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Q1-2200.2 Monoblock Amplifier (B-Stock)

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  • Single Channel
  • 2300 Watts (RMS) @ 1 Ohm
  • 1-Ohm stable
  • 1/0 AWG inputs
  • Charging system upgrades are necessary


I understand that this amp requires specific significant charging upgrades. I have already made these upgrades or will do so before attempting to install and operate this amplifier.

I am responsible for damage to the amp caused by an inadequate electrical charging system.


Disclaimer: This amplifier will require an additional charging system to run efficiently. It will run without the additional charging system but you run the risk of damaging the amplifier and/or not getting the optimum power out of it. The additional charging system includes the Big 3 upgrade, a high output alternator, and an AGM or Lithium car audio battery. All of our amplifiers are age tested for an hour before going into stock.

The Q1-2200.2 is fully stable at 1 Ohm and stable at 2 Ohm’s, strapped. The Q1-1200D’s big brother has the same phenomenal design features with greater power handling and sound quality so you can reach 2300 Watts of clean, unclipped power at 1% THD.

Reach wattage levels up to 2450 Watts at 1 Ohm and 16 Volts. Need more power? Strap two Q1-2200.2’s together for upwards of 4600 Watts at 2 Ohms. Two linked 200 Amp external fuses push 400 Amps.

So for the sake of your car audio system, make sure your electrical charging system can handle these power demands.

For Extreme Competitors: Do you want to push your HDX subwoofers to their limit? Strap a pair of Q1-2200.2’s to a single HDX3 or HDX4 for Sound Quality Level and Sound Pressure Level competitions.

You will be in for fun, loudness, and possible smoke from your subwoofers if you aren’t careful. If this burns or folds a cone, you will be out a subwoofer or a recone kit. We do not warranty burnt or open coils or competition use of subwoofers and amplifiers.

The Q1-2200.2’s Korean circuit boards feature MOSFET switching. Four-way protection circuit safeguards include speaker short protection, making sure your SoundQubed car speakers and subwoofers get reliable power and signal.

DC offset protection is present so you can enjoy the best possible listening experience. High/low voltage and thermal protection are also present in the four-way protection circuit so your new Q1-2200.2 lasts a long time!

Use the sharp 24db octave crossover for big builds or anything that is not installed in a trunk. The sharp slope gives you the option to use a lower crossover point between tweeters and midrange speakers while reducing the risk of damage to your speakers.

As with all other SoundQubed Q-series monoblock amps, a remote gain knob with a clipping indicator is included for your convenience and ease of use!

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10.5 × 3.75 in

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B-Stock, Refurbished


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ClassClass D
Channels1 channel
Working Voltage8.5 V - 16 V
External Fuse Rating200 Amps
Power @ 1 Ohm 14.4V2300 Watts RMS
Power @ 2 Ohm 14.4V1,150 Watts RMS
Power @ 4 Ohm 14.4V770 Watts RMS
Frequency Response20 Hz - 250 Hz
S/N Ratio90 dB
Damping FactorGreater than 250
Input Sensitivity8 V - 0.2 V
Subsonic Filter10 Hz - 50 Hz
Low-Pass Filter20 Hz - 200 Hz
Dimensions in (LxWxH)17.71 x 9.27 x 2.35

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