QS-SD25 Silk Dome Tweeters (Sold as Pair)


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SoundQubed QS-SD25 silk dome tweeters bring crisp high frequencies to your listening experience. Even in complex mixes, you’ll hear clarity that stock coaxial speakers won’t deliver. Add these to your big build to balance out heavy bass, or opt for the QS-6.5 component set to step up your stock system from factory coaxial speakers.

Standard 75W RMS power handling make these an easy addition to your stock system. The frequency response covers 3.5-22kHz. You’ll be able to mount these with only 13mm of mounting depth and a 44mm cutout. That allows for easy placement in the A pillar or dash tweeter locations.

A pair of QS-SD25 silk dome tweeters is the missing piece to maximize your system’s range. Combined with your choice of midrange and subwoofer options, you’ll dramatically elevate your listening experience.


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