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Q-ZERO Power-Ground Wire


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  • 50FT Q-Flex Power Cable
  • 1/0 AWG CCA
  • TrueGauge wire represents a thickness at or above 0.20431in

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Zero-gauge wire is crucial to large installs. This 50-foot spool is the same wire found in our Q-AK-0 kit and is made with TruGauge wire wrapped in our translucent Q-Flex insulator.

This wire was specifically designed with high power and flexibility in mind. Wire large amps, such as the Q1-2200 or Q1-4500, with confidence using Q-Flex zero-gauge wire.

For optimal operation and long service life, your car amplifier needs large enough ground and power wiring to meet its electrical current demands. The wire thickness to use for power is based on the current your system will be using and how far the wiring run is.

Knowing these power needs means knowing when to choose a 0 gauge wire instead of 4 gauge wire. The smaller the gauge number is, the thicker the wire will be.

Differing cable lengths bear differing ratings because electrical resistance increases as the length of the cable does- Until the voltage is reduced to an unusable level. When that happens, upsizing the power cable restores voltage to its desired level.

The greatest limitation of car audio amplifier performance is in the current, like an insufficient wire gauge or weak ground wiring. When you install wires that are too small, the results will be poor performance, a shortened lifespan of connected components in your car stereo system and also, a safety hazard.

Installing a wire gauge that is larger than recommended doesn’t have a known downside, though there is potential for improved performance, efficiency, and safety.


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