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The QP-MR8 like the QP-MR6.5 opens up new possibilities for audio system design. Modern car interiors make it difficult to add speakers beyond the original equipment mounting locations molded into door panels, dashes, and pillars. Conventional components and coaxial speakers are not efficient enough to match the output of a heavy hitting sub system. Enter the QP-MR8  engineered for high output, lower frequencies, extended range and crisp, clean vocals. This is the missing piece for a well-balanced, SQL system.

The MR8 is shallow coming in at just over 3″ but may require a little custom fabrication work to fit in most conventional door panels to complete your install. It will however work great in custom built sealed enclosures and requires less than .25^ft per pair. Like the 6″ version the 8″ is capable of pouring high flux into the 1.5″ magnet gap and the ultra-light curvilinear cone is reinforced with synthetic fibers to yield high efficiency with the ability to deliver punchy midbass attack.

The QP-MR8 is perfect for building speaker arrays in today’s popular Brazilian style outdoor mobile systems, motorcycle installs, and daily music. Combine the 8’s with the QP-TH25 bullet super tweeter for an unbeatable mid/high system array.

Keep in mind: Big systems place hard requirements on mids and highs to keep a balanced sound, surpassing the abilities of standard components and coax speakers. We have developed the QP-MR line with all the precision inherently needed in Pro Audio.
We suggest using the QP-MR line in; Daily drivers, PA inspired installs, vehicles with one or more competition woofers, motorcycles, and boats.

ModelQP-MR8 Midwoofer
Impedence4 Ω
Freq Response80Hz-8kHz
Sensitivity 1W/1m93
Magnet Weight18oz
Coil Diameter1.5"
Useable Throw16mm
Continuous Power100W
Music Peak Power200W
Overall Diameter8.25"
Mounting Depth3.18"
Mounting Diameter7.18"

2 reviews for QP-MR8 Pro Audio Midrange (Sold As Pair)

  1. stylesbydalvero

    Ok two categories. 1) sound quality- I’ll give them a 3.5 – 3.75 star rating. Nice and clean, can handle some power. Not the best on distortion but above average. 2) build quality- 2 star. I mean it’s not gonna come apart or anything, but the paper cone definitely makes it a little more fragile. Should be built like the QS. But my BIGGEST complaint and MOST aggravating thing about them is them gosh dang terminals….suck, sorry, poor excuse for a terminal. A real let down from all their other equipment. I have two sets. I actually had to desolder the wire, solder a ring terminal on each wire, drill two holes into the basket then add a threaded push terminal (like the ones on the subs). Problem solved, but I shouldn’t have to that….so give me a better cone and better terminals. 5 stars all day.

  2. Tim

    Will report back. Installed them in front doors along with sq tweeters. Mids are loud and clear with mid bass. Will keep buying from SQ. Now its the test of time and tuning. Can’t beat theses for the money.

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