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The QP-MR6.5 6.5″ Pro Audio Midrange, like the QP-MR8, opens up new possibilities for audio system design. Modern car interiors make it difficult to add speakers beyond the original equipment mounting locations molded into door panels, dashes, and pillars. Conventional components and coaxial speakers are not efficient enough to match the output of a heavy hitting sub system. The QP-MR6.5 produces high output, lower frequencies, extended range and crisp, clean vocals. This is the missing piece for a well-balanced, SQL system.

A shallow, large-diameter motor makes door mounting easier while pouring high flux into the 1.5″ magnet gap for the voice coil. The 18 ounce magnet drives a high temperature voice coil coupled to a double pressed cone. Synthetic fibers reinforce the ultra-light cone to yield high efficiency with punchy mid-bass attack. This combination gives a wide frequency range from 130Hz to 9kHz.

The QP-MR6.5 is perfect for building speaker arrays in today’s popular Brazilian style outdoor mobile systems. You can also combine the 6.5s with the QP-TH25 bullet super tweeter for an unbeatable mid/high system array.
The QP-MR6.5 is a high-output midrange woofer designed to get loud and sound clear. Big systems require more from mids and highs than what standard component and coaxial speakers can deliver. We developed the QP-MR6.5 pro audio midrange with the precision inherent in a 6.5″ loud speaker ready for mobile applications.
ModelQP-MR6.5 Midwoofer
ImpedenceSingle 4 Ω
Sensitivity 1W/1m95
Magnet Weight18oz
Coil Diameter1.5"
Useable Throw16mm
Continuous Power100W
Music Peak Power200W
Overall Diameter6.61"
Mounting Depth
Mounting Diameter5.66"
Freq Response130Hz-9kHz

60 reviews for QP-MR6.5 6.5″ Pro Audio Midrange (Sold As Pair)

  1. stylesbydalvero (verified owner)

    Ok two categories. 1) sound quality- I’ll give them a 3.5 – 3.75 star rating. Nice and clean, can handle some power. Not the best on distortion but above average. 2) build quality- 2 star. I mean it’s not gonna come apart or anything, but the paper cone definitely makes it a little more fragile. Should be built like the QS. But my BIGGEST complaint and MOST aggravating thing about them is them gosh dang terminals….suck, sorry, poor excuse for a terminal. A real let down from all their other equipment. I have two sets. I actually had to desolder the wire, solder a ring terminal on each wire, drill two holes into the basket then add a threaded push terminal (like the ones on the subs). Problem solved, but I shouldn’t have to that….so give me a better cone and better terminals. 5 stars all day.

  2. kevinadriancervantes (verified owner)

    They are so loud and clear. I’m running them on stock power in my 2018 Cruze LT RS Hatch. I can’t wait to buy another pair for my rear doors. Ordered it in SoCal Saturday night, shipped from OK on Sunday, arrived on Thursday morning.

    Highly recommend the HDS series too.

    Thanks Soundqubed! Great customer service.

  3. eatcandy22 (verified owner)

    They are loud and you will be happy about it a long as you got the right amp you good

  4. Antonio

    Best mids out

  5. James Gallion (verified owner)

    Awesome speakers at a great price.

  6. Alec

    Speakers work great have a good quality sound made well. Only thing that would make them better would be stronger terminal connections there a little flimsy butt all in all there a quality wid range

  7. Justin

    This is my second pair of these, and they do not disappoint. Simple design that can handle a good amount of power and produce a clean sound. Considering cheap they are to buy, I don’t know of any other contending midrange speakers on the market.

  8. Jamie Dutton (verified owner)

    Great speakers.very loud and clear

  9. Keith Moore (verified owner)

    Clean and powerful !! I would recommend them every time !! I’ve had Rockford fosgate pro..and I still love my soundqubeds.

  10. Jose

    I just wanted to try them out because they don’t look that good on the pictures but as soon as i got them I installed them and I was very happy with the great sound quality I recommend it to everyone they are loud and clear i wish they made the 8″ ones but these sound great

  11. Dan

    I needed to upgrade my midrange to keep up with my subwoofers, the factory components in my 2008 Malibu had good sound quality but lacked power handling. I kept the factory tweeters in the front running off the head unit, and they provide decent sounding treble with their location, but I replaced my front door midrange woofers with a pair of these. I hooked them up to a Kicker DX400.4, bridged the amp to give these guys 100w RMS and I set their high pass filter at 60hz with a 24db slope. They sound fantastic, better than I had expected. They’ve actually exceeded all of my expectations and are the best set of midrange woofers i’ve ever purchased. They are punchy and loud as all hell. 60-80hz is the best place to put your high pass filter on these, they hit the high bass notes that my subwoofer can’t reach and produce everything else that the tweeters can’t. Would buy again. Wish they offered them in larger sizes even, maybe an 8″.

