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Home Mobile Electronics Amplifiers S1-1250 Monoblock Amplifier
SoundQubed S1-1250 Mono Block Subwoofer Amplifier 1260 Watts RMS
SoundQubed S1-1250 Mono Block Subwoofer Amplifier 1260 Watts RMS
SoundQubed S1-1250 Mono Block Subwoofer Amplifier 1260 Watts RMS
S1-1250 Monoblock Amplifier
S1-1250 Monoblock Amplifier
S1-1250 Monoblock Amplifier
Q1-2200.2 Monoblock Amplifier

S1-1250 Monoblock Amplifier


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The S1-1250 is a class D mono amp boasting a phenomenal load of almost 1500 watts on 1 ohm at 16 volts. It can drive any two SoundQubed HDS2.2 Series Subwoofers, or any one HDS3.1 or HDS3.2 Series Subwoofers with headroom to spare, so you can feel the bass like it’s midnight on the dance floor.

Increasing the loudness of the music, like a double shot of something strong, elevates the intensity of the listening experience. Loud music wakes you up- It enhances emotion, provides you with motivation, and bassy, bodily sensations.

Listeners feel significant, observable changes in mind-body states because loud music is a stronger stimulant than quiet music and deep bass makes us feel good.

The S1-1250’s on-board low pass filter will give you precise control over which frequencies you amplify, ensuring maximum fidelity out of your subwoofer amp. The subsonic filter will elongate amp life by reducing extreme distortion-inducing low resonance.

The included clipping indicator on the bass knob make this is the perfect subwoofer amplifier for your HDS2.2 build.

The single channel S1-1250 has 4 gauge set screw power terminals for a clean current flow. 10 gauge speaker terminals ensure your subwoofer maintains optimum sound quality and consistent voltage.

If you need more from your car stereo than this cost-effective jewel provides, the S1-1250 mono amp is strappable for even more dominating bass to drive larger builds!

You’ll have a greater connection to your sound by unlocking the power of low frequencies- Feeling those vibrations in your body deepens the connection to your music.

Don’t waste another morning drive without the power, resonance, and frequency boost that the S1-1250 mono block will provide your car audio system.


Save money, get more bass. Get your S1-1250 mono amplifier today!

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Weight 9.00 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 3 in

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ClassClass D
Channels1 channel
Working Voltage8.5V to 16 V
Power @ 4 Ohm 14.4V1260 Watts RMS
Power @ 2 Ohm 14.4V860 Watts RMS
Power @ 1 Ohm 14.4V1260 Watts RMS
Frequency Response10 Hz - 200 Hz
S/N RatioGreater than 80
Damping FactorGreater than 100
Input Sensitivity5V~0.15V
Subsonic Filter10 - 50 Hz
Low-Pass Filter20Hz - 200 Hz
Dimensions in (LxWxH)11.8 x 7.8 x 2.2

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