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Remote Gain Control and Cable

Remote Gain Control and Cable


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The SRMT active remote gain knob controls the gain level on your SoundQubed amplifier. The unit mounts in a convenient location and connects to your amplifier with a cable. All new SoundQubed amplifiers include this gain knob. Each gain knob comes with a connection cable.

Clipping signals can cause heat buildup in your subwoofer voice coils, as well as damage to the circuitry inside the amplifier. The “clipping” LED alerts you of potential heat buildup in your system. As a result, you can make on-the-go adjustments to avoid damage to your amplifier, subwoofer, and/or speakers.

In short, the SRMT is a must have to keep your audio system safe!

Note: The remote knob is not a volume control! This unit is meant to prevent imminent damage to your system. Isolate and eliminate the cause of clipping signals to avoid long-term damage not covered under warranty.


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