  12. Taylor

    Would this be the best speaker for louder mid range or even just mids?

  13. Travis

    These mids are absolutely amazing. So heavy duty. Mine came with green Soundqubed logos on them. These absolutely can’t be beat. Don’t think twice just buy, try, and be pleasantly surprised. Soundqubed is the definition of quality and value. Can’t wait to buy 2 more sets.

  14. travis

    Best set of highs and mids I’ve ever owned!! Talk about quality and Value all wrapped up in one!!

  15. Danielle amato

    I cannot believe the quality these speakers are capable of producing. Even at low power, they are able to fill your middle request band phenomenally and without error.

  16. Jesse East

    I put them in the rear doors of my 2005 Tundra Double Cab and they perform very well at an excellent price for the quality construction.

  17. Melissa Clamor

    Crisp, loud, affordable, and definitely worth the purchase. Quality is great as well!

  18. Brandon

    Very satisfied with these speakers. Currently have two pair running off the Q4-90 amp with a pair of QP th25. They keep up very well with my fi 18″ sub and q1-2200.2 used smd dd-1 to set the gains and no distortion.

  19. Charles Phillips

    These are Pro Audio speakers. They didn’t sound good for me until I got some power going to them from an amp. They don’t play below 100 hz so if you want a drop in solution for a complete sound system, get the coaxials. These are purely for getting loud, which they do very very well. They also lack top range so get some super tweeters to match them.

  20. juan saenz zamorano (verified owner)

    i have 6 of these they are loud and clear with any music typevery impressed for the money

  21. nathaniel (verified owner)

    Best money I every spent love the sq. You can’t go wrong buying these.

  22. Andres

    One of the best speakers I have ever heard for the amazing price . Way better then any known brand like kickers or what not . I’ve bought 3 pairs and have been satisfied af with them ! Diffidently a great buy ! 10/10

  23. Daniel Holsinger

    So i finally pulled the trigger and ordered the speakers for my doors (4 sets of the pro audio 6.5’s and 2 sets of the super tweets). I got them pretty fast, they look great. I can not wait to get my door panels finished to hear them. The only issue I have is, when I ordered them I was told there would be a sticker/gift pack in with my order. There was not, I cant even rep the brand I wanted to run. It may sound petty but I like to slap the stickers of the brands I buy on my windows. So far this is the only company Ive ordered from that doesnt want their product name on windows. The name cant be seen on the pro audio speakers….. so I wont premote who im running when I hit the shows. Oh well.

  24. Justin Fox

    I love them I have them installed in my blazer and they scream. Gonna order another pair soon

  25. matthew sanders

    perfect and super fast shipping

  26. Jake

    After doing some research, I bought these 6.5″ to replace my ageing Pioneer 6.5 coaxials. The have a much richer sound than the Pioneer ever had.

  27. Jacob M

    wow! these things are amazing!!! I have 4 paired with 2 SQ tweets on a Rockford 600.4 I wish they could take more power. I have to turn the gain down from 6 (which is the level of 1% distortion) to level 3 but man I love these mids they turn heads and drop jaws!!

  28. Ho Nguyen

    These speakers are great. Good quality and sound. Was not disappointed whatsoever with the product. Will be buying 2 more set soon.

  29. James Clark

    I love these seekers I had 4 jl tw570s and these are a lot more capable of keeping up with my hdc3.0 18 and the tweeters sound super good as well

  30. Corday

    I can honest say I’m glad I went with these 6.5s..I have 4 of these two in each of my front doors and gonna be 4 more for my rear deck….they sound so clear and loud….I have the q4-90 on them and it pushes them really good….great products now I’m soundqubed for life now…I’m very happy with the decision I made

  31. Triston Clakley (verified owner)

    I bought a pair of these on sale and I had to do some modification on my door because they are bigger than a regular 6.5 but not a big pain to modify but even if it was a pain I wouldn’t care these things are amazing very very great if I had a reason to buy more like if I blew the ones I have now then I would seriously with no doubt buy more I love them!!!!!

