires are coming loose in the right cable where the microphone is! Other people have had this happen too 🙁 I feel like the connections are solid at the earbuds, the split, and at the jack, but the microphone connection is weak. I have a pair of Skullcandies which arent as good, but I dont have to fidget with my right earbud all the time like I do with this. If SQ can just work on fixing the microphone connection, or deleting it altogether, I would love that and give it 5 stars

  23. kyle kune

    Only reason I’m giving 4 stars and not 5 is the lack of durabilty. Awesome sound quality. Very equaled out sound. Well impressed at the sound quality even at high volume.

  24. Juan

    Good quality earbuds and full of bass will purchase more

  25. Matt

    These are completely amazing for the price.

  26. Jake

    Ill mention right up front that im a bit of an audiphile so youll notice im a bit more critical than most. For the price you pay, these earbuds are a steal. They have a warm, not overpowering, bass end that is very balanced but punchy. The mids are quite good and just like the bass, balanced. The high’s, however, have a somewhat hard time shining through and arent as present as the mids and lows. Vocals seem a bit strained but not to the point that i feel the need to deduct another star. The build quality is pretty good and the cord as well as the metal housing seem solid and durable. The earbuds they come with, however, have much to be desired, but this is an easy fix by buying nice foam tips off amazon. The overall size is quite small and fits nicely in your ear regardless of the tips you use. Overall, i think these are good in-ear headphones for the price and are a definite must have for all Soundqubed fans.

  27. Trinity (verified owner)

    They sound grate with nice ear flexing

  28. Bryce Lawson (verified owner)

    Way better than beats audio, and cost A LOT less. Save a couple hundred dollars and buy some of these instead. They’re way Better! Their only 5$ more than skullcandy’s, but that 5$ goes a long way. These ear buds are amazing!

  29. Dan

    I have had many types of ear buds over the years. These are definitely good quality for the money. I have spent double the money on some sony earbuds and you cant tell the difference between the two. Its a good buy for sure!

  30. Matthew Reeves (verified owner)

    I love this little buds. Man they pound harder than some buds that cost hundreds more. Con, On regular music the sound is muddy, not soundquality for sure. These are my favorite buds and I’ve own some Rf buds that didn’t pound like these little guys do. They are impressive buds hands down the best bass buds I’ve had.

  31. Jason Flick

    Great sound quality, the bass is great with the in ear headphones. True sound deadening too you cant hear much with these in. I wish there was a volume control though.

  32. Joe Cotter

    I ordered these about 2 weeks ago, and the shipping didn’t come through, so the item was sent back to the SoundQubed warehouse. They gave me a call and asked how they can get it worked out for me. I gave them My P.O. Box and got it withing 3 business days of the mishap. As for the headphones, They are comfortable, and have incredible bass response, get loud, and sound very clean. Overall, great product, great company. Definitely will be buying more.

  33. Mariano Carballosa

    I was skeptic at first because I saw some bad reviews. But they sound really good and have tons of bass. I have no clue what the people who put bad reviews are talking about. And I love the new cord really stops it from bending and stuff. I would recommend these to anyone who’s looking for some good earphones for the price.

  34. Cody Stedman

    I have the original Audioque headphones and I can’t believe what I’m hearing. these are the absolute most amazing headphones for their price. I had a pair of S4’s before these and I tossed them in the trash after I got these. you absolutely cannot compair these to any set of ear buds in this price range! I don’t want to say it, but they should be charging 4x the amount for these than what they do. OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I recommend them to everybody

  35. Eric Sajor

    bass sounds great and warm. they need to be broken in initially but once they warm up they sound great. mic is mediocre but if that’s a main selling point for you look elsewhere. music sounds natural and rich. don’t compare to my sennheisers but for $20 great pair to keep in your car.

  36. Luke Kennedy

    Came with an extra pair of ear bud tips. Came in the mail in a clear tube packaging inside a box with some foam. You don’t have to worry about it being damaged in shipping. They look nice. Like most ear buds it is important to have a good seal in your ear to get the most sound out of them. When comparing them to ear buds like something you would get on an iphone or anything else in this price range it has a lot more bass. If you are a bass head and on a budget I think these are something you would enjoy. when it comes to SQ they are nothing amazing. the sound stage seems off and I don’t get the clear sound I would like to hear when I am listening to music, like setting down and only listening to music. I can instantly tell they are not comparable to higher end set ups. The bass seems sloppy and over powering at times. BUT! these are not audiophile earbuds! I paid 15 dollars and got free shipping! I don’t have a lot of ear buds around this price range but I can tell you that for this price I think it holds its own in SQ. If I was on a 30 dollar budget (or more) I would highly recommend these. IF YOU LIKE BASS! this is what you have been looking for. if you are looking for something to replace your iphone ear buds or something to work out with I would also recommend these. tons of bass just like it says. SQ is good for the money. before you go out and spend too much money on ear buds from walmart or best buy give these a try. I think you will be impressed. I got just what I expected, bass. I have read that they are not durable. time will tell. if i have any problems with them i will post about it on this review!

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