Q1-3500D.1 Mono-block Amplifier

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The Q1-3500D.1 is one of our most powerful Amplifier with up to 7500 watts @ 1ohm @ 18volts for those guys and ladies who want to push their systems to the limit. You can strap a pair of Q1-3500D.1’S for a woofer busting 15000 watts @ 2ohm. Born in the same place as our popular Q1-1200D and Q1-2200D and built with the very best parts money can buy the Q1-3500D.1 offers the best watt per dollar value in its power range.

You MUST have an upgraded electrical system sufficient to provide the amperage required to handle the 380 amp fuse rating of the Q1-3500D.1 (760 amps for a pair) in order to satisfy this beast.

  • The Q1-3500.1 is fully stable down to one ohm.
  • Daisy Chain connection of two Q1-3500.1 stable down to two ohms
  • Four way protection circuits: Speaker shorts, DC offset, High/Low voltage, Thermal protection
  • High current MOSFET switching devices
  • 24db/oct slope crossovers, Fully adjustable Low Pass Filter and Subsonic Filter
  • Remote Gain Knob Included

Digital Monoblock 1 Ω stable
Input Sensitivity0.2V ~ 5V
Variable Low Pass Filter20Hz ~ 200Hz @ 24dB/Slope
Subsonic Filter10Hz ~ 50Hz @ 24dB/Slope
2 amp linkable connectionOutput Master / Input Slave
Clipping Display LedOn Remote Gain Control
Signal to Noise Ratio85dB <
Damping Factor250 <
Efficiency85% at 4 Ω <
External Fuse Rating380 Amp in-line, 760 for pair
Tested Voltage14.4V
Working Voltage9.5V ~ 18.5V**
4 Ω power @ 12V @ 1% THD 750W x 1
4 Ω power @ 14.4V @ 1% THD1400W x 1
2 Ω power @ 14.4V @ 1% THD2600W x 1
1 Ω power @ 14.4V @ < 1% THD4300W x 1
1 Ω Power @ 16V** @ 1% THD5300W x 1
1 Ω Power @ 18V** @ 1% THD6000W x 1
1 Ω Power @ 18V** @ 10% THD7500W x 1
2 Ω Linked Power @ 14.4V @ 1% THD8600W x 1
2 Ω Linked Power @ 18V** @ 1% THD12000W x 1
2 Ω Linked Power @ 18V** @ 10% THD15000W x 1
Dimensions (mm)657.2mm (L) x 241.3mm (W) x 66.7mm (H)
Dimensions (in)25.875in (L) x 9.5in (W) x 2.625in (H)
Power and Ground Inputs 0 Gauge x 2

Product Specifications subject to change without notice.

**Any voltage ran higher than 14.4 will not be covered under manufacturers defect warranty policy.**

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 in


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