  32. Kazzie

    I have 2 pairs of these and 2 pairs of the super tweeters on a Q4-90 and they are so clear. Definitely recommend them!

  33. JW Designz CCA (verified owner)

    I have 4 of these along with 4 QP-TH25. One each in my Acura TSX doors driven off my Audioque 120.4. The sound quality and power handling is crystal clear and break-up free throughout the frequency bands at incredible SPL levels. I’m going to tell you that because the sensitivity of this Mid-woofer they can get loud, please practice safe sound. The fact that when used with the QP-TH25 they are perfect complimentary set with an audiophile taste for the true reproduction of all of your favorite music to play through. Bottom line, don’t think these are your average 6.5 door speaker. They’re pro at entry price. BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY huge savings coming up!!!! REPLACED MY SUNDOWN AUDIO 6.5 WITH THESE AND THEY TRUELY SOUND BETTER!

  34. Tattooed (verified owner)

    I ordered these, the comp tweeters and a trunk qmat kit. It was delivered in less than 24 hours which I thought was awesome. Sealed my doors off and feeding these from a rf t400-4 bridged to around 200rms each they are very loud and clear. Awesome company.

  35. Howard Frye

    Great speaker.Clean sound at any volume. Best mid bass I’ve used. I will buy more.

  36. Andrew

    Between 2 ive tried, neither would house these monstrous speakers in their doors! i kind of figured when i ordered, but its a bit of work to get them in there. Worth it, but SQ could sell 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ mounting spacers for these speakers and it would be a bit less headache for the buyer. Same story with the tweeters i had a LOT of fun getting those situated on my door panel haha. Great products nonetheless!

  37. Dakota A.

    I bought 2 sets of these along with the QP-TH25s and I’m extremely impressed with them. Very well built, heavy and solid. They sound amazing! I don’t even have my amp turned up and they scream! So loud, clear, and pack a punch. If you’re contemplating on whether you should buy them or not, just go ahead and give then a shot. These will not disappoint either.

  38. Ronnie Edge

    I have 4 of these on a JL Xd 400 amp and they are super loud and clear. Great speakers and really good quality. Thanks SoundQubed!!!

  39. Remedios gonzalez

    Let me start by saying they are super clean and have.great punch with them,they get loud and clean anybody looking for a great mid range speaker the soundqubed 6.5 the way to go.

  40. jamone

    I love them I have 75 watts rms going to them and they are loud I have 4 of them in my honda

  41. JODY (verified owner)

    I was definitely impressed with them!! On site they are bigger than they look online and the SOUND IS AMAZING!! I go 2 they are LOUDER THEN THE OTHER 6 ALL TOGETHER!! Clean and sounds like the ARTIST IS IN THE CAR!! LOL!! BUY PRO AUDIO

  42. ladarius king

    I have four of the pro audio 6.5 &2 sets of the super tweeters boy those things are crisp my friends tell im going to b deaf thats all I have in for now but after Christmas I will b grabbing 2 of the hdc3 subs great products

  43. jeremy belleville (verified owner)

    I bought these to replace my 6.5 pioneers and they make my pioneers look stock they are real loud n got a deep sound over all im really pleased I like this company a lot im a customer for life im not going with no one else

  44. eric dillard (verified owner)

    Sound i barely even heard with my kicks came in lound and clear i was like damn what was i missing also had an pair of super tweeter screaming

  45. anthony

    im very pleased with these PA speakers.mine are under powered at the moment but still sound very nice.

  46. Taylor Cascio

    I bought four of these speakers. These speakers are slightly larger than 6.5in so I had to make custom mounts for my doors. However, I contacted soundqubed prior to purchasing so I was informed that I would need custom mounts beforehand. I figured for the price of these speakers it would be worth making the mounts. It is possible that my OEM factory mounts in my 2003 Highlander are slightly smaller than 6.5in. Just be prepared to make a bigger bracket neccesary! Nevertheless, I got them installed. They are pushed by a Hifonics X800.4 amp giving each woofer about 100watts rms. I am really impressed with the loudness of these speakers. They honestly get loud enough I need to turn down the volume sometimes. At first though I was disappointed with the sound quality, but I realized that my sound was escaping out of my car. So I deadened my doors. Now, the quality is unrivaled!! It sounds loud AND clean now!! I am really impressed, my ears are happy and my wallet still loves me. I hope to continue to use more soundqubed products in the future!

  47. Sean Barnes

    These speakers are great! I originally bought them with low expectations and they blew me away! They’re crisp,clear, and loud! I am about to order two more sets and two sets of their super tweeters, after writing this review

  48. SCOTT NICHOLS (verified owner)

    i picked up 2 set of these ( 2 in each door ) and love them, great speakers. love then so much going to get 2 more sets this coming month. great speaker sq!!!!!!

  49. Panagiotis A

    I’m blown away by how loud these 6.5’s really get. Definatly glad I went with soundqubed for my Mid’s and High’s. I would seriously recommend these to anyone looking for clean, crisp and loud sound.

  50. Alex (verified owner)

    This 6.5s are the cleanest sound quality speakers i heard …Good bass response and can get very loud i recommend this speakers thats looking for clean sound

  51. Matt G

    I put a pair of these in the rear of my 98 Mercedes. To replace an old stock sub. Since then I can only hear these 6.5s! So I guess that means I’m going to have buy a pair of super tweeters up front. And maybe two more pairs of 6.5s. I’d recommend these to anyone who needs to replace any of their stock speakers. Easy to put in and gear quality!

  52. nobass514

    Super loud and clean. Dont take much power at all to be extremely loud. I wont run any other speaker than these.

  53. Trinity Landers

    These are the most plan ass speakers I have ever owend but man do they rock. Gave my 6x9s a country ass whooping. Loud and clean audio.

  54. Tony Bell

    Thanks Andrew McCullough & his truck “The Black Nasty” I prolly wouldn’t have known about the AQ Line of Car Audio ! After talking to him about SoundQubed after a show,I looked at the website and emailed support and was promptly email back. My decision was clear the QP-MR6.5’s was the way to go! I entered in the promo code box Nasty1, paid for the order and 3 days later opened the box..WOW Free stuff with my order! The QP-MR6.5’s are loud and clear on 60 watts per channel:) Thank you SoundQubed & NASTY1 for making me a believer !

  55. Cindy Toney

    Because of the two sets of these mr6.5s I’m going to have to upgrade my subwoofers from 2 12″ kenwood kfcw3013s to some hdc3s!

  56. Wesley Nakamura

    Got a set running on the Alpine power pack amplifier 45 watts and it’s loud and clear! These 6.5 mids rock and you won’t be disappointed. It’s even louder than my 6.5 Alpine Type-S 6.5 component sets by far. Well worth the money and it will be louder than any entry level brand that suppose to be more efficient than their mid to high end lines that may be more for sq and less output. I got a set of the Super Tweeters and it matches perfect if you like your music to be on the brighter side.

  57. Brennan Laughy

    Most plain speakers I’ve ever seen. Hook em up, and my lord… these thing are louder than my former Kicker QS 6.5’s and as loud as my other Focal k2’s. They aren’t drowned out by my HDC4, as well. With the super tweets, the combination is crazy loud. Buy these

  58. Jorge Saucedo

    I have 8 of the PA 6.5s on around 90Wrms each and this things sound amazing clear and loud thanks SQ for a great PA speaker. But the only down side I would like for y’all to do is to put your logo somewhere on the speaker or on a mesh grill so us AQ/SQ nut-huggers can rep y’all more lol thanks

  59. will

    First, i am going to start by saying the bad thing… THESE ARE UGLY HAHA. they look like factory speakers from a 1980’s honda lol. They do not say audioque anywhere on them… not on the magnet, cone or the grills(if ordered) With that being said these things are insanely loud and surprsingly clear. I am giving them 80 rms off an re audio four channel amp. These speakers replaced my re audio 2-ways and these are no joke twice as loud. For 6.5″ speakers they get the lows/mids pretty well but not too much on the high side, but run some tweeters and you should be fine. For the price you cannot beat these speakers… i will definitely be buying more, ad after my friend heard mine her went and bought a pair as well, and he usually doesnt have any interest in car audio but these changed his mind!!! BUY THEM

  60. Daniel Carlisle

    I just received 4 of these about a week ago and I’m glad I run SPL because these things are SCREAMIN LOUD, I fed one of them 400watts and it took it. On the other hand it can be difficult to get a good sound out of them their just meant to be loud, make sure you get the super tweets!!! they will complete the sound.

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